Chapter 4:

Reminisce IV: Sunrise

When the Eccentrics meet.

The girl beside me was a complete replica of a machine incapable of anything beyond what it was programmed for. She kind of reminded me of well “me” in a way… The difference was that I actually had some shroud of emotions since I don’t remember using my head that much all the time at least.
We were strolling through the underground passages which were forbidden for normal students.
“So you are runaway toy no 666?”
I tried to strike the conversation.
“Yes and what of it?”
“Nothing I thought it was my companion whom I had come to rescue”
“oh? And oh might that be? Lentas I presume?”
“How did you know? “I replied completely taken aback by the accuracy of that prediction
“I mean you were uttering his name during that dramatic monologue of yours” She said so with a taunting demeanor.
That made sense
“However if you have changed your mind considering the ambiguous nature of events just remember it’s impossible to do so even if the excuse was “him” all along.”
“Well even if I was given the choice, I wouldn’t go out or should I say escape from here. Whatever this is feels quiet exciting if nothing else.” I responded
“No wonder you are in this mess… You really are quite peculiar” she replied back.
“Back to the question, you are supposed to be under custody right? So who are you running away from?”
The women became startled at my question…. Her eyes opened to their maximum length and her face wore an expression which said “Am I really supposed to state the obvious”
But instead
“You are here and you still don’t know?” came out of her tongue.
“I suppose?” I replied back.

“The human beings… I mean whom else would I be a toy for?”
Wait what?

It took me a little time to comprehend..
But the nature of that statement seemed silly so I gave out a laugh instead
“Nice joke. But still surprised that you are capable of humor, A little more of that stoic expression and I would have bet you weren’t even a real person”
“Nor are you….”
She responded but also interpreted that I meant the concept since Being a person or an individual in that sense was still a complicated topic for me but I meant that literally so I replied
“No I mean you literally not being a proper being, I know I look quite like a robot or something but I can taste, smell and have several expressions and methods to deal with people and not one look to carry around all the time”
She stayed silent for 4 secs before finally responding

“But are you really your own person or the person you want others to see or maybe none?”

 That sentence hit me like a jolt.
“I don’t know but even if I was I suppose I have done a pretty bad Job at either one of those “persons” you are talking about…. at least that’s the way I see It”
“Figures but you know making assumptions of that nature sparks insecurity which indicates you yourself are well aware of how that treatment actually feels right?”
Regret filled me at the realization of the assumption I made as a joke.
Well I guess even when we blame others, often more times than not we do end up doing the exact same thing without being aware of it…which also sparked a question in me….
were my complains valid if I myself was guilty of that?

My head hit something. I mean I was already injured in that place any ways but still….
“Watch where you are going” She said sarcastically with a smug on her face. Till
She slipped and fell.
“OOOOOH I WILL” I smirked.

But truth be told it was unusual. We both seriously couldn’t “see” that.

Since in front of us was an empty space so whatever hit me wasn’t exactly there.
Maybe the hallway we were walking for almost 10 minutes had a invisibility cube installed in it.
Before we both took the time to snap back into the present, our surroundings became dark.
Neither of us could see anything since whatever illuminating the hall was gone just like it never was there in the first place

And then

“Take my hand and I will show it you!”

It was a phrase. To loud to be uttered in the current situation. It was unclear who the speaker was.
However, no presence of the person who said that was felt.
The dark soon became illuminated with a yellowish, orange light and the substance that gave of that made no 666 retreat in a flash. It took me 2 seconds to realize why.
In front of me was Fire which flowed like water and it was heading towards me, but there was no doubt that it was indeed an illusion since nothing like that could be made here
It streamed towards my direction till it nearly contacted my eyes and body. I had to admit, even though the illusion was there, it felt real since I became scared for a single moment. It all happened to fast for the outside observer but for me those mere seconds felt much longer due to the fear I subconsciously felt. But It completely vanished after just being at a breaths length.
And it was followed by another strange event
Lights dimmed
Orange, Yellow, Red
Orange, Yellow, Red
Orange Yellow, BLUE

And then it stopped and the hall became dark again. I had no idea where the girl was and frankly I didn’t even care.
After that, in the absence of all those lights, a small illuminated circle made its way to give a “spotlight” to something.
It landed on a piano
Well I saw one at the museum but this was real.

And what followed next was a melody even though no one was there playing the instrument
A really joyful and uplifting tone… But there was something behind it… A grim texture right beneath.
Then the tune stopped and the hall became illuminated again, the difference? There was a huge ass door made of beams 10 meters ahead and the fact that the hall was brighter than ever.
“If you manage to decipher it ,this tune would represent a question. And you have to answer that. The clue are the things you saw before and your past itself, if you manage to do so, you will be one step closer to where I am my chivalrous knight” It was Lentas s voice.

“And trust me you don’t want to get that embarrassing phrase wrong at least….”
I giggled at that sentence. It really was a childish declaration
“Take my hand and I will show it you”
He really was quite fun wasn’t he. And I loved that. Again a shock for the girl sitting at the corner. I guess she really wasn’t an apathetic prick after all.

I wrote down the things that happened on my light pad. It really did become handy after all. The light pad was just that.... a light pad with which you could interact. In other words light materialising as a concrete device with which you could interact.
The notes were
1st Getting hit by something we couldn’t see
2nd The phrase
3rd A river of fire
4th The lights
5th The piano and the spot light

Okay nothing made sense…
Yup If Lentas was expecting me to decipher something he just randomly pulled out then he sure was overestimating me.

So I strolled ahead instead after writing that down. Till I came across a handwriting beneath my feet.
It was digital of course and it said
“Reflect back from the day you were alone till now and you will get to the answer. There is no specific answer as well… It all depends on whether your answer indicates a true piece of you or not and also on whether I like it or not”

It made a bit more sense now.


When the Eccentrics meet.