Chapter 3:



June 4th, 2097

8:50 PM

With the help of a lighter, Danze and Jockey help themselves to a smoking session on the balcony, lighting up green magic while they watch the city lights spark up and spew their daily advertisements exploiting the youth, women, and all in between. Jockey was idly smoking while Danze rested his eyes, waiting for the rotation. The raid was in a few days, so the crew took it lightly as they waited for the day to strike.

After a bit of silence, Jockey wanted to speak up. “I’m horny.”

Danze made a slight face of confusion but didn’t bother to look up. “And you’re telling me this because…”

“Because you’re going to the pleasure district with me.” Jockey stood and passed him the magic.

Danze sighed and got up, blunt in his mouth. As they got their boots on to leave, Grim stepped in. “Yo, where you two going? On a date?”

“Funny, dickhead.” Jockey sneered. “We’re goin’ to the whore house. Not like we can steal anything on pre-raid days.”

Grim perked up. “Cathouse? I gotta go, mate, hol’ on!” The duo waited as the blonde got his clothes on, then they set off to the pleasure district.

The way to the place wasn't that far, so the trio chose to walk the way there, to save some gas. The sidewalks weren't as populated at night, instead inhabited by the freaks, degenerates, and offenders that crawl out their holes once the sun goes down. The weak neon lights flash bars, strip clubs, and other brothels that weren't up to the group's already low standards of a suitable partner. Even the very sidewalk they step on was cracked, damaged, and torn apart with no hope of repair.

Grim had his hands in his coat pocket, smoking on an e-cigarette that tasted of worn fruit due to his consistent use of it. "Say, you two been around here for wot, a year now?"

They both nod.

"Right, right. I've never really had a conversation with you two. Or at least, a sober one."

Jockey laughs. "Hell yeah. We play cards and shit talk. What's the deal?"

Grim mulls over his thoughts. "What made you join, eh?"

Danze speaks for both of them. "We've been close since the Intro Wars. Wherever he goes, I go. He wanted to be here, and so I joined."

"Nice, how wholesome." Grim pockets the e-cig and chuckles. "Better than mine. I just wanted a fuckin' good time!" He spoke with excitement, raising his arms.

"And you think a good time is being a filthy bad guy?" Jockey asked.

"Fuck yeah."

"Can't fucking blame ya then!" Jockey wrapped his arms around Danze and Grim, making a show of things as they crossed the giant sign that was host to a fully nude AKM-6 model, showcasing the best they have to offer.

The crowd was sizable as usual, as the pleasure district was home to casinos, resorts, brothels, and other underground activities like fights. The main theme of the place was light pink and gold, signaling which places somebody was heading towards. Pink would mean pleasures of the flesh, gold would mean pleasure in the pockets, stomach, etc. The men went straight to the pink side, walking into a rather expensive-looking brothel. It was called 'King's Last Stop' and it was a direct competitor to Kaos. KLS stood as the only reason that Kaos hasn't completely owned the pink portion of the pleasure district. The men walked in, excited to explore who to screw next. They flipped through the catalog, getting liquored up off the free drinks provided.

Grim chose a man named Rez. "I'll take the twink."

Jockey chose a woman off of F-Tech named Athena. "I'll take the dickgirl."

Danze scanned the pages, making eyes with the picture of a woman named Spice. 'I'll take her, please."

With their keys in hand, the group makes their separate ways upstairs.

Grim entered his room on the 1st. to see a man with a smaller frame, with curvy hips. He had a small afro and winked at the blonde as he shut the door, licking his lips.

Jockey walked in to see Athena on the 7th floor, a tall woman with cyber enhancements. She popped the pill and almost immediately, a penis grew, throbbing and waiting for a victim. Jockey did a small prayer before closing his door.

Danze wandered the halls, getting on the 8th floor. As he walked through the hallways, he saw a woman in a school uniform, covered in blood walk out of a room. She had long black hair, her eyes were soulless, her headphones had a cute pink color, with Kaos' name on the sides. She couldn't help but stare at Danze back. Mainly at his jacket. She approached him smiling sweetly, eyes now full of life.

"Hello, mister!" She speaks brightly.

Danze was slightly confused, but he played along. "Hi..."

The stranger tilted her head. "Say, are you a part of the Lost Ones?"

"Yeah..." Danze said with a raised eyebrow.

"Perfect!" The stranger jumped in the air and kicked Danze through a wall headfirst. As Danze crashed into a room, the client and worker screamed, in the middle of a session. The stranger walked through the hole and pouted to herself. "Meanie boss says I can't kill any of you. Says you're too useful. But I wanna! You creeps robbed my boyfriend!"

Danze struggled to stand, remembering who he could've possibly stolen from recently that could have one of Kaos' very own after him. Didn't matter now. He had to fight. He put his fists up and ran for a quick jab. It was pushed out of the way for a lightning-quick blow to the stomach and chin that also hit as hard as a hammer. It knocked Danze across the room. Before he could even get up, He was grabbed by the arm and judo thrown into the wall again, making another hole as he entered the hallway on his back. Danze was writhing in pain, wondering who the hell was attacking him. The stranger wasted no time, giggling while she picked up the gang member. She hoisted him up in the air then tossed him across the hall, having Danze bounce on the hardwood floor. He hacked up blood, realizing that this woman was an AKM. Danze struggled up, with the stranger skipping towards him to torment the man even more.

He limped quickly downstairs to see the patrons outside, investigating the nose. Jockey was near the front, seeing his dear friend collapse down the stairs. He helped Danze, at the same time seeing the woman who tormented him. "Hehe! More of them? Just more accidents, right?"

"R-run!!" Danze screamed. Jockey did as he said, running away with Danze.

The stranger had other plans, running and kicking both of them in the back, making them fall on their faces. She did a flip and then landed on her feet, smiling still.

"She's a fucking AKM!" Danze was able to warm as he leaned against the wall, in no condition to fight.

"Go get Grim and wait for me. I'll handle the bitch." Jockey said, stepping up against the AKM.

Danze walked off. The stranger giggled. "This is cute. I'll tear you apart, you know that?"

Jockey got in his fighting stance. "We gon' box or what, joytoy?"

She laughed at his remark, then suddenly front kicked Jockey, sending him crashing to the ground. Jockey was able to get up quickly to attempt to strike the AKM but she was able to catch his fist with little effort. She giggled as she squeezed the hand, slowly but surely beginning to break it. She started to also kick the poor bastard in the stomach, knocking him to his knees.

“Am I a joytoy now?” She asked while putting the shoe to his face repeatedly, causing Jockey’s nose to bleed.

He was weakening, but Jockey found it in him to bump the AKM in the shoulder and sprint downstairs. He eventually reached the bottom, seeing Grim holding Danze up as he slowly recovered. Before Jockey could warn the crew, the killer android jumped from the eighth floor and landed on her feet after a quick flip rather softly. She kept the same smile, standing while the gang stood there, terrified. Well, except for Grim.

“THAT'S the AKM? She’s a bloody child!” Grim complained.

“Motherfucker did you NOT see the bitch jump eight stories?!” Jockey snapped back.

Grim let Danze lean on a wall as he approached the woman. “You’re mine, bitch.”

Grim threw two strikes but they were countered into a right hook followed by a right kick. The AKM wanted to hit again but Grim did a twist and grabbed her by the waist. As a former shoot wrestler, this was his go-to. He twisted her body as he lifted her up, going for a backbreaker. Suddenly, the once ultra-light AKM was now as heavy as a loaded fridge. Unable to hold her, Grim fell flat on his back, letting the woman land on his shoulder, causing Grim to yell in agony as he felt the massive weight difference on his shoulder. The stranger bobbed her head to the sounds of his yelling to the beat she has on her headphones, feeling pure euphoria. As the injured party looked on in horror, the AKM stood, did a flip, and landed right on Grim’s ribs, making the cracking sound echo the entire pleasure district. Danze limped over with a pipe and slammed it over her head, knocking her down long enough for the group to collect themselves for escape.

The woman looked at them, blood slowly leaking from the back of her head and just laughed.