Chapter 4:



June 7th, 2097

12:01 AM

For once, the sky broke out into a heavy rain that drowned the city in a sheet of water, letting the beings above clean the hopelessly stained city. The gang had taken care of the injured men for the past few days after their brush with the insane android. Manius, Saturn, and EX sat at a dead-end bar, far from downtown into Old Town. Old Town was a place for people who hated technology and opted to go old school, to use more pre-war items compared to the new things made today. The gang sat and drank their problems away, taking a long-needed break from playing doctor all day. However, the crew was here for business as well, as Manius checked the time on his smart eye with annoyance. “Son of a bitch,” He started to protest. “Where the fuck is this guy?”

EX was looking around. No sight of him. “This is why I don’t work with the oldies. How the hell they even smuggle a fucking Angel Waste launcher anyways?”

Saturn leaned in, downing her drink. “Said it was a gift. From America or something.”

Manius continued his complaining. “What a surprise, the Americans made something that didn’t use a stick or a rock.”

Saturn laughed. “What, you got a robot eye you think you’re king shit?”

“Excuse me, I’ve always thought I was king shit,” Manius joked back.

As they chuckled, a prostitute walked in. She was human, with bruises all over her body. She looked shaken, defeated. She was shivering cold due to the rain. Makeup ran all down her face. She didn’t bother to look up, she simply walked upstairs. The bartender went after, with a look of worry, but it was a routine move he knew how to do. Saturn looked at her and scoffed as the two went upstairs. “Slut.”

EX hit her shoulder. “The fuck is the matter with you?”

Saturn shrugged her shoulders. “What? Bitch got smacked around. So what? I’ve gone through worse.”

“That doesn’t mean you should compare your fucking problems to other people. Come on, really?”

“She can just leave.”

“What if she can’t?” EX asks.

Saturn scoffs. “Everybody can leave. She just ain’t got any other option once she leaves. Look at me. I got drugged, passed around like a joytoy, killed all three of them, the bitch-ass pimp got mad at me, and I left and joined the Lost Ones.”

“So,” Manius chimes in. “One crime for another crime.”

“Yup!” Saturn happily says before downing another shot she stole while the bartender was out.

At last, the dealer came with his two other business partners. The main guy had a long trench coat, dirty brown hair. His facial hair was spotty, noting his lack of ability to grow a beard. In his hands held a large briefcase, possibly holding the object the Lost Ones needed. He plopped it on the table, making a dirty smile as he adjusted his loose pants.

“The Lost Ones… Never expected to see you in Old Town. Fuckin’ Techies.” The dealer spoke in a southern twang, with his slightly broken English.

Manius rolled his eyes. “Whatever gorilla. I’m surprised you know how to work a briefcase.”

“You watch yer fuckin’ mouth.” He pointed at the man.

EX clapped. “We here to deal or to bicker like bitches?”

Annoyed, the dealer clicked it open to reveal the almighty Angel Waste Launcher (or AWL). The AWL had the look of a grenade launcher, but the tool to hold the grenades was replaced with Angel Waste. The gray, toxic material stood dormant in its plastic prison, waiting to be unleashed. The crew looked over the tool. Looking intrigued at the American product.

Manius scanned over the gun, unimpressed. “As good as you’re gonna get with America. It’s legit.”

EX slides the cash. The dealer counts the credits and smirks. “What a fuckin’ day.” He then pockets the money and looks over Saturn, liking what he sees. “Who’s she, eh?”

Saturn made a face and ignored him as she closed the briefcase.

The dealer insisted, putting a hand around her hip while she moved away. “I ain’t the type to be-”

She didn’t let him get far, grabbing a shot glass to smash it right on his face. He fell screaming, holding his broken nose covered in glass. EX wasted no time, rushing into action to punch one of the partners in the side of the head to stun them. He then grabbed his head and slammed it into a table, toppling it as he fell into it. Manius grabbed a stool to smash it over the other partner, using a small tasing tool to keep him on the ground. Saturn mounted the dealer. Using quick, heavy strikes while in full mount. She kept at it, destroying his face with her fists and elbows, eventually needing EX to snap her out of it. As the bartender went downstairs to investigate, the gang left money and weapon in hand.

Once they rode home and went up to HQ, Manius went to check on the gun with Riki while Saturn and EX were on the balcony, smoking crystal while she cleaned her hands with a towel. EX adjusted his bandana, looking out at the late-night sky as the rain cleared up. He breathed in the moist air, gaining the confidence to speak on the subject. “Hey, about…”

Saturn cut him off. “Yes. I don’t like it when I get touched. Him doing that just confirmed something for me.”

EX was curious. “What?”

“He was the fucker that raped the bitch. Remember her?”

“What made you so sure? Was it really that?”

“Pretty much. He’s a fiend. I could see it in his eyes. He’d fuck anything that walks.”

“Sorry, Sat…”

She laughs. “Sorry don’t mean shit. You know you can make this up with me?”


She made him wrap his arms around her. “Keep me warm tonight.”

EX laughed, looking at her. “I’m not that easy.”

She chuckled with him. “You just don’t know how patient I am.”