Chapter 8:



June 1st, 2097

9:07 PM

The queen stood in her throne room, a high-end building at the edge of the pleasure district. As she owns the entire building, She took the top floor, and usually stayed in her nice office that can double for a penthouse. The office had a nice wood floor with mostly a glass wall. Endangered trees grew from the dirt patches. The window had a view overlooking the new sin city. She looked at the city she had yet to fully control. She looked to her immediate right to see a pink bean bag with a large headset and wires covered in cute stickers. It was M00N’s area, untouched as she had yet to come into work. With her being a killing machine who never failed the boss, she always gave her slack about when to come over, except when the job is a bit more difficult.

Kaos changed a bit since she left America. She cut her hair and extended her dragon and rose tattoos across her arms. She was back to wearing suits, a far cry from her wearing jumpsuits in the desertland. In this case, she wore a light blue vest and a white undershirt. She also had dark gray slacks with her black shoes.

Soon, M00N arrived, looking as happy as ever to come inside to see her employer. “Hey, boss!” She cheered.

Kaos smiled weakly and got up to pat her right-hand woman on the shoulder. “My girl. What’s going on?”

M00N internally bit her lip at the touch but shrugged it off. “Oh, nothing. I’m always happy to serve you!”

Kaos chuckled as she went back to her desk. “Yeah, nothing’s happening right now. But in about thirty minutes, that’s gonna change.”

“Oh?” M00N inquired.

“Some motherfuckers went and formed a new gang. Apparently been readying up out of town since the winter. Sons of Bisha. Trying to replace Slayer. That prick.”

M00N pouted. “I’d kill them! You deserve the entire world, boss.”

Kaos nodded as she looked out at the city again. “I just want Tokneo. So far I’m doing good. We got this, girl.”

The android blushed and smiled. “O-Of course! Hey, boss?”

Kaos turned to face her employee. “Yeah?”

“Can you… Pet me, later?”

Kaos chuckled. She always asked that, and the boss usually obliged since it was harmless. “Sure, later.”

As she was expressing gratitude, one of Kaos’ subordinates came in with a struggling man. He was thrashing around with a bag over his head, with the bag stained with blood. The captive was also handcuffed. The subordinate threw him to the floor. M00N walked over to sit on his ribs, shifting her weight to the point where the man yelled in pain, with the heavy android on his body. The subordinate came back with a chair and they strapped him to it.

Kaos got up and ordered the worker to leave and for M00N to remove the bag over his head. It revealed a young man, a shaven head, a member of the Sons. He struggled, attempting to escape. Kaos snapped, then just as quickly came a snappy kick to the ribs, making the office echo in his screams and the snapping of his ribcage. Kaos leaned in. “Speak.”

The Son, leaking blood from his rotten mouth, was non-compliant. “Fuck you!”

Kaos smiled and snapped again, letting M00N rocket another kick at the side of his head. The sickening crack of his skull made waves around the office. The Son slinked low, shaking a bit due to the shock and pain coursing through his body. Kaos grabbed the man by his bald head. “You know, she’s not using her full strength. This is one percent. You wanna see two?”

The Son struggled for a moment, mouth leaking with blood, then stops once he took a glance at the woman in a school uniform. He angrily stared at Kaos, with her hand folded proudly, knowing that the man was broken. “Ready to talk?” She asks.

The Son nods lightly.

“Where the fuck did you come from?”

“Korea,” He utters.

“You with Slayer?” The boss asked next.


“Bullshit. Then why would you come here?”

“I just follow orders, lady.”

Kaos didn’t like that answer. She snaps, then M00N sends her legs right into the gang member’s side, having him wail in pain. He shook his head as he begins to cry under the pressure, having blood, sweat, and tears stain the wooden floors. Kaos grabs the suffering man’s chin and forces him to look at her. “Talk to me with respect. Got that?”

The Son, distraught with pain, obeyed. “Y-Yes ma’am!”

Kaos sends a knee right in the middle of his chest. “Yes, who?”

He coughs and groans out. “MA’AM! YES MA’AM!”

She looks at M00N, stars in her eyes as she watched her boss completely put the fear of God into that man. “Go and wheel him to the red room. The others should get more answers out of him. I’m sick of his ass.”

M00N nodded. “Yes, boss! Hehe…”

She pushed him out on his chair, allowing Kaos to sit back in her chair and observe the blood on her floor. She poured herself a drink and sighed.

Just another day for the queen.