Chapter 9:



June 2nd, 2097

8:32 AM

It wasn’t a strange sight to see Kaos sleep in her office. Ever since she came here a few years ago, she came here alone, with no possessions but the clothes on her back. Getting off that boat was the last time she had a day off. She was working nonstop to gain a piece of the city, regaining what her old family lost from Slayer and then some. Something that seemed inevitable after Slayer’s untimely death.

Now faced with a new challenge, she hardly even went home to always be on standby if somebody needed her. She usually rested on her desk, but at the request of M00N, she slept with M00N on her special bean bag chair. Something that the AKM gladly took advantage of, taking note and admiring her features before sleeping herself. That morning was one of those times, with Kaos in her wrinkled suit sleeping soundly and unknowingly cuddling with the happy M00N, making a big smile as she slept with her idol. Kaos soon woke up along with her employee. The human got up and fixed her suit a bit, staggering over to the bathroom to do her routine.

M00N let her go and went to her headset to tap into the web. Tapping into the web with no headset was something that M00N can do, but it can cause major headaches due to information overload. She could surf the web faster than any person in Tokneo. She just remembered the events of yesterday her boyfriend told her. He’d been robbed. From his description, she knows it was Tokyo’s Lost Ones. She began speedily heading to sites where they hosted convenience stores. It wasn’t on the news, so it was nothing big like a bank, and most large stores would have multiple cameras. She saw that one had an EMP jammed into it. Bingo, She thought. She then looked at the town’s cameras, eventually seeing two men with the large sun on their backs. The footage was grainy, so no face ID, but she could witness where they went into.

Kaos was walking out of her shower, in a new all-black suit when she saw M00N on her headset. She saw her frown. “What got you pent up?” She asked.

M00N looked up and pouted, the headset still on. “I’m looking up some meanie gang. They robbed my boyfriend last night.”

Kaos sat down, leaning back into her chair. “Know who the gang is?”

“Tokyo’s Lost Ones.”

“Oh, them?” Kaos chuckled. “They’re a bunch of losers. I just let them fester near the pleasure district. Just a crew of lowlifes who think that fucking and killing is still cool for a bunch of 20-year-olds.”

“So it’ll be no issue if I pay them back?” M00N questioned as she removed her headset.

After a bit of thought, Kaos shook her head. “Not yet. You can keep tabs on them, but don’t kill them yet.”

She nodded, being reluctantly obedient. M00N put her headset back on and continued her research. She saw the two criminals go into an old, run-down hotel. The hotel had no working cameras, but she could hack into basically anything that had tech in it. She looked into it, and saw that one of the members had a smart eye. While it was top of the line, the smart eye was still hackable, though this man put up a tough firewall. If she messes up in any way, the man could find out and counter hack, compromising her headset.

As M00N was fighting the firewall, Kaos gets a call on her office phone. She picked it up and heard the voice of one of her henchmen. “Ma’am, we got some intel. Heong’s Place is a prime hang-out spot for the Sons. This morning they’re going to be in a meeting. maybe we can get a lieutenant's name over there. I’ll email the address over to you.”

“Perfect. Thank you.” Kaos stood up and looked at her henchwoman. She was sweating due to the toughness of the firewall. Kaos always loved to fight, regardless of her place in an organization. She stood up, adjusted her suit, and made her way outside to the expensive car driven by one of her subordinates. She was then taken to the upper east side, home to Heong’s place, an unmarked club. It’s closed in the mornings, but that meeting must mean a lot of resistance was in the club. She got out and walked into the building, turning out to be a low-income apartment complex inhabited by mostly Korean people. She saw kids playing, toys and needles on the ground, and some older adults watching her, giving Kaos dirty looks as she entered the elevator doors. She pressed the button to head to the third floor. The doors opened to a long hallway leading to a single door at the end of it. The problem is the multiple men that stood around it. Kaos counted eight. She started to walk, only to be stopped by one of the hoodlums, wearing nothing but a tank top and jeans, slightly sweating due to the summer heat.

“Closed.” Was all the man could say. Three more men started to form behind him, glaring at her. Kaos pushed him away and swung at the three men to her left and right. The other came back from her push to fall victim to a kick to the head, taking him down. She charged the other four, punching the nearest four in the chin. One of the Sons was quick enough to grab her and throw her into a wall, making a thud on impact. Kaos was quick enough to dodge under a kick and drive her foot into the man’s other leg, cracking it on impact. As he fell screaming, the two from earlier got up as the last two charged. The four kicked and punched Kaos at the same time. She could barely keep up, eventually falling to the floor, receiving more stomps on the ground. Kaos stopped moving, with a bleeding head. The men stopped, looking at her. It was a trick, with Kaos springing to life, poking him in the eye and rolling out the way. The other three attacked. One caught a kick to the side of the neck, one got his shot blocked and received a counter punch to the face and several elbows to the chin. She looked to the last one, panting as the hallway was filled with the wails of agony from the fallen men. The one with his eye poked joined the last one, eventually attempting to fight first. She grabbed his legs as he tried to kick and slammed him to the wall. The other Son wanted to help, but he was elbowed on the nose. She then proceeded to ram her elbow into his leg twice, causing him to scream. He was dropped. Kaos slowly walked over to the last man, holding his bleeding nose. He was leaning against the wall, tripping over bodies as he tried to run away. She placed her foot on his chest. She smirked as she lifted her leg, and brought it down with a sickening crack. He gasped and passed out from the shock and pain. Kaos cleared her forehead of the blood and staggered over to the bar. She kicked the door open, only to see three men in the bar staring at the hallway.

“Your men suck,” She said.

The other men shook their heads in disbelief. “Wh…What the hell do you want?” Was all one of them could ask.

She sat down and stole one of their drinks. “Who’s your boss?”

It was clear they didn’t want to tell, but they could see the open hallway to see eight bodies suffering. “Merrion. Some old prick named Marrion.”

She nodded, throwing the glass bottle on the floor as she walked off, and back to the office after a quick visit to the local doctor. As she opened the doors, M00N leaped into her arms to love her, eyes red from crying. “Kaos! Boss!”

Kaos held her and chuckled, patting her back. “Oh calm down, girl. I can’t let you do all my dirty work. I get bored sometimes.”

M00N sniffed and nodded slowly, seeing the bandage on her head. “I don’t like it when you’re hurt…”

Kaos walked over to her chair with M00N in her arms and sat down. “I know. I’m ok, see?”

M00N got off her lap and calmed down, accepting that. “Did you get the info?”

“Yup. Marrion. I don’t care to know who the fucker is, so I’m just letting the Lost Ones do it.”

“You sure, boss? I can do it!”

“I got another job for you coming up. Just stay here, ok?”

M00N happily nodded and skipped back to her corner, getting on her headset.

“Oh,” Kaos started while typing the job notification, “Did you find your way to track them?”

“Yup!” She said happily. “I got into a smart eye, I can see what he can see now.”

“What do you see now?”

“Nothing. It’s 12 and they’re still asleep.”

Kaos shook her head. “Told you. Just a bunch of assholes.”

With her notification sent, all she had to do is wait and watch as she wins another war.

Or so she thought.