Chapter 10:



June 4th, 2097

8:38 PM

What was interesting about M00N is her capacity to care about her boyfriend, despite not really loving him the same way she loved Kaos. She knew about the plot to rob her at the TZ compound. She kept it to herself, planning to do something about it on the day of. For now, she was busy enjoying her place on Kaos’ lap, getting patted down like a cat would. She hummed slowly, feeling the mighty woman’s hand go from the crown of her head to her lower back. Wish fulfilled.

After a few minutes of mindless petting, M00N wanted to talk. “Hey, boss?”

Kaos snapped out of her trance and looked down. “Yeah?”

“What are the side effects of love?”

Kaos laughed, but she answered anyway. “Well, I suppose that love will make anybody stupid. Love is like a drug, it’ll cloud your choices and make you do the dumber option.”


“Maybe you want that person to be happy, so you risk your life to do so. Maybe risk your future. A body part. Anything you wouldn’t do normally.”

M00N nodded, taking a mental note.

After a little bit, M00N was playing games on her headset and Kaos was doing paperwork. Since she knew that the Sons were basically dead, she set her sights on the pleasure district. King's Last Stop was in the way of complete control of the pink portion, and she knew that just killing the owners would make things worse. She spent all day thinking of something, and it hit her. Having a death on site would be bad for business. She snapped and M00N got out her game instantly and walked to the front of the desk. “Yes, boss?”

“Need you to find a person in King's Last Stop. Kill them. Don’t make them know it was you, ok?”

M00N nodded happily and skipped to her closet. She picked out a fine school outfit. Kaos was slightly confused about the choice of fashion a few months ago, so she assumed it was a phase.

With the outfit chosen, M00N ran out into the night, sprinting to the pleasure district, climbing her way up to the 8th floor. She walked through the halls, choosing which floor to head into. “...Catch a tiger by its toe, if he hollers let him go…You! Are! It!” With the door chosen, she went inside to see a balding man, sweating and happy to see the headphone-wearing woman.

“Oh my! I didn’t pick you but fuck it!” The sweaty human exclaimed.

M00N rolled her eyes. She wanted this done quickly. She proceeds to ruthlessly beat the man, shifting weight to her fists to make them hurt more. After a bloody few minutes, the half-nude person was on the floor, unmoving and slowly oozing blood. A job well done, she walked out of the room, only to see another man walking. What caught her eye was the six-pointed sun on his jacket. Her eyes were vibrant as she ran over to him excited to take revenge.

"Hello, mister!" She speaks brightly.

The criminal looked confused. "Hi..."

M00N tilted her head. "Say, are you a part of the Lost Ones?"

"Yeah..." He said with a raised eyebrow.

"Perfect!" M00N immediately jumped in the air and kicked the hooligan through a wall headfirst.

Kaos was at her desk, mindlessly surfing the web. Her mind wandered to Genny. Genny was something of a pillar to Kaos. For the first time in over a decade, she got something stable that wasn’t prison or kicking the face in of an inmate. She suddenly dozed off, thinking of a moment…

July 20th, 2093

Choices, New Mexico

It was a hot day in the tents, and the two women were sharing a pipe with some tobacco. Genny was still a redhead sporting a ponytail. She had new fixed glasses and wiped the sweat off her large scar. She looked over to the longer haired Japanese woman to pass her the pipe. Genny began to talk. “I’ve been wondering about something, Kaos.”

Kaos looked on, waiting for her question to be asked.

“Why didn’t you leave me?”

Kaos frowned in confusion, then shrugged. “I didn’t want to.”

Genny hummed. “Just sayin, you’re holding me for ‘warmth’ a little too hard.”

“I-I’m sorry.” Kaos’ face became red, with her shyness still a major problem at the time.

Gen laughed as she blew smoke, setting down the pipe. “You’re always so stiff. Especially around me.”

“I...It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to somebody like this.”

“What do you mean? Didn’t you have followers?”

Kaos shook her head. “They were into the power I had, that’s about it. They weren’t really there for me. Once the walls went down, there they went. But that’s power in general. Once you lose it, there’s no reason to follow you.”

“What makes people want to follow?”

“If you have the potential of power or they just like you.”

Genny scooted closer to Kaos. “Then what makes you wanna follow me?”

Once again, the queen became tongue-tied. Soon flustered. “I…do like the way you look.”

“That all?”

Kaos’ face turned beet red. “The way you talk, act, exist.”

Gen smiled as she began to brush the back of her hand softly against the other’s chin. “What made you like me?”

“The prison. I liked your tattoos.”

Gen chuckled. “What, you’ve been scouting in the showers?”


“Kaos, you…” Gen was interrupted by a sudden movement. Kaos moved closer to her face. Gen became flustered.

“Can I kiss you, Genny?” Kaos asked.

Genny simply responded with her moving her head forward while closing her eyes.

Kaos kissed her, head turning to go in deeper as she went to hold the other’s hair. Genny moved herself on Kaos’ lap, continuing to make out with her. After a few minutes, they break the kiss, panting while staring at each other. Almost as if they could read each other’s minds, they both stripped at the same time, then tackled each other for another moment of passion…

The fantasy was broken by M00N’s entrance. She held her banged-in head as she walked in. Kaos ran in and checked on her head. “The fuck happened?”

M00N didn’t want to admit her fault, so she lied. “He fought back. I was foolish, boss.”

Kaos sat her employee down and began to treat her. “Just don’t do that again. Don’t hold back, ok?”

“Yes, boss.”

Kaos gave M00N a little pat on the head. “Good girl.”

M00N squirmed in happiness, as the duo walked back to her desk.