Chapter 11:



June 8th, 2097

11:11 PM

Lightning flashed as the second day of thunderstorms rolled by. They were calming strangely. Kaos pondered at her desk, something she’s been staying in for the past week. Something in her gut says that the Sons are still out there. It was too easy, she thought. It couldn’t be squashed out in just a few days. She stared out the window, then looked at M00N, playing games on the headset. After a light sigh, she got up and collected her things. “I’m gonna get some food. Be right back, girl.”

As she left, M00N turned off the game and checked the room that she was fully gone. Once she confirmed, she requiped the headset and started to dig in her mind, specifically, her memory files.

M00N has terabytes of moments in her small head, but there’s one file she cannot open. The genesis file or ‘GENES1S_2239.’ It took her years to even crack the rough firewall in her mind, it’s so tough that even Kaos couldn’t break it, so it must be impossible to M00N. Curiosity overtakes her, however, and she spends the next two years making cracks and damaging the firewall. She was at it once again, deleting and re-editing her mind, until she found something she had yet to see. Since it’s her mind, she envisions the hacking as she sees fit. She saw the firewall as red cubes, and her hacking as slowly mining the red cubes away. She was in a sea of red, so it was obvious when she saw something light blue protrude from the black floor. She picked it up, inspecting it. The blue item vibrated, and blew up, making her environment all white. The environment glitches and sputters, Then a file pops up in front of her. The name: Genesis. Only a few documents appear, the rest are still encrypted. She picked the first file.


LOG1: 2071

AKM-7 is in its pre-production phase. Looking at the plans, the thing is expensive. A few trillion dollars expensive. It was agreed that we would be able to make one and only one. We had to agree on gender, race, and more. Jin suggested that we use some European models for inspiration. Not a terrible idea. I don’t feel like arguing about the cock size of some generic man. We also figured the supercomputer in the head would fit better in a female’s head rather than a male’s. We’ll do some debating and see what we can do. Damn. Had to deal with protesters outside too. They keep pestering us to stop and give them our hard-earned resources. Like I give a shit. This AKM could save us from every war forever.

LOG2: 2073

Can we harvest a soul? A few guys at the office think so. The blueprint was nice looking too, a big device made to transfer a soul. It sounds impossible, but I heard the Germans got dangerous toys as well. If we could put a human soul in an AKM, she could be the best weapon in human history! The reflexes of a perfect robot and the mental capacity of a human…Truly the shining achievement of Tech-Zero. The model has been chosen as well. Her name is Stasia Księżyc. A truly beautiful model from Poland. Once I saw her beautiful face in the magazine, protesting the war. Her pale skin, her long black hair, her strong steel-gray eyes, my goodness. I was in love. All we have to do is somehow convince her to transfer her likeness and soul.

LOG3: 2076

War is coming, we know it. That’s why we must begin the soul-collecting process. Stasia has yet to reach us back. This is getting all bad. Fuck. I need to collect my thoughts.

We finally got her! Finally! She looks a bit shaken up, but we gave her enough money. What a kind soul, she said she’s doing this for her country. Too bad we didn’t tell her about the soul transfer. Unfortunately, it’ll kill her human body. For the rest of the time, she’ll be in an AKM. This is worse than the AKM-4.5. At least we just used a human brain. This is somebody's soul.

LOG4: 2081

Stasia. I’m so sorry. She didn’t much like the idea of having her soul taken. I can still see her eyes of anger as she thrashed in that chair. The fear once she realized we had to continue. If we stopped, we lose our jobs. I’m gonna place these logs in her head. The other guys can’t know. I gotta encrypt them. Hopefully, She’ll know. I’m so sorry.


M00N left her headspace and looked at her hands, shaking. She could think of her old self panicking. Her body filled with rage and fear of the past. She started shaking, tears welling up in her eyes. At that time, Kaos came in. “I’m home…M00N? What’s wrong?” she ran to her employee, sobbing and shaking. With no option, Kaos went to hug her. “There, there, girl. I’m here, ok?”

At that point, she let it all out. M00N for the next few minutes cried her eyes out, getting flashes of her creation. She wished she forgot it.