Chapter 15:



June 26th, 2097

8:52 PM

Lamb woke up in great pain once again. It wasn’t a surprise, he was still getting used to the fact that his once dead brain was now hooked up to an android. He sat up and rubbed the synthetic skin on his face. He had a quick chance to look at himself, he looked familiar. Asian, long hair. Brown eyes. Naturally had a hunch. If he attempted to remember, he’d get shocked so he didn’t want to. He looked around his small apartment given by the Kaos family since he’s an ‘employee.’ He only had a day with the place and it was already trashed. Not needing food to survive but feeling intense hunger and thirst drove him crazy. He ate like a madman and drank all the drinks he could to fill the void. The clothes that were given to him were on the floor. He put on his jeans, buttoned shirt, and leather jacket and opened the door to see a box on the floor. It had one word at the top: ‘LAMB.’ He picked up the box and set it on his table covered in cigarettes and food and opened it to see a frame for a digital mask and a silenced pistol outfitted with a sonic booster to make the bullet shoot faster. He moved the two items to reveal a note, seeing an address and one sentence. ‘No one leaves alive.’ He grabbed the mask and placed it on his chin, the device started spawning in nanomachines to form the mask, fit with an electronic screen for good use. He opted to have nothing showing on the screen. He cocked the gun back, pocketed it, and left to go to the address.

Arriving, it was a restaurant. Seemingly to be a private party, at first glance Lamb was confused about why would Kaos send him here, then he saw the logo on the side of one of the guards. The Sons. He shook his head, not liking what he had to do, but he snuck to the back, using the alleyway. He saw the backroom to the kitchen and approached it. He saw four cooks. Nobody can leave alive, so as he barges in he stops on a dime to headshot the four cooks. Unfortunately, one of the men falls and spills a pot of boiling water, so it makes a large bang. Three men peer in the window and see the masked killer. They rush in, with one of them slipping and falling on the hot water, yelling in pain. Lamb shoots at the one in the forehead, but couldn’t see the second one punching him in the face. Lamb takes a few more shots dropping the gun, with the Son attempting to drive his head into the stovetop, still on. Lamb catches himself, elbows the Son and grabs a boiling pot, and throws it right in The Son’s face. He screams as his face boils and bubbles, eventually collapsing and shaking as the boiling water eats at his skin. Using the pan, he bashed his face in, making a bloody spot on the ground with his smashed skull. Lamb hardily picked up the pistol and finished off the clumsy Son. At the same time, two more armed men approach the kitchen and open fire with SMGs. Lamb dives into cover as they destroy the counter with their bullets. He took a couple shots at them, only to receive a shot in the shoulder. The pain was great, with him almost passing out due to the agony. Being an android, he had to ignore the pain and use his durability. He charged in, getting a chest full of lead as he grabbed one of the guns, he punched the other and shot them both dead. He turned to the dining hall, where more people sat, looking to be the gang’s family. SMG in hand, he opened fire, killing everyone in the room.

He looked around to see the bloodshed, the dead men, and the women around him. His gut was riddled with bullets. He could feel every open wound, and it hurt like hell. He tossed the SMG and grabbed the special pistol before leaving the restaurant.

Once at home, he bandaged his body, admiring the fact that he should’ve died right then and there, in that kitchen. Maybe being an android is better than he thought. He sat down and watched television, looking at the news.


A massacre at the local restaurant ‘Benny’s’ happened tonight as 27 people were killed, all dead from bullets to trauma to the head. It has also come to light that everyone in that room had some relation to the gang ‘Sons of Bisha.’ They were at war with Kaos’ family, so was this planned? We reached Kaos for comment and she said:

‘These claims are asinine. I am a businesswoman, legitimate at that. I won’t let petty beef get in the way of the great loss Tokneo has suffered today. I will pray for all of them.’

I’m Grace Joker, and this is TOK-1 News.


Bullshit, Lamb thought. He doubted she was even religious. He drank his beer and threw the can on the ground, closing his eyes and falling asleep.


Lamb sat in a room, tied to a chair. He looked at the restraints on his hands, yelling into the void, but similar to the surgery room, nothing came out of his mouth. He started to cry as something was tied around his neck. A leash. He was pulled from his retreatants, looking up to see who tugged him. It was M00N.

You should be used to this. That’s what you’ve been doing all of your life.

Lamb was confused, he tugged at the leash to no avail.

Riki. Jockey. Mom. Dad. All had you on a leash. You followed them around. Why would Riki make you a leader if he doubted your every step? And he was right! You failed! Hahahahahahahaha!

Jockey screamed out once again with no voice, he wanted to curse out the woman. But he couldn’t.