Chapter 14:



Unknown, 2097


Brain uploaded.


WARNING: Brain-damaged. 45% structure damage.

No brainrot found.

AFTRLIFE program found…


Welcome, LAMB.

Lamb? Who the fuck is Lamb?

LAMB? Are you there?

I see. You must be confused, so I’ll tell you your old name. Danze, right?

Who are you?

I am M00N. I am the woman who killed you.


I hired somebody. I wanted your whole crew gone. He only got you.

I’m dead…?

You were dead, yes.


Yes. Me and boss revived you.

This is bullshit. Just leave me dead.

You’re already back, Danze.

No. Just…

Arise, Lamb. Come back and be better than ever.




With a shock, Lamb jumped up and attempted to scream, only to realize he had no voice to yell with. He looked around with his new eyes and was blindsided by the feedback of this new robotic sight, the sight of his body cut up and being worked on in a surgery room. His head felt heavy. With wires and other items in his brain. He couldn’t move anything else but his head, struggling and panicking as his heart rate increased. The surgeon looked at his face and shocked his head. “He’s up. We need more sedatives.” Calmly, another surgeon walked over to put a shot in his body. Lamb shook, attempting to move the disconnected body before passing out.


June 18th, 2097

2:50 PM

The Lost Ones sat silently on the couch. They hadn’t slept since the raid. Rikimaru was angrily drinking booze. “It’s my fault.” He drunkenly ranted. “I’m a shit leader. I didn’t protect him. Look at me. I can’t lead shit. Motherfucker! Didn’t even get his body. I’m so fucking sorry, Jock.”

Jockey was right next to him, he was also sulking and drinking his problem away. He whipped his eyes. “Stop, man. I just want to…Move on. If I think about it more I’ll fuckin kill myself. Danze. Please…This is bullshit. I should’ve let him…” He began to break down. “My brother. My brother…”

Saturn was hugging her knees and staring at the ground as EX wrapped his arms around her. She started to speak slowly. “You know…I was talking to him three days ago. It’s just so crazy to think about. I can’t talk to him anymore. I can’t laugh with him anymore. That prick. Just leaving us here, to suffer?” She laughed weakly. “I haven’t felt this way since I got bumped from being a whore. So weak, so powerless to do anything. We couldn’t do anything to stop him.”

EX silently listened and nodded. “Fate. It all comes to us sooner or later. I don’t want to think of Danze at his worst. We need to celebrate his life.”

Grim stood up from the couch. “We need his bloody body back. Fuckin’ cops. We gotta at least get his damn jacket.”

Manius shook his head. “Impossible. Cops got the morgue on lockdown after somebody stole a body yesterday.”

The gang looked on in confusion.

Who could the body be?


Lamb was once again shocked awake. With his system booting up for the first time, calibrations were in place to make sure the brain could survive the pressure of a new body. Lamb was in a hospital bed, slowly regaining control of his limbs. He could make his fingers twitch after much pain and attempt. Then came his arm, then the other arm, his toes, his feet, and so on. After an hour, he could feel his body again. He still felt strange, like he wasn’t truly him. He attempted to leave the bed, only to find his legs giving out on him. Lamb limped up and walked out the door, to reveal an office. There stood a woman he recognized before, but he couldn’t remember.

“Well?” The woman in the black suit said.

Suddenly, his brain shocked him with flashes of memory.

"TZ is Kaos territory. I don't want any beef."

“Fuck her! What did that bitch ever do for us?"


“Kaos!” Lamb yelled in pain as he fell to his knees, shaking from the pain.

“Oh, you do remember.” Kaos gestured to a chair. “Sit. We have much to talk about.”

Lamb sat down, still adjusting to his pain going down.

“So, you might be wondering what happened. Well, you died in a former life. I need you for a purpose so I revived you.”

“I already heard this…” Lamb said. “It doesn’t make it any better with you saying it now.”

“Believe it. You are a dead man walking. Do you remember who you were?”

Lamb looked at his hands for a bit, when he tried to remember, it hurt his head. The lingering feeling of shock scared the android.

“I encrypted your memories. I don’t care if you remember who you were, but I’ll make it hurt. Be careful not to remember all at once. Might even kill you.

Lamb looked at her angrily. “What the fuck, you monster!”

“I don’t like that tone. Remember that I can make it hurt at any time.”

He remembered the pain of the shock. He grit his teeth and settled down.

“Good boy. Now, let’s talk about your purpose. You’re here to do all the dirty work till you die. You’re the grunt, the sacrificial lamb to help with this war.”

“And if I refuse?”

“You know the answer to that question. Now get some rest. Long day tomorrow.”