Chapter 16:



June 28th, 2097

5:00 PM

Lamb sat in his disgusting room and smoked red crystal. The crystal made him feel numb. He loved that feeling, just smoke, and a release. He found them out yesterday after a major shock to his system that he once did those drugs and loved them. He experimented a lot more since he had the android body. He took copious amounts at once to make the body feel something, enough to kill a regular human. The ruby-red substance was his favorite thing to do when it was downtime since he couldn’t remember who he talked to in a past life. Lamb was much too afraid of the shock to remember. With trash and drugs everywhere, the high android was feeling the effects of the deadly drugs, taking crystal, cocaine-2, and random pills the dealer gave him as a freebie. Not like he could overdose, and Lamb wouldn’t complain if he could. The door knocked again, He got up and answered it to once again see another box. He picked it up, cleared the box of all the trash, and placed it down, opening it to reveal a bomb. A fully functional weapon of destruction. It was as large as a small computer or a laptop. Another note came with it. It was instructions to arm it, with something special on the bottom. ‘No guns, blow the thing at the 12th level.’ Lamb looked at the note dumbfounded. No guns? How would he be able to get the job done? He pressed the button on the bomb to make it shrink to a button. He stuffed it in his pocket and walked away, going to the address.

It was another apartment in Old Town. As the sun disappeared and the lights made another appearance, the 25-story complex didn’t do so. The seemingly abandoned place only had a few dim lights out, so it was confusing to see why Lamb was even tasked to be here in the first place. With the semi-open war going on, it was clear to Lamb that it was a hotspot for Sons. he climbed up the broken fire escape to the tenth floor, not only feeling the age of the structure, he also saw that there was no place for him to continue upstairs. He climbed in the window and saw a few men wearing biker jackets, the nano-mask had spawned at that point with the screens spelling out AKM. The four men jumped up seeing the android, charging him with pool sticks and bats, they beat him at the same time, striking and battering Lamb. He pushed them off, spearing one of them and putting him through a wall. He grabbed the pool stick and whacked the other across the neck, breaking his neck and the stick with his pure strength. Lamb still had the back end of the stick, so as the third and fourth one charged at the same time with bats, he stabbed the one Son in the chest with the broken stick and caught the fourth Son’s bat strike. Lamb kicked him in the gut to his knees and swung right on the neck. He stood over the Son to finish him off with several brutal strikes with the bat, exploding his head opening and having blood ooze into the old wooden floors.

He ran out the hallway since he only had two more floors to go to reach 12. He was stopped by a massive group of Sons, Lamb turned back to see the same thing. They had bats, knives, and sticks. All itching to attack. Lamb turned both ways and ran right into the crowd blocking the stairs. He used his bat and pure strength to push the mass out of the way as the other group rushed in to help. He broke through after cracking a few heads open, only to lose his bat and to be dragged back into the pile. He was thrown to the ground and beaten by the mob, kicking his masked face, his android torso, and legs. After cracking his mask, One of the members stabbed Lamb in the leg while he grabbed his bat. He brought it upon the stabber’s leg and ruined his skull. He struggled to his feet, swinging wildly at the group as he returned to his feet. He broke through the mass to limp upstairs, hitting a few people on the way up as they attempted to stop him. He finally made it up the stairs to the 11th floor, using the walking stick. He stopped on a dime to drive the bat into one of his pursuers’ mouths, making a sickening crack with teeth hitting metal. He resumed running as he made it into the other staircases and ran into an empty room on the 12th floor. He locked the door, hearing the banging from the army that wanted him dead. He pressed on, pulling out and enlarging the bomb that rested in his pocket. He attempted to arm it, but he forgot the instructions.

Fuck. FUCK! What’s the timer code?

The door was starting to break down, the cracks from the old door revealed the eyes of angry faces.

Ain’t I an AKM? Why do I have such a shit memory?!

An arm burst through the door, with it reaching for the doorknob.

Fuck it.

He started pressing buttons, seeing what would happen. After a bit, He finally armed it.

With a 4-second timer.

Lamb threw the bomb down as the mob opened the door, charging at him. He barely had time to jump out the window before the bomb went off.


Lamb woke up, back first in an alley. There was a warning on the screen, critical condition. His body was in more pain than he ever felt before. Falling 12 stories will do that. His vision was blurry, his body was broken as he couldn't move as much as he wanted, He sat up, shaking from the pain. In his haze, he saw someone he didn’t recognize. Black man, messy hair, bags under his eyes.

“Wake up, Danze.” The man said.

M00N came from the other side. “He’s dead, remember. Lamb. You’ve been a good boy.”

“Shut up, bitch! Danze! Come on, you remember me!” The stranger said.

He was going to answer, but he heard the sirens of the police. He looked up at the falling ash, it was like snow, over the cursed orange haze that covered the streets and people looking at the inferno on the 12th floor.

Lamb somehow got up and limped away, never to be seen.