Chapter 20:



Unknown, Unknown.


The sky was blue, with clouds slowly passing by.

The sun was proudly shining, covering the grassland in its warm glow.

The grass flowed slowly in the wind, making a gentle sound as they breezed through the wind.

In the center of the peaceful environment was Danze. He sat up and rubbed his temple, groaning as felt the major headache from that memory dump. He looked to his right and saw another man, who looked just like him. With that program, he remembered that it was Lamb. The android woke up and stared at him again. He looked around and saw them sitting in the tall grass. “I see we stand on mutual ground.” He said.

Danze tilted his head. “What? You mean this place?”

Lamb nodded as he sat up himself. “This should I say…Our headspace.”


“Yes, our.”

Danze scoffed. “Come on, bro. This is my brain. I was dead, and you took over. Now it’s my turn.”

“I don’t disagree, Danze. But I suggest we work together. We have a common goal.”

“And that goal is what?”

Lamb stands, looking out into the endless void of grass in his head. “You hate her too, no?”

Danze opted to stay on the ground. He attempted to get a grip on the situation. His memory kept repeating that moment when he stepped out of the elevator. He kept thinking of the headache he had for a split second before feeling nothing at all. His ear rang as he remembered the moment over and over again. He looked up. “Yeah. I guess. But how the hell are we gonna work together? I got one body. It’s clear that you’re reckless with my body.”

“And you’re slow, clearly.”

The human got up, going face to face with the android. “Fuck off, junkie.”

Lamb rolled his eyes. “And a short temper at that. Relax, Danze.”

Danze groaned and took a few steps back, placing his hands on his hips. “Answer the fucking question. What’s your plan?”

“Singularity.” Lamb looked around, feeling the wind blow through his fingers as he felt the grass. “If we somehow work as one, your carefulness with my reflexes, we’d be unstoppable.”

“Singularity…That sounds fucking stupid.”

“I wouldn’t expect a human to understand. Just go with it.”

“Human? Don’t you need my brain to survive?”

Lamb walked up to him, ignoring Danze’s comeback. “You done?”

“Yeah, yeah. So how do we combine ourselves? And where did you even get this idea?”

Lamb held his hand. “Singularity was always an idea for the AKM-4.5. I only found out about this when you came back to life. When I remember you, I found myself…attracted to you.”

Danze moved his head back, confused. “Don’t tell me…”

The android nodded. “I love you, Danze. This is the purpose of the AKM-4.5. The human and android combine to become the ultimate weapon.”

“This is…far too weird.”

“Weird…But imagine what we could do together.”

“Dude, relax.” Danze stepped back, getting a bit uncomfortable with the idea.

The android got a bit frustrated. “Danze, focus!”

“Don’t tell me to fucking focus!” The human snapped back.

Lamb walked forward, putting his fists up. “We need to be together. You like it or not, but I need you in order to beat Kaos.”

Danze also raised his knuckles, spitting on the ground. “Fine, fucker. I don’t need any help. This is MY body!”

The wind got harsher as the ‘sun’ began to set, with the sky turning to an orange and pink hue.

Lamb started the fight, pushing the tempo early by throwing wild strikes and haymakers. Danze moved his body and head, seeing the deadly fists breeze past his face. Danze saw an opening and sent a strike to his gut and chin, sending Lamb back holding his face. Danze charged at him, but Lamb quickly recovered and lifted his leg to hit the human with a big boot to the chest. Danze hit his back on the grass attempting to catch his breath. The android mounted him and grabbed his hair with his left hand and began landing strikes with his right onto Danze’s face. His nose bled worse with each blow. Danze found Lamb’s hair after the fifth strike and pulled it back, jerking his head back. Danze sat up and hit Lamb on the throat with his elbow.

Lamb rolled onto the tall grass, holding his neck while trying to breathe. Danze was holding his nose, checking the damage. He grabbed Lamb by the hair again and send a haymaker to his jaw. Slowly, Danze began stomping his head into the dirt. “Die!”

Lamb moved out of the way after a stomp and tackled him, causing them to tumble in the grass, struggling for the top position, trading shots, and elbows. Lamb threw Danze off as he gained top position. He charged at the human, but once again, Danze saw it coming. He ran forward to send a knee right into Lamb’s face. His body went limp for a moment as Danze got on top to drop his fists on him. Lamb threw him off. He spat some blood as he got up. “THIS IS POINTLESS!”

Danze got up as well slowly. “I...Just want my body back.”

“And you can, I just want to be alive.”

Danze saw the android’s pleading face. “I…Fine. I just need control. And we can do this singularity shit.”

Lamb smiled, walking up to him holding his bloodied face. “Kiss me.”

Danze had no reason to back out now, he was too far gone. He moved in to lock lips with the android half of himself, causing the world around them to roll in on itself, bringing Danze to the outside.

Danze woke up, his body getting adjusted to his new body. He looked to Jockey, who was resting by him, waking up when he heard the movement. He saw him, eyes widening. “D…”

“Yeah, I’m here,” Danze said, stretching a bit.

Jockey ran to hug his old friend, breaking down in tears and yelling out to his gang members. “GUYS! DANZE IS BACK!”