Chapter 21:



June 29th, 2097

4:33 PM

The Lost Ones quickly gathered around the new and improved Danze. They were hugging each other and embracing the man as he was getting used to his new android body, with the help of a certain someone he was allowing to stay in his body. Of course, the gang had questions.

“How was the afterlife?” Saturn asked.

“Did it hurt to die?” EX questioned.

“What does pissing feel like in that body of yours? Can androids even piss?” Grim wondered.

“How did Kaos Corp even get your brain with little to no rotting?” Manius inquired.

“Danze…I’m so sorry. Do you forgive me?” Jockey admitted.

“You alright upstairs, Danze?” Riki asked next.

Danze smiled and put his hands up. “Guys, guys. I’m getting overwhelmed here.” He chuckled. “Look, all you guys gotta know is, there are two of me now. The guy who took control of my body the last few days, the family called him Lamb.

“Lamb?” Jockey chuckled. “Then why did Lamb say my name a few days ago.”

Manius chimed in. “Must’ve been the two subconscious merging together. Or Danze attempting to make Lamb remember where he came from. If you remember she put a memory block on Danze’s brain, seemed like an obvious attempt to make him not want to dig in deeper.”

“Something like that,” Danze agreed. “But now I’m in control. But we..We want something. And I don’t think I should have lumped you guys into it…But I have to.”

Rikimaru brushed the air, reassuring the revived member. “Nah, man. You’re family. An immortal one at that. Tell us.”

After a quick bit of thinking, he sighed and spilled the truth. “I want Kaos dead. I need…We need to kill her. The suffering Lamb went through made me sick. And M00N was the one who hired somebody to kill me. I have to end the Kaos Family.” As he continued to speak, his hands were clenched in rage, thinking of the pain, since they share memories. “I want that bitch gone. I want that building destroyed. All of it. Every last fucking bit.”

Jockey nodded. “I agree. It’s about time we get some new change in management. Me and that joytoy got a score to settle.”

Riki looked to the rest of the gang, agreeing with his plan. He nodded as well, wanting to clean house. “It’s set then. Manius, look for something useful for us to use Maybe a weapon like the AWL since we’ll need a lot more heavy weaponry this time. Grim, go look for some explosives. EX, Saturn, get some recon on the Kaos building. I’ll do some digging around myself.”

After some typing and digging around on the dirt sheets, Manius found something that could be good for the mass of men guarding the tower. “The UBER MAXX-Thunder Gun, or the UM-TG. A gun that can shoot lighting.”

Jockey and Danze were standing over his shoulder, looking at the mock-ups of the weapon. A massive weapon the size of a light machine gun that houses a large reactor that contains the power at the butt of the gun and has wires attempting to channel the power to different areas. The barrel had massive reflective panels going in different directions, made to have the lightning not backfire and hurt the user.

“Holy shit. That’s a cool toy.” Jockey commented.

Danze nodded. “Damn right. I wonder where it’s at so we can play with it.”

“According to my sources…Looks like the fucking Sons got it. In one of the backrooms in the warehouses in Old Town. It’ll be heavily guarded, but I can do something about that, however.”

“Like what?” Danze questioned.

“In this war, there’s other gangs and corps wanting a slice of the pie that the Sons and Kaos are fighting over, and I can leak the location on the surface web. I’m sure they’ll be all over a warehouse with valuables in there.”

“So in the absolute chaos, we take the UM-TG and run.” Jockey said, looking at the picture of the warehouse.

Manius nodded. “Exactly.”

The gang gathered their items and weapons as they waited for the news to hit that the other gangs have hit the warehouse. Rikimaru talked as he fixed his hair in a bun and got his jacket on. “Danze, Manius, and Jockey will be getting the UM-TG from the Sons. I want EX, Saturn, and Grin to get those explosives. Where did you get them anyways?”

“Simple smash n’ grab,” Grim answered. “We take the loot and leave from a weapons store.”

Riki shrugged. “Be careful. I’ll grab us some armor. I got em at a cheap cost from some guys at the pleasure district.”

With the plan in order, The Lost Ones got on their bikes and rode off, heading in opposite directions.

Manius, Danze, and Jockey rode over to Old Town, with Manius getting word that they’d started the assault, with the masses of gangs fighting each other for the loot in mind. Manius never told them about the superweapon, so they’d have a better chance of looking for it.

They drove a few yards from the entrance, seeing the battle unfold, as they saw how many gangs arrived. Looking in, Danze saw four different groups, fighting for the opportunity to get inside. They all used simple rifles and rusty pistols to shoot each other. Some used rocks to bash their opposition brains in and knives to cut and rip open their bodies. The ground was just a mess of mud and blood. The warehouse was well defended, with barbed wire surrounding the windows and the doors into the place. The gangs were too unorganized for a proper assault on the Sons, so they just took shots at them fighting and laughed at the few getting their flesh shredded in the barbed wire.

“This is getting nowhere. How are we supposed to get in there?” Jockey asked, frustrated.

Before Manius could answer, he turned his head to look at the cloudy sky, hearing the sound of the chopping air. It was a helicopter, showing off the symbol of the new corporation. It showed an eye with god rays under it. One man in a suit open the side doors and leaned from the side while the chopper was in the air still, and aimed a rocket launcher at the entrance of the door. He fired, sending the missile whining over the door, making the ground vibrate, wood chips metal, and barbed wire explode everywhere, even a few body parts. After losing control for a few seconds due to being so close to the explosion, the helicopter landed. Out came a few more men in suits with cleaned rifles to shoot at the gangs.

“Dior Corp,” Manius mumbled as he got up. “Well, we got our opening, let’s go.”

The trio ran with their pistols in hand, sticking to the side of the mob to avoid the masses bum-rushing the opening of the warehouse. After slipping in, Danze and Jockey took lead and shot at whoever got in their way and dodged stray bullets before heading to the back room of the warehouse. The metal doors were bloody, with a dead Son member between the door. Danze opened it, seeing another dead gang member with a bullet in his head, clutching the UM-TG.

“Looks like someone knew about it,” Danze said as he pried the gun from the cold dead hands, and saw the electric weapon in his hands. he pulled the crank, seeing a green light on the side of the gun. “We got it.”

EX, Grim, and Saturn rode over to the upper east side to a nearby weapons store. Grim got out first and brought out his shotgun, cocking it back. “Perfect. In one of the display cases, there should be explosives.”

Saturn loaded her pistol in and placed it on her hip. “And…how would we get in there?”

Grim laughed. “What I say in HQ, love? Smash, and GRAB!” He yelled and ran to the store, kicking in the doors. He opened fire at the ceiling. “HANDS THE FUCK UP!”

The gun store owner had his own rifle. He went under the desk, grabbed his gun, and went up to take a shot at him, hitting his shoulder and sending him to the ground. EX ran in and put a round in the store owner’s head. As his body collapsed, Saturn went to Grim’s side to check his blown shoulder. “Shit, you’re still ok. It went straight through. Some booze and some bandages, you’ll be fine.”

“Bloody hell…fuck…” Grim mumbled. He sat up against the wall. “Go ahead. Find the explosives.”

EX grabbed Grim’s shotgun and used the butt of the weapon to break open the display cases, grabbing the explosives. “Let’s hope these ain’t duds. Hey! I got the shit, let’s go!”

Rikimaru went into the Pleasure District, bag with money in hand. He saw the disarray of the pink side after The Son’s attack a few weeks ago. Some of the buildings were still riddled with bullets, and the escorts still were on the streets calling out to Riki for a good time. He smiled and waved, walking into a nearby brothel. He headed upstairs to the second floor, heading into the agreed-upon room. There were three people, smoking and smiling as they saw the man. “Rikimaru the Ruiner. Still being a party animal?”

Riki scoffed and plopped the bag down and kicked it at them. “Armor, please.”

“Yeah, yeah. Can’t play around with ya?” He threw the bag full of armor, sighing as they turned away.

Riki walked downstairs, a smile on his face.

The pieces are coming together.