Chapter 22:



July 2nd, 2097

8:02 PM

It was time to end the war. Kaos hadn’t slept in days, let alone gotten the time to wash the blood from her body. The dried blood and dirt from her forearms and torso were clear on her skin as she got her body armor back on in her messy office, with a nude android in the background. While she hadn’t had a lick of sleep, she wanted to make sure her new girlfriend was pleased, and M00N was smiling, getting up soon after a recent sexual encounter. She had shaky legs, and the area between her thighs was glistening with sweat and ejaculation, with the mix of human and artificial love juice making a feminine aroma in the office. Once she got her jumpsuit on, she walked over to kiss Kaos on the cheek. “God, you’re so hot, boss.”

Kaos smirked as she strapped her armor on loading the VII. “I can say the same for you, girl.” She smacked her ass, making her yelp. M00N blushed and kissed her boss’ cheek. As they did their little flirting session, the sound of a landing helicopter could be heard floors up. Kaos’ phone rang. She answered the call, hearing the voice of one of her henchmen.

“Boss,” He said. “We finally got it.”

“The Son’s HQ?”

“That’s right. We got guys already over there, fighting.”

“Perfect.” She hung up and gestured to M00N to follow her upstairs to the roof where the helicopter was.

The chopper had a nice upgrade on the side, a shiny new turret able to rain death from above. They climbed in and flew off, with Kaos on the gun while M00N used her rifle. They flew off, leaving the tower. Kaos leaned against the gun, looking at the city skyline once more. The flickering neon and overwhelming smog were somewhat pleasing to her, as she grew so accustomed to the grime of the city. Maybe this was the reason why she was so possessive of the town she loved and hated. She looked at M00N, who was resting. She remembered when she was nothing but scrapped pieces, now fixed into a beautiful piece of tech. Whatever happened next, Kaos would feel no regrets. After all she went through after the Big Boom, she had to.

They neared the destroyed tower on the other side of town. No wonder it was so hard to find them, they were living in garbage. Kaos tapped M00N on the shoulder and readied the gun. M00N got on the other side and started to fire at the Sons below. Kaos did the same, opening fire with the turret. The firing was so powerful that it was able to sway the helicopter with the recoil. The chopper skillfully swooped over the crowd, allowing the duo to lay on the fire. They were efficient with their killing, allowing the underlings to charge the building. The chopper landed, letting the two women step out and walk up into the building, seeing that they took the lobby easily. She smiled, seeing that her war was nearing its end. She walked upstairs, seeing that the place that the Sons called their HQ was far from ideal. The walls were cracked and worn, some parts of the wall caved in, letting them peek into the outside on the stairwell. They had to climb over some rubble to continue their journey. As they progressed from floor to floor, they saw the once powerful gang get dispatched easily. They reached the top floor, where one man sat at his desk, looking right at Kaos. One side resembled a human being, with long black overgrown hair reaching his chin, spotty stubble, and green bloodshot eyes. The other half was all metal, a robotic skeleton that had a bright red eye. it was far from clean, with scratches and dried blood covering the robotic side of him. Despite that, he still wore a crisp, clean suit with a white shirt, black blazer, and black tie.

Kaos saw the human side of him and recognized him instantly. “Slayer.”

He laughed, with the tone of his voice somewhat electronic. “Kaos. What a surprise.” He gestured to the chair.

Kaos hesitated, but she walked over to the chair with a frown on her face. M00N was close behind her. “I bet you’re thinking I’m shocked, scared even. I couldn’t give any less of a fuck, Slayer. You’re a ghost. And I made this city great.”

“Really?” He asked. “Tell me, was that your justification when you killed me in cold blood?”

Kaos smirked, shaking her head. “I didn’t kill you.”

“Excuse me, your android did, right?” If I can recall, I was at my desk, getting ready for a meeting when suddenly a masked woman came down, she was wearing gear like that, actually. She had butchered my guards on the way up and sliced me in half. With the sword she held. And I know how much you hated guns. Once I revived I put the pieces together. It wasn’t too hard, Kaos.”

The boss gritted her teeth. “And so what? You think you could take back what I stole? It’s mine now. Too fucking bad. Cry me a river.”

Slayer smirked. “Not a chance. There was no way I could do it this early. I would’ve had to be in hiding and raise a bunch of Koreans in order to take over. I know this city better than you. And it showed. I know this city doesn’t take bullshit. When they don’t like you they’ll replace you. When the people see holes in the ship, they wanna fill it…”

Kaos slowly realized his plan, widening her eyes in anger. “You…Fucker!” She pulled out her pistol and aimed it at him. “You just wanted me gone! You wanted regulation you dirty bitch!”

“That’s right. Thanks to our little war, the people are gonna start law enforcement, they’re not gonna be ruled by you, me, or any corp for that matter. And you lost so much ground, after I die the other little corps and gangs going to fight for what’s gone. But, there’s a way to avoid all of this, Kaos.”

Her pistol shook, she was so furious that she was outplayed. “...What?”

“Once the people see that I’m alive, They’ll drop this regulation bullshit. But I get 70 percent of the city.”

“I get…30.”

Slayer nodded. “Listen…You’re gonna lose everything here. I’m giving you an easy out. If you kill me here, there’s gonna laws, wars. Everything that keeps you out of power.”

She stood up. “Shut…The fuck up. I DON’T LOSE, ASSHOLE.”

“Calm the fuck down. You did lose, Kaos. If you kill me, you will lose even harder. So pull the trigger this time. Look at me when you kill me.”

Her eye twitched, and her face was red with anger. “I’ll do something I should’ve done years ago.” She pulled the trigger, shooting Slayer in the head and splattering the desk with his blood. His head dented the desk as he fell, dead. Kaos kicked the chair, screaming. She stormed off, with M00N following close behind.