Chapter 40:


Draconia Offline

I’m studying that young man’s features, trying to guess his age. Erik isn’t even trying, he gave up guessing ages of Draconians weeks ago. Generally, I can roughly tell that the boy Bauerova brought with her can’t be more than twenty-five but it’s tricky even for me because he’s a Clawfang. A wolfish Clawfang to be precise, with snow-white fur and blue eyes. That’s pretty rare.

He’s not looking at us, he’s literally staring. Then he looks at his aunt—a little bit too sheepishly for such an impressive appearance. He’s still wearing human clothes and I have to admit that it just looks weird on a Draconian. My perception of fashion has changed a lot over the last few weeks. I’d never go back to human clothes even if I was struggling with robes in the beginning, calling them cosplays.

“That’s David, my nephew,” Bauerova introduces him plainly but her voice is warm and proud.

“It’s Rien now, auntie,” the boy finally shows some defiance. He’s really anxious so he sounds more frustrated about it than he intended.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to misname you,” the Prime Minister apologises quickly. “But you’ve been David for twenty-two years so, please, bear with me until I break that habit.”

So he’s twenty-two, I was pretty close. I feel Erik sighing in his mind. For him Rien could be twenty-two as well as forty-two and he wouldn’t know the difference.

“Nice to meet you, Rien,” Liana assertively puts her hand forward. Rien hesitantly takes it.

“No reason to be nervous around us,” Fefnir shakes his hand so enthusiastically that poor Rien almost bounces.

“He didn’t meet many Draconians so far,” Bauerova coughs nervously. “Please, be gentle with him.”

“Sorry for that brute, I’m Ingri,” Ingri introduces herself to the newcomer and manages a very sincere smile. Rien relaxes a bit but then he inevitably faces me.

Should I shake his hand? I don’t feel like connecting to him right away but I don’t want to seem rude so I put my hand forward. Rien, however, widens his wolfish eyes and hastily bows instead of a handshake. Should I be relieved or worried that I’m apparently that scary?

“Rien,” Bauerova says, careful to get his gaming name right this time, “is studying economy, second year. It might not seem that impressive but he’s been around all major political events since he was a teenager and knows a lot. He should be useful to you.”

“I’m sorry, Katerina, but why are you giving him to us now?” Liana asks bluntly. “Isn’t his family supportive? You certainly are.”

“Well,” Bauerova bites her lip. “He can’t go back to school. He’s been home since his transformation and he was starting to go a bit crazy there, to be frank.”

“Naturally, Clawfangs are pack creatures,” Fefnir shrugs and pats Rien on his back. Rien flinches, obviously afraid of the huge Dragonkin. Fefnir is extremely friendly with basically everybody but his attempts of friendliness can be easily misunderstood considering his formidable appearance.

“And we can’t let him out freely, everyone knows whose nephew he is,” Bauerova adds. “He made his avatar too recognisable.”

“Paid ingame modifications, huh?” Fefnir ponders. “That snow-white fur must have cost a fortune.”

“He spent all his savings on it some years ago, his parents were furious when they found out,” Bauerova rolls her eyes. “I still remember it vividly. My dear brother was really angry when he found out that Rien was playing some VR game instead of studying.”

“Was he angry when Rien started transforming?” Liana asks.

“Shocked, not angry,” Bauerova assures her. “It’s not like it’s Rien’s fault weird shit happened to Draconia.”

“Weird shit,” Erik taps his chin. “We still don’t know anything, do we? Any progress on those missing Draconia’s developers?”

“None,” Bauerova has to disappoint us. “Still investigating.”

I study Rien again, trying to decode his feelings. Bauerova claims that he hasn’t met many Draconians so far but it seems to me he didn’t meet any at all. He’s staring at all of us and it’s obvious it’s his first time meeting fellow Draconians face-to-face. Did his parents lock him up at home? I don’t catch any bad feelings from him so they must have done it out of fear, desperate to protect him. Unlike Emi’s parents who did it out of hate.

“Rien, you don’t have to be so wary, we’re not that scary,” I try smiling at him and instinctively stretch my left wing and pat his arm.

It’s a totally Celestial way of comforting someone so I’m surprised when Rien doesn’t jerk away. Instead, he curiously caresses my feathers with his fingers. I didn’t expect our bare bodies to touch so I can’t help it and connect to him. Rien is so hungry to touch another Draconian that it’s almost painful to watch.

His thoughts and emotions hit me but not in a bad way. He’s a Draconian so his mind doesn’t overwhelm me. I discover that however supportive his parents were during his transformation, they completely isolated him. And when he became too restless and it was no longer possible to keep him contained, Bauerova stepped in. We really are the first Draconians he’s meeting.

“Ehm,” Erik clears his throat because Rien’s innocent petting transforms into cuddling my feathers.

“S-sorry,” he finally lets go of my wing and he’s probably blushing under that fur. “Celestial feathers are so pleasant to touch.”

Erik keeps frowning at the boy so I have to poke him.

Rien is just curious, stupid, I say to him, amused by his illogical jealousy. There was nothing erotic about it. Besides, the boy is straight.

And you’re androgynous, Erik isn’t convinced. Unless one looks under your robe, they can be enchanted by your pretty face nonetheless.

“Anyway,” Liana narrows her eyes because she can usually tell when we’re talking telepathically. She’s developed a strange sensitivity to it even if we’re extremely careful not to let anything show on our faces. “You want Rien to live here? Commuting is also an option.”

“Please, Your Excellency,” Bauerova pleads. “He can’t stay at home and he can’t go out freely either. I’m not saying he’s in danger because he isn’t a race ruler but the paparazzi wouldn’t let him be.”

“Just Liana is enough, Katerina,” my Viceroy says, cringing when the Prime Minister pronounces her title. “We’re former classmates after all.”

“I’m a bit disappointed that you don’t consider me your friend,” Bauerova says sadly and does look genuinely disappointed. I resist grinning. Liana considers her more like a frenemy, really.

“I’m taking your nephew in, am I not?” Liana says quickly and tries to hide her blushing. “I wouldn’t do it just for anybody, you know.”

Bauerova beams at her, knowing perfectly well that Liana isn’t good at expressing her emotions in front of people. Again, I realise how lucky I am to know the real Liana.

“He might be young but Da… Rien I mean… is an aspiring economist,” the Prime Minister boasts. “He should be useful to you once he gains some hands-on experience. He was regularly attending his parents’ business meetings since he was seventeen so he isn’t a complete newbie.”

“By which you’re trying to suggest I shouldn’t employ him in the kitchens. Got it,” Liana smirks.

“I’d really appreciate if you kept a close eye on him,” Bauerova urges but not because she only means to plant him as her spy close to us. She’s really concerned for her beloved nephew. And should he become an influential Draconian in future, that’s simply a plus for her government and Rien’s family.

“Me? I’m giving him to Emi as soon as she returns,” Liana raises her eyebrows. “She can make him part of her pack to better protect him.”

The Prime Minister chews her lip. She was evidently hoping Rien would be protected by Liana herself.

“He wouldn’t feel comfortable among Celestials anyway, Katerina,” Liana says. “Trust me on this, Draconian races are mentally very different from each other.”

“Why don’t we ask Rien what he wants?” I speak up, irritated that Rien doesn’t get to say anything in the matter. Do I feel especially touched by it because that’s how my subjects are treating me sometimes? Deciding things for me because they think it’s for their Emperor’s protection and well-being.

Rien looks at me with such gratitude that I feel sorry for him again. Is he used to his parents arranging things for him? I guess it often happens in rich families in which parents have a certain career in mind for their heir.

“I want to be with my Supreme Alpha,” Rien blurts out and his tail start to tremble when his aunt gives him a disapproving stare.

“It’s decided then,” my Viceroy claps her hands and concludes the matter.


“No, it’s this little fork,” Liana lightly slaps my hand and sighs. “How come magic comes so naturally to you but you can’t remember a few pieces of cutlery?”

“That’s not a few,” I cry over my lunch. A highly formal lunch with the Prime Minister. Bauerova is watching us, amused. Liana wouldn’t be teaching me table manners in front of other state officials but it seems she does consider the Czech Prime Minister to be her friend even if she doesn’t admit it openly.

“This should make it easier,” Erik passes me his phone with a diagram picture of the formal dinnerware setting.

My chin drops. This is easier? What the hell is an oyster fork? Celestials can’t even eat seafood to begin with. And a butter knife? I don’t see any butter in front of me.

I look at our newbie, Rien, who is sitting just two seats away from me. He’s skilfully cutting his steak with the right tool and has a napkin on his lap. At first, I feel envious because he looks so good at it but then I realise that he feels anything but that. His clawed hands are too big for that tiny cutlery, he’s forcing himself to nibble salad and doesn’t feel happy at all.

“This isn’t natural for Clawfangs,” I mumble.

“Hm?” Bauerova looks up from her plate.

Oh, I didn’t mean for her to hear me. But then I decide to say it properly because I get upset that Rien is struggling against his Clawfang nature just to please his aunt and meet certain rigid expectations.

“At least don’t force him to eat salat, you’re torturing him,” I say aloud.

“Rien, is it that unpleasant?” Bauerova asks, startled. It seems she didn’t realise.

He twitches his whiskers and hesitantly nods.

“I’m sorry,” she apologises readily. “I thought you just prefer meat now, not that you started to hate all vegetables.”

“We should act more according to our natures,” Fefnir approves and doesn’t bother with anything besides his own giant steak and some chips that used to be potatoes ages ago so he doesn’t mind.

“Which has nothing to do with our Emperor refusing to learn proper table manners,” Liana resumes her lesson.

Celestials like acting all dignified, hm? Erik comments, sending me his thought distantly. Clawfangs might get away with bad manners but not you.

More or less, I answer and resist sighing.

It’s so strange. I don’t struggle with my Celestial nature anymore and I’m gradually starting to feel as the Emperor but it doesn’t make things any easier. Endless meetings, formal lunches, making decisions that can influence the whole world… this new reality scares me.

“No telekinesis at the table,” Liana clicks her tongue when she notices I’m trying to get a bowl of fried onion that’s too far from me using levitation. “You either politely ask someone to pass you things or tell your servants.”

“To be honest, I don’t like formal eating either,” Bauerova winks at me, trying to ease my pain and awkwardness. “Don’t believe that’s what the rich and royalty do all the time, Your Majesty. It’s for appearances only. Most of the time I just get takeaway and eat it in front of my computer or on my sofa watching TV shows just as any other normal person.”

I smile at her, grateful for that calming remark, and relax a little. Right, Liana is teaching me for representative purposes only, it’s not like I’ll be doing it every day.

After lunch, we form those work groups Bennett was talking about earlier. Me, Luvi, Erik, Rien and Ms Ortega make one group that’s supposed to discuss social and cultural differences of new races while Liana, Fefnir, Ingri, Bauerova and Dubois make another that will focus on security. We take a smaller briefing room and connect to delegates that were assigned to us. I’m pleasantly surprised that Twyla and Werden also participate. So Deminas will be with Liana I assume?

This time Erik can sit next to me because Liana isn’t present and Luvi takes the seat to my left. Our wings touch again so that she can keep advising me in secret. Still, from time to time I do ask about something aloud so that I don’t arouse suspicion that I suddenly know too much.

Erik is gobbling every word and he’s even taking notes. Did he decide to study politics from now on? I just hope he isn’t doing it just for me but because it’s something he wants to. He became the Royal Consort and that can mean many different things.

He can be simply my spouse and accompany me to official events and that’s it. Or he can learn about politics and make it his proper job. That would certainly be very helpful but I don’t want to force him. But as I know him, he wouldn’t be able to do nothing. He’s not material for a stay at home husband.

We work until five with just one short break for snack and coffee. Luviael is a great advisor, Ms Ortega is also more than willing to explain things to me and the delegates we’re talking to aren’t as scary as I originally thought. While they’re quite adamant in their views, they can be reasoned with if presented with proper arguments.

“Let’s end here for today,” Ms Ortega finally says at ten past five. “Some of you had to wake up awfully early and we can continue tomorrow. It’s not like we’ll be able to solve everything after one meeting.”

The projector goes off and I stretch with a relieved sigh. Despite the new chairs that are finally comfortable for Celestials, I feel sore after sitting the whole day. I glance at our newcomer who’s been quiet during the whole meeting, sitting in the corner and also taking notes. I feel Rien’s coping well and he’s really content to be surrounded by Draconians.

I slowly stand up, careful not to bump into stuff or people with my wings. Luviael, Rien and Ms Ortega stand up quickly as well. Is this some protocol thing towards royalty I don’t get? I look at Erik but he shrugs.

“Act normal, Jeeesus,” I prolong. “We’re not streaming.”

Nobody smiles, they all look dead serious.

“The meeting was longer than I’ve anticipated,” Luviael says, ignoring my comment. “You still have the magic training session, Your Majesty. We can shorten it but I’m afraid cancelling is out of question. Unless you’re not feeling well.”

“I’m fine,” I assure her. “And I could use some exercise.”

Erik grabs my hand and we’re about to leave when I notice that Rien is nervously stepping in one place. Am I supposed to take care of him or something?

“So… ehm… you will live in the skyscraper I guess?” I say uncertainly. “Luvi, do we know when Emi should return?”

“We don’t,” my adjutant shakes her dead. “But Rien has already been assigned a room. I’m sorry but I’m afraid it won’t be a private apartment, we’re too full for that.”

“Flat-sharing?” Rien widens his eyes.

I expect him to be offended because he’s a rich kid after all but he gets excited. Well, at least he’s looking forward to new experience. Luvi offers to show him into his room so we can get moving, saying goodbye to Ms Ortega. And then I face that damned tiny elevator again.

“Stairs?” I say hopefully.

“Don’t be ridiculous, love, it’s twelve floors,” Erik shakes his head, pushes me gently inside but he hugs me immediately.

It’s not as horrible the second time. The claustrophobia hits me again but now I expect it. I brief steadily, focusing on Erik’s comforting emotions. And I survive. It wasn’t pleasant but I managed. Still, I flee the metal box as soon as the door opens.

“You don’t have to watch me training,” I tell him when we stand in front of the fitness suite.

“I don’t mind,” he smiles. How I love that smile! But I can’t drag him with me wherever I go. He needs some free time. He needs a break from me.

“I know you don’t but it’s a waste of time for you,” I argue. “You should rest or do something fun for a change. When was even the last time we did something just for fun?”

“Since the Great Evolution… never I guess?” he starts thinking. “Okay, point taken but don’t be late, okay?”

Then he turns to my guards. “At seven, I want my partner back home, understood?”

Surprisingly, the guards nod. I’m really glad they listen to him. I was afraid that they’d never take an order from a human. Well, maybe they wouldn’t but they have to obey the Royal Consort at least.

“At seven,” Erik repeats, kisses me and boards the elevator again. “Will you be okay on your way back…?”

“I should survive,” I sigh. I can’t rely on Erik riding the elevator with me every time I need to move. Claustrophobic or not, I have to learn how to deal with it myself.

“Your Majesty, you’re here!” Taranah greets me enthusiastically the moment I appear in the fitness suite and bows. “Her Excellency also promised to show up but she’s running late. Shall we start without her? Do you feel strong enough to cast? You have no idea how glad everyone is that you’ve recovered so quickly and can rule again.”

“How have you progressed while I was indisposed?” I ask and try to ignore the fact that bowing is slowly transforming into something I’ll have to face daily. And that everyone is acting so crazy when I show up.

“Marvellously,” he boasts and shows me three elemental level 3 spells in a quick succession. “I think I’m finally getting the hang of releasing my mana. All the guards are training hard as well. We can’t let the incident with your injury repeat ever again.”

“Have you got into your growth spur?” I study his wings. They look significantly bigger than when I last saw him.

“I have,” he grins proudly. “Oh, Your Majesty, I can’t wait to be finally able to fly. Too bad we’re several weeks behind you. You’ll have to wait for us I’m afraid.”

“Wait?” I tilt my head, confused.

“Of course, you can’t go flying without us,” he says as if it should be obvious to me. “We’re already coming up with plans how to make our flying sessions safe. That terrorist attack only proved that we’re in serious danger. When we go out, there’s no telling what we’re going to face. Therefore, we should focus on conjuring protective shields from now on.”

I already attempted that before my injury but I didn’t get far. Still, something he’s just said bugs me. I’ll have to wait for their wings to grow full size? Are they kidding? It’s torture for me already not being able to exercise my new limbs and they want to keep me inside for weeks even after I become able to fly?

“I’ve succeeded in materialising the transfiguration symbol needed for the spell yesterday but I can’t make it solid,” Taranah casts Minor Shield in front of him, not noticing my annoyance. “Do you maybe have some suggestions, Your Majesty?”

I sigh and decide not to pursue the thing for now. It’s something I have to discuss with Liana anyway. I take a deep breath to focus better and also try casting Minor Shield. The symbol does manifest but when I try touching it, my hand goes through.

We spent half an hour making the shield solid but we keep failing. When we apply too much mana, the symbol breaks. When too little, nothing happens. To be honest, I’m partly glad for it. I hope that if other Celestials finally catch up on me, they might stop treating me as the embodiment of magic.

“Sorry, I’m late,” Liana shows up quarter past six and looks really tired.

Because our relationship is mended, I don’t hesitate to go for a hug. Our wings touch and there’s something really pleasant about our feathers brushing against each other. I discover that Liana is ever more tired that she lets show on her face.

“Go straight to bed, Li,” I scold her. “You’re in no condition to waste mana.”

“But I have to train, we promised,” she insists but her voice lacks her usual drive.

“Not if we’re not feeling well, I’m sure,” I shake my head and look at her guards. “Take the Viceroy to her apartment, she needs to rest.”

Liana wants to protest but I can tell she’s secretly glad for my intervention. I hope I wasn’t acting weird in front of Taranah but it seems even he could tell that Liana is exhausted by just looking at her so he isn’t suspecting anything.

“It’s heart-warming to see how concerned you are for your subjects, Your Majesty,” Taranah smiles and feels genuinely moved.

“Not a subject, Liana is my close friend,” I correct him with a frown. “And I consider you my friend as well. Did you forget how many times we went for raids together when Draconia was still a game?”

“I didn’t but this isn’t just a game anymore,” he objects. “I’m sorry for being so blunt but it’s evident you don’t realise how crushing your presence is, Your Majesty. I can’t be familiar with you, it’s simply impossible.”

“C-crushing?” I’m confused by that word. Liana never mentioned anything.

Taranah stretches his wing and gently touches mine.

“I can feel your mana leaking, Your Majesty,” he says and his golden eyes mirror both admiration and slight apprehension. “You’re like a blinding sun. So full of magic. The Viceroy, despite being the second highest-ranked Celestial, doesn’t come even close. Why are you holding back during our training?”

“I… I’m not holding back,” I gasp at that accusation. “I’m struggling with this spell… just as you.”

“Really?” he narrows his eyes. “So you’re sabotaging yourself subconsciously?”

I stare at him. What the hell is he talking about?

“Your mana channelling is so delicate I can’t even comprehend it,” he says. “Yet, with this spell today… I noticed your hesitation each time the symbol gets more solid.”

“I was recovering for more than a week, I’m just out of practice,” I try to defend myself. “Our levels should be approximately the same now.”

“Except you managed a level 10 healing spell that one time,” Taranah says calmly.

He’s still touching my wing so I carefully connect to his mind. I don’t want to intrude his privacy but I need to know what he’s thinking right now. I need to know how he sees me. His mind is totally Celestial, he doesn’t even try to understand human thinking anymore. He gave up humanity completely.

And in his eyes, it’s an unquestionable truth that I’m the Emperor.


I somehow manage to ride the elevator without Erik. Miruel offers to comfort me instead of him because it’s only mildly uncomfortable for her so far but I refuse. I need to become stronger on my own. When did I become so reliant on others anyway? I was always so independent.

I left Grandma’s apartment as soon as I started earning money from streaming which was in my third year of secondary school. Since then, I’ve lived on my own. My telepathy made it hard for me, especially when I started dating and became addicted to the minds of my lovers but I’d always managed to get by without any help.

Everything is different now. Never would I ever have thought that the time comes when being alone becomes something unattainable. That I’d have people who depend on me and I’d depend on them. But I guess there’re also good things in all this mess. I have true friends who accept me even with my telepathy. And I have Erik. I don’t mind depending on them and I want to become someone they can rely on as well.

I stop by Liana’s apartment, wanting to check up on her. Maybe even invite her for dinner to our place. But I realise that she’s sleeping. It’s easy to tell, a sleeping mind is not conscious and feels veiled. She must have been even more tired than I thought.

“Should we wake Her Excellency up for you, Your Majesty?” the guard standing in front of the door asks me. “Do you need to discuss something with her?”

“W-what? Of course not!” I shake my head wildly. “I just wanted to make sure she’s okay.”

I frown at him, angry that he’d seriously do that if I commanded it. I was out for ten days when I was recovering and it seems a lot of things have changed during my absence. Our bodies have kept adjusting, everyone’s wings are much bigger now. But it’s mainly subtle things that make me nervous. The way Draconians behave and it’s becoming more and more prominent. How differently they think. How I think.

I head to our apartment. I promised Erik I won’t be late and it’s already ten past seven. I’m not in a particularly good mood but my worries dissolve immediately when I reach our living room. Erik is waiting for me with a huge bowl of popcorn and a grin on his face.

“I was thinking we could have a movie night,” he says. He’s changed into comfortable homely clothes I haven’t seen on him for a long time.

“Oh,” I’m pleasantly taken aback. “Okay?”

“We haven’t done this since it all started,” he pulls me close and kisses me. “Let’s celebrate your recovery and today’s successful meeting.”

“Alone?” I whisper and I look around because Cien the maid is bringing some blankets for us and my guards are standing at the door.

“Alone, they’ll leave soon,” he assures me. “Let’s get you changed into something more comfortable too.”

I’m glad for that. While I got perfectly used to Celestial fashion by now, this ceremonial robe is rather hard to move in and I don’t want to stain it accidentally. Erik helps me change into my sleeping kimono and puts a light robe on me so that I’m not cold. My shoes are exchanged for warm slippers that match Erik’s. At least something we can have the same.

When we return to the living room, Cien is putting two pizzas on the coffee table and the guards are slowly leaving.

“Enjoy your evening, Your Majesty, Royal Consort,” she smiles at us and closes the door behind her.

“Finally alone!” I celebrate. “Aren’t you going nuts by so many people being around us all the time?”

“A bit,” he admits and we spend a few moments cuddling.

“Our pizza will go cold,” Erik realises and has to gently push me aside because I’m not willing to let go. “We have the whole evening free, love. There’ll be time and place for more cuddling. I’m afraid I have to agree with the doctor that you have to eat.”

I puff but obediently sit down on the sofa. Erik fiddles with the screen’s remote, turns off the lights and sits down beside me. I hug him with my left wing and envelop him in my feathers instead of a blanket. He winks at me gratefully because he loves when I do that.

Because there’s no one who would control my table manners, I use telekinesis to pass us the first slice of pizza—veggie for me, ham for Erik. The film starts but I don’t really care about that. I’m enjoying the fact that I have this rare moment of calm relaxation with my boyfriend. Now more than ever I wish that I was just an ordinary Celestial.

Five minutes into the film I finally realise that Erik picked up a superhero movie that was recently in cinemas. I guess I mentioned once or twice that I’d like to go see it with him. But that was before the Great Evolution, it feels ages ago. But he remembered. My thoughtful perfect boyfriend remembered for me.

“What, are you not a geek anymore?” he teases me because he notices I’m watching him instead of the screen.

“I certainly still am,” I poke him and pass us another slice of pizza.

I decide to focus on the movie more. I haven’t seen a movie or played a videogame since it all started. I was either sick, working or injured. It’s easy to forget one’s hobbies when overwhelmed. But If I can have these evenings with my boyfriend, maybe life won’t be as bad even if I’m the Emperor.

The pizzas disappear soon so we switch to crunching popcorn. Cien left us cola and mango juice so there’s plenty to drink too. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m still able to enjoy such a movie even though one appeal of it is gone. The world is full of people with superpowers now.

As the movie progresses, we both relax completely in each other’s embrace but we don’t get sleepy. On the contrary, we’re excited for what’s to come. The moment final credits appear on the screen, I’m already pushing Erik on his back, my wings trembling with anticipation. It’s a miracle I managed to hold for so long but the movie was very good and it’s been ages since I could do something geeky.

I’m almost choking Erik with hungry kisses and my feathers are everywhere. We had careful sex a few times when my recovery was almost done but nothing wild. I feel like we need to make up for it now.

“B-bedroom,” Erik gasps for breath and tries to sit up.

I don’t want to split even for a second so I grab him around his neck and wrap my legs around his waist. He has to hug me between my wings with one hand and support my weight under my bottom with the other in order to stand up. My wings get in the way of him walking so I twist them around his body.

“Love,” he wheezes but bravely carries me even though he can’t see much through my feathers.

At least Celestials are very light so he somehow manages to transport me into our bedroom. I want to push him on his back again the moment I touch the mattress but he smirks and doesn’t let me. Although it’d never sleep like that, I don’t mind lying on my wings if it’s not for too long and it’s soft beneath me.

Erik is happy for that, he likes to dominate me. If only my subjects knew that I’m totally submissive in bed. Maybe I would hopefully lose some of their respect if they found out? Well, let’s not test that, we don’t have enough privacy as it is.

I fully connect to Erik and my sensations intensify. I create a telepathic loop and now we both know what the other feels. Can there be higher pleasure? As a telepath since birth, I have no idea how normal sex feels like. It is too plain compared to this? Or more exciting because you don’t know what the other person wants so you have to experiment?

“Erik, I love you,” I whisper between moans and my surroundings blur.

There’s only him in the whole world in moments like these.


I wake up and for a few seconds I’m confused because it’s the middle of the night. I’m usually so exhausted that my sleep is hardly ever interrupted. But something woke me up. I look at Erik sleeping soundly under my left wing.

I take a deep breath and go into light meditation. My telepathy sharpens and I quickly scan the building. Most people are asleep, only the security guarding the skyscraper is awake. Dead quiet. No negative emotions whatsoever. We should be safe.

I open my eyes again and realise that this strange unrest is coming from me. What is it? I feel at peace but at the same time so uncomfortable. I caress Erik’s face, trying to fall asleep again while connecting to his mind. It should be like a lullaby of sorts. But no such luck, I’m too restless.

I quietly stretch my wings. It seems restlessness is mainly in my feathered limbs. I slowly sit up, then stand up from our bed and try to stretch my wings fully to relieve soreness. The room isn’t big enough, though. What is my current wingspan right now? Seven meters?

I almost let out a cry when it finally hits me. I feel at peace because I’m finally complete. And I feel restless… because I desperate wish to fly. My body is done adjusting. I’m purely Celestial now. I’m ready to hit the sky!

Erik suddenly snores. It’s rather cute but it startles me and my wings hit the window. Fortunately, it does nothing to the fortified glass. I turn around and look longingly outside. Windows in a skyscraper can’t be opened, of course, due to security reasons. I shudder at the thought what I’d do if I could open it. I don’t think anything in the world could stop me from just flying away.

I sit down and keep staring. The sky is so near and at the same time so far. Do they really mean to keep me inside until more Celestials are able to accompany me? What torture! I have to speak to Liana the first thing in the morning about it. I have to…

My eyes finally close. I fall asleep enveloped in my warm feathers, squeezing to the glass.