Draconia Offline

Have you ever loved a videogame so much that you wished you were somehow magically transported into it? Tough luck, this isn’t your typical isekai story where the protagonist ends up in a different world. The videogame becomes the new reality in this one. Features: a cute gay protagonist (and his handsome boyfriend), strong female characters (probably too strong), magic, huge fluffy wings and… did I mention BL? Doesn’t feature: waiting for romance to finally happen after xxx chapters, stupid girls who need rescue and… did I mention it’s not straight?

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Apr 22, 2022icon-views 480icon-reaction-14
Chapter 1: Welcome to Draconia Offline
Apr 22, 2022icon-views 206icon-reaction-13
Chapter 2: VRMMORPG
Apr 22, 2022icon-views 137icon-reaction-13
Chapter 3: Level Up
Apr 22, 2022icon-views 97icon-reaction-13
Chapter 4: Compatibility Failure
Apr 22, 2022icon-views 140icon-reaction-13
Chapter 5: Meeting IRL
Apr 22, 2022icon-views 104icon-reaction-13
Chapter 6: Am I Growing Wings?!
Apr 22, 2022icon-views 119icon-reaction-13
Chapter 7: My Viceroy is a CEO
Apr 22, 2022icon-views 90icon-reaction-13
Chapter 8: Having Wings Isn’t My Biggest Problem
Apr 27, 2022icon-views 107icon-reaction-14
Chapter 9: I Can Do Magic IRL!
May 08, 2022icon-views 94icon-reaction-13
Chapter 10: Personal Connections
May 15, 2022icon-views 138icon-reaction-13
Chapter 11: The Leaker Uncovered
May 18, 2022icon-views 128icon-reaction-13
Chapter 12: Don’t Be Afraid of Us
May 20, 2022icon-views 168icon-reaction-13
Chapter 13: Her New Wings
May 22, 2022icon-views 107icon-reaction-13
Chapter 14: I Need to Train My Magic
May 24, 2022icon-views 97icon-reaction-13
Chapter 15: Roots, Fur, Scales and Feather
May 26, 2022icon-views 102icon-reaction-13
Chapter 16: I’m a Telepath
Jun 09, 2022icon-views 123icon-reaction-13
Chapter 17: A Telepathic Interrogation
Jun 14, 2022icon-views 68icon-reaction-13
Chapter 18: Figuring Out Magic
Jun 19, 2022icon-views 63icon-reaction-13
Chapter 19: She Hates Humans
Jul 01, 2022icon-views 77icon-reaction-13
Chapter 20: Refugees
Jul 06, 2022icon-views 77icon-reaction-13
Chapter 21: Relocation
Jul 12, 2022icon-views 50icon-reaction-13
Chapter 22: Diplomatic Negotiations
Jul 15, 2022icon-views 100icon-reaction-13
Chapter 23: Frail But Not Weak
Jul 18, 2022icon-views 26icon-reaction-13
Chapter 24: Not Coming Back
Jul 21, 2022icon-views 52icon-reaction-13
Chapter 25: What Remains Human
Jul 25, 2022icon-views 16icon-reaction-12
Chapter 26: Not to Trifle With
Jul 27, 2022icon-views 3
Chapter 27: We Can’t Rely on Humans
Jul 29, 2022icon-views 3
Chapter 28: Out of Control
Jul 31, 2022icon-views 3
Chapter 29: Celestial Inside Out
Aug 04, 2022icon-views 3
Chapter 30: Wings Catching Up
Aug 06, 2022icon-views 3
Chapter 31: Royal Quarters
Aug 08, 2022icon-views 3
Chapter 32: Acknowledged
Aug 11, 2022icon-views 3
Chapter 33: Reality of Being the Emperor
Aug 12, 2022icon-views 3
Chapter 34: Emperor’s Nature
GenreFantasyGamePsychologicalBoys LoveYaoi
UpdatedAug 12, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count143,908
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