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    I usually read back as a courtesy but if you're gonna read JUST so I return the favor, heed my warning: I won't apparently my writing style is too avant-garde for the weebs or some shit but if you ask me that's just a polite way to tell me I have terminal skill issue
    (They/Them) I'm an ✨artist+writer combo✨ My favorite genres are BL/Romance, Fantasy, and Slice-of-Life! I also run a small discord for LGBTQ+ people and women who are into light novels! Connect with me if you'd like to join!
    Just a 21 y.o. webnovel writer from Greece 🇬🇷 If you don’t like dope stories, then feel free to ignore this account 😌
    I'm a writer who hasn't written in 9 hrs so I'm ready (I think) to pick it up again so I'm here for inspiration and well Love Anime & Manga. This seemed like the best place to to be.
    As a huge fan of reading BL and watching anime, I have always been drawn to the captivating stories and complex characters that these genres offer. From the moment I discovered BL, I was hooked and quickly became a devoted fan, eagerly devouring every novel and anime series I could find.