Chapter 51:

Why did you do that?

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

"Alex, why are you here!?"I said screaming.

"Don't you have any honor left in you? What a disappointment you are."

Avoided looking at his eyes.

"Look at me, Aia! I'm talking to you!"

I looked at his eyes.

"I believed in you, that you would grow from what've you done. Couldn't be more wrong, trying to kill Tanya for the fun of it... (coughed up blood)."

"Why did you protected me?"Asked Tanya.

"You made me remember my mom, since she died, I promised myself to not let die for stupid reasons. Including Aia killing you when you were defenseless."

He was getting weaker and weaker.

"Tanya!"I said.

She looked at me surprised.

"Please, take care of Alex for me...No, for him. I don't deserve your pity."

"Alex, I know that you're angry at me, for ignoring you, for everything that I've done. I only can say sorry to you."

He looked away, turning his eyes to ignore me.

"Tanya, use your power to create a first aid kit."Said I.


"This is possibly my final goodbye, Alex."


I prepared to go to fight Joan, knowing that the chances of dying were high. When I was going away, Alex looked me parting away.

Maybe he still had some faith in me.

Then, I went to fight Joan.