Chapter 53:


The Doll Metaphor Part 1

"Your highness, I came back with a report."I said.

"Aia, my sweetheart, you finally came back. Did you kill all the terrorist."

"Yes your highness."

I was at the castle, kneeling to the king Arisu.

"Great! I've really longed for that response."

A ripping sound was heard.

Someone was behind the throne, using a large sword to thrust against king Arisu behind his back.

"What is this?"

"You really thought that I was dead?"Said Shōkō.

"Sorry your highness but I didn't kill all of them."I said.

"Damn you."

A couple of seconds passed.



The king finally took his last breath.

Elizabeth entered the room.

"Finally, Aia, now you can assume the throne, with all the things that you've gone through, you are now being rewarded by it."

"But who said that I'm going to become the queen, Shōkō is."

"What? Aia, think more about this, you cannot refuse this offer, it's your destiny."

"Elizabeth, I know that you planned all this, to make me kill my brother and my father. I know that you were the one to tell Daiyu my house location, told Matthew that I wanted to kill him. You were the one to tell Shōkō that my father killed my mother, and he told me."

"So now, you know everything I did?"

"Yes, I could kill you right now but it isn't worth of my effort. You wanted so much I giving  you the throne, but in the end, you lost."


"Now, the future king will do whatever he wants with you."

I turned my back to her, walking away from that place. 

When I exited the castle, everyone was waiting from.

Matthew, Maya, Alex, Chikao, Valry, Naomi, Anderson, Daiyu (not Kaito, because he was away with his girlfriend).

I could revive everyone because of Shōkō's power.

In the end, I was not being manipulated anymore.