Chapter 14:

Volume 2 Prologue: Eternal's Scheme

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

In the realm of Eternity, an entirely different dimension, Lord Eternal looked in a mirror while shrouded in a veil of darkness.

“That Destroyer is sure taking his time but that's alright. I have prepared three beings for this task on the chance that he would fail to do so in a timely manner.”

Eternal revealed his pitch black palm from the darkness. Inside, three different shapes floated as if stuck in a merry-go-round. A gold triangle, blue circle, and red rectangle shined brilliantly within his grasp, seemingly dancing to his every whim.

“These three should do the job just nicely. That Savior won’t be breathing for much longer. Then the Reclamation shall once again be feasible."

He tossed the three objects through the mirror and was enveloped in the shadows once more.

The objects disappeared into the reflection with a flash of white light. They reappeared in the sky above the continent of Edenora, the home of the Savior. The objects changed shape, warping into stranger and stranger creations before disappearing into the night.