Chapter 15:

A Night to Remember

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

I didn't expect us to get into this situation, but here we were. Raze and this scorpion beast-kin, Lyra was about to duke it out. Raze had insulted her pride or something like that and now the only way out was defeat. 

There was also a chance that I would get a fellow female companion if Raze got his teeth kicked in. I let out a sigh as I kept my gaze on the top of them. I could tell the results of this fight for one big reason: The sheer difference in stats.

[Name: Lyra, the Soft]—[Class: Monk/Warrior Beast-kin]—[Level: 101]

[Skills: Infinite Blows (MAX), Hardened Body (MAX), Transformation (MAX), Improved Armored Skin (MAX)]

[Status: Fired Up]—[Attack: 150]—[Defense: 65,000]—[Magic: 0]

[Name: Raze Havok]—[Class: Savior/Disruptor]—[Level: 30]

[Skills: Zodiac Wheel:Rabbit (RANK 6), Skill Share (MAX), The Seven Deadly Sins:Wrath (RANK 4), Envy (RANK 1), Gluttony (RANK 0)]

[Status: Eager]—[Attack: 746]—[Defense: 670]—[Magic: 450]

There were two obvious things to take note of for Lyra. She had no magic and abnormally high defense stat. Those didn't really go well together, but her skills would probably make up for it. Her main problem stemmed from her abysmal attack value. With that, there was no way she could do any real damage to Raze before he eventually whittled her down by any means. I didn't like where this was going, but it would be a lie to say that I didn't want to see Raze get his ass handed to by a woman.

“Bat—I mean—Komoria, give us the go-ahead so I can tear this scorpion bitch a new one.”

“Yes, please. I am ready to show this obnoxious man a thing or two from my tribe.

I didn't show much emotion on the outside. I wanted to keep a neutral outlook as the referee of this match. I was a little bit different on the inside, though.

He did it again! He called me by my name! I really think he has finally come around. I hope he won’t treat me like shit anymore. What a great development!

I regained my composure and struck my hand up into the air as if I were chopping something when I brought it down.

“ I drop my hand you are to begin. The rules are no jumping, no killing….and no spitting.”

“Tch, what the fuck are you doing? Are you trying to nerf me?!”

“....” No comment.

I sliced my arm down. “Begin!”

Lyra made the first move, lunging at him, and delivering a blow with all her might right into his chest.

The results were...expected.

“AHAHA! Did that hurt? It didn't even make a dent in my armor. My god, you are weak!” Raze cackled again like a maniacal villain.

He decided not to move from his spot, arms crossed.

Well, that's kinda disrespectful in a match…

Lyra ignored his taunts, striking again and again at his chest with a barrage of blows. After ten or so, they started to make a dent and after fifteen she had finally reached her goal.

“Uh...what?!” Raze looked down at the newly made hole in his chest—well, chest plate.

“There is no escaping my divine reckoning now!” Lyra attacked again and again, easily bypassing his armor and slamming directly into his body with her metal gauntlets.


Now, Raze was on the defense. He backpedaled quickly and prepared a combat stance. The next time Lyra attacked him he ducked out of her range and went on the counterattack with an [Wrath] empowered uppercut to her jaw. The blow pushed her back slightly, but she kept her ground. Not even a blemish was left on her confident visage.

“My turn," she replied with a smirk.

 She fired another barrage of blows so powerful that they tore through the armor on his hand and chest and directly pummeled his chest. The sound of metal creaking,  groaning, and shattering under her force made me want to place a hand over each ear. 

After coughing up blood, he attempted to retaliate with another punch but his hand got caught in a scorpion pincer.

Lyra had morphed one of her hands into a large claw and kept his hand in place. Behind her rose her scorpion tail. It flew directly at Raze’s exposed chest and pierced him.

"Wait, that could kill him!” I yelled.

Raze winced before pushing her off and backing up. “I feel fine.”

“It is as the boy says, my venom is not very poisonous. His attitude is many times more toxic.”

I released a sigh of relief. But it still irked me. Why had she spent the time to inject him then?

Raze was now bleeding all over, still brimming with confidence. I was bewildered at how hard he was getting destroyed, yet still pressed on. Classic Raze. I activated my scanner from my left ear. I decided to peek at her stats once more.

[Name: Lyra, the Soft]—[Class: Monk/Warrior Beast-kin]—[Level: 101]

[Skills: Infinite Blows (MAX), Hardened Body (MAX), Transformation (MAX), Improved Armored Skin (MAX)]

[Status: Fired Up]—[Attack: 6,450]—[Defense: 65,000]—[Magic: 0]

What the hell! What's with her attack? It has increased exponentially now. It must have something to do with that Infinite blows skill. Let's take a look.

[Infinite blows is a special ability born to a monk every thousand years. At the cost of the user’s low base attack power, They are able to temporarily increase their attack to an infinite amount as long as they keep attacking the same target to keep up the combo meter. Once maxed the meter will last for five minutes without hitting an opponent and can be used on a new target without losing the combo meter. The user will add 300 to their attack value for each successful hit they land.]

That Skill is insane! With something that strong, Raze doesn't stand a chance in a prolonged fight! Her defense is also way too tough to shatter before he gets utterly annihilated.

Raze was now on the floor, bleeding and missing multiple pieces of his armor. Lyra stood right above him, brimming with vitality and fury. She could very much kill him with her next attack.

“Do you admit defeat?”

“Fuck no. A weak bitch like you couldn't kill me if she tried.” Raze spat out blood more in a reflex than in defiance.

“Is that so? So be it then.”

She raised one of her fists, preparing to deliver the final blow. I had to intervene.

“W-W-Waaaaait! It's our loss. I’m sorry Raze but I’m calling it. It's your win, Lyra.”

She reeled back her fist and bowed. “Thank you. I did not want to end him, but my pride as an Azurespine would not allow me to end a fight before my opponent admitted defeat.”

“I didn't admit shi—"

Yes, you did. Now shut up and let me heal you.” Wow. I was a bit more commanding than I remembered.

He tried to stand up by himself, but Lyra planted a foot on his chest. “Sit and let your companion heal you.”


I knew what he would do next so I stood in front of Lyra. “No spitting—Gah! Really!?”

He painfully shrugged. “You stood in the way. Not my fault.”

“Stop spitting on people! Especially women!” I screamed.

He turned his head to the side and said nothing more as he sat quietly on the ground. I was about to heal him, but cleaning off my face came first.

“Allow me to assist you, girl.”

"It's Komoria, but thanks.” I took the handkerchief she had held out and wiped the Raze Saliva off my face.

I handed it back to her with a somber look.” You're gonna want to burn this.”

“I was thinking the same thing, but saving your village comes first.”

“M-My village!?” What is she saying?

"So you were unaware." She nodded. A gloomy atmosphere started to manifest as she spoke.

“I was on my way to save a bat beast-kin village that was under attack from mind-controlled beasts when I found myself under the spell, myself. It was like being trapped in my own carapace, my actions not my own. Allow me to show you the...results. It's only an hour's travel away, so heal up your comrade and we can be on our way.”

I focused on my resolve. I will do whatever it takes to save my tribe.

I didn’t even know they were in trouble, but I did think this place seemed familiar. I must have passed by here on my way to the Human Realm. I didn't think I would be back only a few months later. I truly hoped she was wrong.

“Right let's go.” Lyra and I started to walk when someone spoke behind us.

“Aren't you forgetting something!” Raze shouted.

I stopped in my tracks. “Right. Just don’t spit on me again.”

“Heh, no promises.”


The beast-kin girl, Komoria, and foul-mouthed loser Raze Havok followed me as we trekked through the decimated farmland. It had been some time since I had the opportunity to trade blows with a human, but it had felt great

 Now we just had to spare her village from the oncoming storm of death and despair.

Uncle won’t be mad if I become a hero to this girl, surely?

I would explain everything to him once I returned as well as my desire to depart.

nSpeaking of leaving….

“So… Since I won, I have permission to accompany the two of you on your journey, correct?”

I tested the waters and fished for results, though it shouldn't have mattered either way.

"......." Komoria had a rather uneasy look on her face. I could tell exactly what she wanted to say.

“Nah. Since I never said 'I lose', our deal is broken. I didn't have any intention of bringing more dead weight around anyway.”

My stride ceased as I turned to face him. We were about the same height. I was rather tall for a female of my kind which made even more suitors than usual hunt for me. “Is that so? You won’t let me come along even though we made a deal?”

“Yup, I don't need another—Gah! AHHHHHH!”

The boy named Raze Havok fell to his knees, his entire complexion the same as a frog—sickly green.

“What the fuck is happening?! It feels like there are a million needles on my body….I’m...dying. I'm dying, right?”

“Raze!” Komoria yelled and tried to pick him up. I intercepted her with my arm and gave her my explanation. 

“The poison from my tail isn't deadly in the slightest—that is unless you break an oath that you have acknowledged subconsciously. We Azurespines are very big about upholding our oaths.”

Raze Havok groveled in pain while holding his mouth closed so as to not throw up. Komoria bent down next to him, fear-stricken. “Raze, just let her join us. What's the worst that can happen? You saw how strong and durable she was.”

That last part made me blush slightly. I didn't fancy the idea of him perishing either, but no one likes an oathbreaker. I needed them to be trustworthy companions if I were to embark with them on a long and perilous path. A relationship built without trust has no place in this world—especially my world.

“F-Fine. You can join us.B-But you better not slow us down, you hear?”

I crossed my arms with a satisfying smile. “Of course. Just remember, if you ever go back on your word, this pain will return and consume your life soon after.”

“I thought so.” He stood up with some of the natural human complexion having returned to his face.

We continued our walk in silence.