Chapter 38:

Epilogue ( part 3: The Dusk Of Revenge )

The Dusk of Revenge

   Arriving there, we reclined in some dimly lit seats behind all the audience to observe the situation. The commander, who was supposed to be with us, has chosen in the final seconds to go on his own.

Left behind and not knowing anyone there, we decided to wait a bit before appearing before anyone.

It was more of a classic party than a ceremony.

Shuna and Rin were wearing red dresses with long black gloves and high heel shoes.

We, the boys, were simply wearing black suits with black butterfly ties.

It wasn’t something we agreed on, but we felt that it was the correct clothing code for such an event.

Looking around us, everyone was wearing similar things. That was a good thing since we wanted to hide our presence between the crowd…

“Ahh! And here I thought that we’re going to have some fun! That’s totally boring!!” Shuna bowed her head showing her disappointment.

None of us had really something to say. We just kept quiet looking at her lifting than bowing her head repeatedly while sighing.

“You guys are sitting here?”

We turned toward the source of the sound to see the commander walking to join us with both Mr. Osamu and Mr. Arataka on his sides.

“Congratulation on officially becoming a part of the special forces!” Mr. Arataka, the leader of the fifth squad, said with a cheerful smile on his face.

“We should be the ones to congratulate you and your squad for becoming the new second squad!” I replied.

Osamu-san closed his eyes for a second then looked above us and replied with a laughing tone: “Well, maybe next time he will even beat my squad but not today!”

“Ahhh!” The commander sighed deeply looking at the laughing guy next to him. “You’re just saying that just to cover the fact that you’re going to get another promotion this time. The gap between the first squad and the other ones is still as huge as always.”

The commander looked behind him at the man walking slowly towards us then said with a lower voice: “And here comes the leader of the worst squad”

“What a lovely group! The Elite of the special forces are having a friendly chat!” A bitter smile appeared on the man’s face. He was the leader of the third squad, Mr. Nakajima. After the last mission his squad was demoted from the third position to the tenth.

It was only natural for him to hate us since we were the one who discovered the traitor in his squad. Adding that to the bad performance they had, the higher ups surely had given them a harsh punishment with this demotion.

“If it isn’t the leader of the ex-10th squad currently the 5th squad. Shinji Takahashi!” His eyes were definitely glaring at me, but his mouth was smiling.

“The new hero of this country!” He looked at Rin then said: “And you’re the daughter of one of the terrorists! If I remember correctly there is also the granddaughter of Mr. Kazama with you!”

“Nakajima-san!” Mr. Arataka tried to interrupt him on behalf of me, who started to feel annoyed by this man, but he was stopped by the commander.

“Nakajima! What are you intending to do?”

He looked at the commander and laughed: “Nothing! Just saying a friendly hello to the strangest squad I have ever seen.”

Everyone started to feel really annoyed. Rin kept silent as she bowed her head. Akira and Rintaro were holding Shuna back who was trying to jump on him. Even the commander was upset.

Seeing the man walking away he sighed deeply. “He was one of the best members in the First squad! What a waste!”

“Who would’ve thought that I would’ve become the leader of the first squad instead of him!” Mr. Osamu looked at his old comrade walking away slowly.

Making a sad face, Mr. Arataka started walking away as well. “The higher ups are the ones who took all the critical decisions since the first attack of the Red Claws 6 years ago!”

Kazuto decided to break out of his silence and participate in the conversation.

“Since the first attack of the Red Claws the higher ups feared the special forces. They feared the power growth that the military in general had to go through to counter the terrorist. Gaining more power will weaken their position. That’s why they decided to lessen the cooperation between the squad and make them only focus on getting stronger.”

“I didn’t expect to hear that from you!” The commander replied immediately.

Every member of the special forces knew that very well, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

After the last mission, the second squad became the new third squad.

The third squad became the new tenth squad.

Our squad and the fifth squad became the new fifth and second squads.

The rest of the squads kept their ranks.

Anyone would think that it was a fair ranking but behind the scenes you will notice that the members of the third squad, who were the ones who protected the other squads with their lives suffering big losses and got betrayed in the middle of the fight, were the most proactive squad in the battlefield near the Setagaya dome.

Seriously! Higher ups, just a bunch of hypocrites!

“I going outside to breathe some air!” Bowing her head, Rin walked away suddenly.

“She must’ve felt Nakajima’s words!” The commander commented. “Leave her alone for a bit!”

A girl who had never met her father in reality and lived all her childhood in an orphanage suddenly discovers that she has a father, and that he is a terrorist. To make things even worse, her father wanted only to use her as a tool.

No wonder she will get depressed after being called the daughter of terrorist.

“I am going to follow her!”

Shocked, the commander looked at me silently for a moment.

“I am going to follow her!” I repeated. “And get her! I am maybe the only one who can understand her feelings!”

I didn’t know whether the commander knew about what happened in the last couple of days. But that didn’t matter to me. He kept looking at me with a disbelieving expression on his face.

“Go!” He simply replied with a smile on his face.

That was the first time he saw me showing genuine interest in someone, not following orders.

That decision that I made that day to follow her was the moment I decided to leave the cocoon I was hiding myself in for the past 6 years.

Walking in the large garden searching for her, I saw a silhouette of a girl standing near an old tree gazing at the stars. I approached her slowly until I was able to see her clearly.

“A good night for stargazing if you’re a fan of that…”

“Shinji…” A faint smile appeared on her face. “What are you doing here?”

“Star gazing? Maybe… If that’s what you’re doing!”

“What if I said I am not…”

“Rin… I…”

“Kizuna!” She interrupted me.


“Can you call me by my real name? I’ve been running away from reality all this time. Hiding my identity and forgetting about the past was a complete mistake on my part! I am indeed a daughter of a terrorist but that doesn’t identify me! The only ones who have the right to judge me are you guys...”

“You’re amazing!” I said gently as I leaned my back to the tree.

I came after to support her only to find that she only got stronger in a few seconds…

“You’re amazing!” I repeated.

She kept looking at me silently after that reply.

“So, everyone’s going to call you Kizuna from now on?” I asked.

“No, after 6 years it would be weird if I changed my name again!” She smiled then pointed at me. “It’s just for you!”

She was too beautiful. Greatly touched, I brought her face close. Only then did she suddenly regain her senses and turned her blushing face to the side.

“Eh?! What? Wait?”

The usual me would probably have respected Kizuna's feelings and readily released her body.

But I was already utterly exhausted by the many questions without answers. Even if my dreams were to end up shattered, before I witnessed the conclusion with my own eyes, I refused to let go at that moment.

I slightly relaxed my embrace around Kizuna against my bosom.

“Very well… Kizuna, if you don't like this, I'll stop right here.”


“I lied. Consider this your payback for stealing my first kiss and the indirect confession you had done in the hospital”

I was whispering softly in her ear.

Then I forcibly pressed my lips on top of hers.

My beliefs had not changed.

Even if I had to give up on everything that I had to just get revenge then I would gladly do it. Even my life can be part of that deal.

To that absolute rule that I followed for the past 6 years, only one exception was made: Kizuna!

Someone that somehow became more valuable for me to give up on for revenge. But that didn't mean that while protecting her life I am not willing to give mine.

The only wish for me in life was split in two at that moment: The Red Claws destruction and a happy future where Kizuna can live freely…

Pushing her against the tree, I opened my eyes slowly. Her bosom was pressing against my chest with pressure to the point of deformation.

Kizuna partially closed her eyes, extending her arm to embrace my neck.

Despite wanting to lose herself in that moment, Kizuna clearly could not dispel the thought that my priority in life was revenge from her mind…

                                                                                                                     End of the Volume 1...                                                                                                                               To be continued Someday...

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