Chapter 5:

A place to call prison

Off kilter war of random occurring events

When I awoke I saw I heard a voice calling me in the distance. I awoke in a room that was quite messy, littered with papers, books, and many different unfinished pictures. After scanning the room a bit more I heard some one yelling for me at the top of their lungs.Bookmark here

After coming down stairs from that room I saw breakfast sitting there at the table and began to approach while looking to see who it was that called me. I began to sit down then out of no where some one grabbed by my hair and then kicked me over.Bookmark here

"What was that for!?"Bookmark here

An even taller girl then horror appeared infront of me. She had short blood red hair, ripped jeans, a vest with a tie, and to finish it off a snap back. Bookmark here

"Jeez, who dresses like that and then goes and pulls on some ones hair?"Bookmark here

She sighed then explained "I am one of the last Shoujo authors and right now it is well known that you almost don't exist. I asked Horror to go fetch you"Bookmark here

"You look like you could be in one of those boy bands"Bookmark here

She got mad at me again and pulled me by my hair. "Now listen hear, I didn't want to write about your genre just to get patronized about how I look. I need you to write a book, manga, or just anything shoujo along with Horror before you disappear from existence and I forget about you"Bookmark here

"So what are you gonna do about it?"Bookmark here

She snapped her fingers and as I turned around I heard a click. Horror stood there with her hand chained to mine. Not only am I no longer free but imprisoned to. This is a horrible way to start today.Bookmark here

She looked at me, "I have a personal reason for doing this and you're gonna help me get rich and famous. I'm gonna produce the first Horror Shoujo thingy what ever it maybe that hasn't been done in thousand of years and become a High Author 10th rank"Bookmark here

"You tenth rank? Pffftt! Like that could ever happen with me as your main genre of choice. I'm a washed up has been and my previous reincarnation, she was a whole lot better at the business side of things"Bookmark here

She sighed again, "Horror let's see if we can convince him."Bookmark here

I slowly got dragged away.Bookmark here

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