Chapter 32:

Put to Good Use

Royal Princess of Blood

“You came back!”

The little girl from the flower shop from before immediately said to me happily when she recognized who I was. Her eyes so innocent gazed at me. Her broad smile testified even more the positive emotion she was feeling.

I could hear a faint chuckle from my brother behind me.

I ignored him and spoke to the girl.

“Yes. I did say I’ll come back later, right?”

Well, we were passing by anyways, so why not?

“Now then, I’ll have one each for different colored flowers. Give me the best ones, okay?”


The small girl then called her mother.

“Mama, um, I need help. The customer said she wants the best ones, but I don’t know if what I’ll pick is the best.”

“Really? Alright then,” her mother gently said to her child. “Please wait for a moment, please.”

She said to me and I nodded.

“What did the customer want exactly?” The mother asked her child.

The child conveyed my order. Then after a few moments, the mother had bundled the assorted flowers in one bundle, tied in a few thin ropes.

“Here you go, young lady.”

I smiled as I received the bouquet of flowers, gently taking them into my arms.

“Allow me to pay, sister.”

Estevan offered, so I didn’t need to refuse.

He paid the bill.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you very much, beautiful miss!”

Oh? Such a flatterer young child. I was a bit amused.


I said to them before Estevan and I began walking again. I gazed at the beautiful flowers as I went. Flowers were indeed beautiful.

We didn’t speak as we headed back home. Perhaps there was just nothing to talk about, or perhaps what happened earlier was still plaguing my brother.

I didn’t want to speak for a while anyway. I’m still troubled about everything.

That said, I have decided what I will do.

Then when we arrived at the bridge, I stopped in place then immediately looked at my surroundings. It was quiet, no one was around. This place was much better compared to the city. It was safer.

My brother looked at me with a puzzled expression.


He was baffled by my worried expression and a faint fear inside my eyes. I looked down before raising them again, looking at Estevan’s eyes.

“B-Brother… I have something to say.”

“W-What? What’s the matter? Something going on?”

He may have been startled by my seriousness. But that’s good, he had to take what I say seriously.

As I said earlier, I was alone. Therefore, I need manpower. I need allies.

Someone that can be trusted.

And one of them was my very own brother.

I have to tell him.

What? Don’t tell me you ever thought I wouldn’t tell him. Because the man earlier said not to tell anyone? Ridiculous. What am I? Stooopid?

No. I’m not that pathetic. I’m not an idiot.

Having Brother realize what was going will be beneficial. A knight, a royalty, a family of Estelia. What was the point of acting as Estelia if I won’t put it to good use?

And why would I follow the words of some stranger? I need to have faith in my own decisions, and what I think would be the best course of action.

Everything I’ve built up, the acting, the efforts, I will put it to use. I will have them protect me. All those that can be used as shields, I shall use them. Those that can aid me, I’ll use them. If I can survive, I’ll use anything that is necessary.

And the closest thing that could be used for those ends, was my brother.

Add to that the entire royal family.

I smirked inside my heart.

I have the highest in the hierarchy within the kingdom by my side.

I will put them to good use.

I opened my mouth slightly as though hesitating to speak. But then inhaled deeply, showing my conviction.

“S-Something happened earlier actually....”

“..... What do you mean?” Estevan narrowed his eyes.

“T-There was a man…”

I averted my eyes away.

“A man? What happened?” His voice sounded a bit stern, anticipating my next words.

“H-He came from out of nowhere, and it felt like he cast some sort of magic.”

“Hm? Magic?”

Now he sounded puzzled, must not be what he was expecting.

“He warned me about something. But, there was something strange, he called me by something.”

I looked at his eyes.

“Go on,” he said.

“Princess of Blood… he called me that.”

“What?” he then shook his head. “Estel, I’m confused, what happened, tell me everything.”

I told him everything the man said to me. As to how I met him, of course I omitted the information about coming from a blacksmith. I just said I was just walking around and the stranger called to me.

Upon finishing conveying the information, Estevan covered his mouth as he coped up with what I just said. Suddenly, as though in realization, I saw his hand grip his sword’s hilt as he glared at the surroundings.

“Then, does this mean that there are people watching us? Especially in the city…?”

He bit his lip.

“And to think I left you alone?! I’m a useless brother.”

“B-Brother, don’t blame yourself.”

“Estel, let us quickly return to the palace, I need to speak with Father.”


He suddenly held my wrist and pulled me towards the palace gates. I accidentally dropped the flowers, what a waste. His grip was very tight and his steps were colored with haste. He was seemingly agitated.

“Open the gates, quickly!”

He instantly shouted loudly the moment we arrived at the gates. The gates quickly opened, we then immediately entered inside.

“Your highness.”

The guard greeted him, but Estevan ignored him. When the other guards began to gather, my brother pulled me towards him and held me by the shoulders as if protecting me from danger.

He was incredibly agitated.

“B-Brother, can you please slow down?”


He flat out denied my request. I never saw him like this. His eyes were so severe that one would hesitate to speak with him.

It felt like it took no time at all that we reached the front doors of the palace. With no hesitation he slammed them open and we entered, of course that was just him pulling me with him. He then immediately slammed the door shut causing a loud bang.

“Y-Your highness, what’s the matter?” A manservant nearby noticed the agitated Estevan.

My brother stared at him, no, more like scrutinized him for only a short moment.

“I want to speak with my father. Tell him I’m coming shortly.”

“Y-Yes, at once sir.”

The manservant left quickly.

“B-Brother, may I retire to my room, I’m a bit tired.”

Well, I still need to hide the daggers I have hidden. I have to return to my room immediately.

“...Very well. I’ll take you there.”


He delivered me to my room.

“Rest for a while, okay?”


He closed the door after I entered. I took in a deep breath before facing the drawers.

“That went very well, didn’t expect him to react that hard,” I quietly muttered.

I took off my cloak and opened the drawer. I took off the bag and when I was about to put it inside, I halted.

The maids frequently open the drawer, then, where should I…

I looked at my bed.

Under the bed should do fine. They don’t clean underneath there quite often.

That being said, Mera was now my personal maid, so she should be the one to clean the room. So I guess I’ll manage.

It was a pain to not have much privacy. But whatever....

I placed the entire bag underneath the bed.

“Should work for now.”

Now then… I wonder how things will turn out.

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