Chapter 33:

Lady of Serenity & Deity of Blood

Royal Princess of Blood

Estevan immediately went to his father after bringing his sister to her room. His blood was in a rush because of everything his sister told him. Everything was so sudden, it could have put Estelia in harm's way for all he knows.

From what he heard, this was a matter so severe that he couldn’t sit idly by. His father, the King, must learn of this at all costs. Only he has the power to do more things than Estevan ever could.

He shortly reached his father’s office.

Estevan opened the door with no hesitation, he already had ordered a servant to notify his father of his visit, so nothing should be surprising about him barging in.

Inside the office, he was greeted by several papers and quills on the table of his father. Scribes assisted the king in his work, and there was also his mother sitting by the table, appearing to have paperwork of her own. She must have decided to help his husband.

Estevan was expecting that he would be alone with his father for the talk, but it would be fine for his mother to also hear about the situation involving Estelia as well. No, it would be best for his mother to know about this.

“My son, you returned earlier than expected. Hm?” The king, Leodoule, furrowed his brows the moment he saw Estevan’s serious expression. He didn’t expect that kind of face would greet him. “Something the matter, Estevan?”

Estevan heaved a sigh, venting a bit of his frustrations.

“Father, Mother, I wish to speak with you two alone,” Estevan waringly looked at the other people around.

The scribes looked a bit puzzled as to why Estevan was looking at them that way. He was always the friendly type after all.

“... Is that so? Then, leave us.”

Leodoule gave the order, and the servants immediately fled the room. Estevan went to the door and spoke to the servants.

“Go rest for a while, eat or something.”

“Y-Yes, sir.”

With that, they left the proximity of the room. Estevan didn’t want anyone eavesdropping. After making sure there was no one else, he closed and locked the door.

“Estevan? Is there a problem? W-Where’s Estelia?”

Meliya, Estevan’s mother asked worriedly. Estevan understood why this was, he looked so agitated even though he just went out with Estelia. The way he acted only made everyone think that something bad happened.

“Estel is fine, mother. She’s in her room.”

“Truly? That’s good, I thought something bad happened…” she sighed in relief.

“Then, what’s the matter? Why so tense?”

Estevan walked closer to them.

“It concerns Estelia. Something happened while she was… alone.”

His father raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean alone? Weren’t you supposed to be with her?”

“Yes, father. It was my blunder… but there’s something more important at the moment.”

His parents waited for him to continue.

“Estelia said that a strange man showed himself, he used some magic,” he looked at his father’s eyes. “And, he called her “Princess of Blood”.”

Both his father and mother held their breaths the moment they heard those words. Estevan didn’t expect them to act this way, as though they were familiar with it.

“H-How could this be?” Meliya muttered.

“... I had my suspicions… But, I never thought she would truly be…”

“Wait! You know about this?” Estevan was surprised.

“Not much, in fact, we know too little,” his father stood up and walked in front of the window. “Before that, tell me what happened.”

Estevan nodded his head and told them what Estelia said.

The King looked at him with bafflement.

“Prophecy? What? What more about it?”

“That is all I know, he just said that the prophecy otherwise said of her surviving. Then I assume that could only mean that she… should have died.”

Meliya took in a shaky breath, anxiety evident on her face.

“D-Died? What is going on?”

“And there are many that target Estelia… I never thought it would end up this way.”

“Father, Mother, you were familiar with the term earlier, tell me, what do you know?”

His father looked at him in the eye.

“Estevan, what do you know of our lineage?”

“What?” He was confused by the question. “What do you mean? We’re direct descendants of the founders, like any other kingdoms. The bloodline of the first kings and queens.”

“Yes, that is what we are. But, we are more than that… We are descendants of the gods.”

Estevan was flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe it, there was no way. But his father wouldn’t jest in situations like this.

“...Is that certain, father?”

“... We are descendants of the Lady of Serenity and Lord of Compassion.”

“What…? I…. I never heard of something like this before. I couldn’t even imagine it.”

“About two millenia ago, the goddess and the god walked our land, aiding humans. Then they had a child.”

Estevan listened carefully.

“A child of two gods… The child was about to be given the title, the Princess of Blood. As she was about to be a child of monarchs.”

“Then… no, that’s a long time ago, it’s impossible that Estelia would be —”

“The child died.”


“While a mere baby, the child died, killed to be precise. But it wasn’t stated how. This is all based on the ancient texts that were never publicized, and only a few knew of this. I was planning to tell you boys about this, but I guess it’s now time.”

“...... Wait, father, I’m confused why the child would be given the title of Blood.”

“Serenity was not the Lady’s first title,” his mother said.

“Then what is?”

The King was the one to speak next.

“Ruling Deity of Blood. That was her original title as Goddess. And, her appearance was described in the ancient text... The Ruling Deity of Blood had hair as white as the purest platinum, skin as white as snow, and eyes as red as the crimson of blood.”

Estevan’s breath stuck on his throat. He closed his fist and pressed it on his mouth, utterly surprised by the revelation. He bit his lip before he muttered.

“That’s…. That’s exactly like Estelia.”

“I thought it was only a coincidence the first moment Estelia came into this world, no, I prayed it to be,” Leodoule said weakly.

“I thought it was only because of the mixture of your father and I’s features. But… the crimson eyes were just too much.”

“But, we hoped that was not the case of what we were thinking it to be. But, it was stated in the ancient text that the Lady of Serenity deemed it to be that her daughter was to be reborn again, not to be her direct child, but she would be reborn.”

“... I see… but if the child died, how are we the direct descendants?”

“The Lady and Lord had another child. However, the girl lacked the features of her mother. Then, that is how our kingdom came to be. The child of the gods fell in love with a mortal, and had children. That’s how it was, some of the nobles in our kingdom are descendants of them.”

“T-Then, the blood of the gods really do flow in our veins.”

This was hard to believe, but he had to believe.

“Then, why was the ancient text not revealed to the public?” Estevan asked.

“To keep us, the lineage of the gods a secret. Having come from the blood of the gods be known to the public wouldn’t be good… that’s what the kings in the past millennia decided. No, it might have been requested by our founders. We do not know the full history regrettably.”

“Then, if the first queen was a god, shouldn’t she be eternal? Then where is she?”

“..... No one knows.”

“If Estelia was the reborned daughter of the Lady, why hasn’t the Lady come?”

“I don’t know.”

“.....” Estevan clutched his head. He was being overwhelmed by what was happening concerning his dear sister. “And now there are many that’s aiming for her… And what’s with this prophecy they were talking about?” he muttered.

“I suggest we further study the ancient text deeply, we might find something,” Meliya said. “I’ll look into it myself.”

“Meliya…... very well, I will send some people to help you.”

Then he turned to Estevan.

“My son, you make sure there are no traitorous worms within the Knights Order.”

“... Understood.”

“I’ll look into the servants myself.”

Estevan had been thinking about something.

“Father, about Estelia. What are we going to do?”

“Have her stay here.”

“How long?”


“Father! I know it’s dangerous, but we can’t make her stay in the palace like a prisoner anymore! I’m against it!”

“It’s for her own good.”

“But for her entire life she had never left the palace… If only you could see how she was the moment she left the gates. Her smile was so broad, eyes full of adoration and face so brilliant in celebration. Like a bird finally able to fly with freedom, free to reach for the skies... She was happy. I never saw her so happy before. It warmed my heart to see her like that. Please reconsider, please, don’t lock her up.”

Leodoule shifted his eyes towards Meliya. Both had conflicting expressions, having difficulties of what to decide.

The King sighed.

“I will think of what to do.”

Estevan smiled.

“Thank you, Father.”

“Now go, do your task.”


“I’ll be going out, have them prepare for my leave while you go out.”

“Where are you going, Father?”

“Now that it has come to this, I’m going to the Church.”

So Father is going to request the Church for assistance?

Knowing his Father, his request would be no less than mild effort. If it was for Estelia, he would use the entire church order in the kingdom.

“Understood, Father.”

Estevan left the room.

He will protect his dear sister from any harm. He wouldn’t hold back. Whether they be allies, or friends, if they threaten Estelia’s life, he would cut them down with no hesitation. Family was more important than others.

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