Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 Part 1

Kaiju Boom!

How It Started

Bintaro stepped out of his apartment and began to walk along the balcony before coming down the stairs. He turned the corner only to get a strange feeling in the back of his skull. Almost like a tingling, ringing, annoying feeling. He wandered around aimlessly for a bit before he closed his eyes and tried focusing. He then turned and blocked an oncoming punch from the alleyway beside him. He exchanged a few blows with his attacker before the two then stopped. Each had a hold of each others coats just over their hearts and their opposing fists were reeled back. They looked into each others eyes before his attacker asked, “Tell me, are you, Fumaraya Bintaro?”

“Who wants to know?”

“So you are?”


“Good,” he then lowered his fists and released his grasp on Bintaro’s jacket. As Bintaro let go of his attacker, the man then reached into his coat and pulled out a white envelope, “Here, this envelope contains a series of instructions, money, and two tickets. Follow the instructions accordingly.”

“I see,” Bintaro said as he took the envelope and flipped it over to see a name on it, “Honda Yaguchi…?”

“Yeah,” the man said, “That’s me. The contents in this envelope are of crucial importance, do you understand me?”

“Um…yeah, uh,” he opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper which he unfolded and started to read. He inhaled sharply as he said, “WAIT!!! IT’S-“ he then turned to see that the man disappeared. He looked back to the list on the paper before he turned and ran off. Bintaro made his way to the city where he began to follow the instructions on the paper. Going to each store, shop, and other buildings getting everything on the list. HOWEVER!!!!!! Watching him from a distance was Phoebe and Bermuda. They stood peeking out from around a building as Bintaro frantically carried everything in his arms and went from place to place.

“What the hell is he doing?” Bermuda asked,

“I have no idea, but he seems to be blowing money on a ton of things. We could use this to break him and Goko apart.” She said as she took out her phone and began to take pictures,

“Why’s that?”

“You really know nothing of women, do you?”


“When a man doesn’t have control over his finances it means he’s unstable. If he blows too much of his money at once and all in one place then how is he ever going to take care of her?”

“That makes sense.” Bermuda said as he stood up straight and stretched, “Maybe I should help him out! Have him buy some more things!”

“That’s a good idea.”

“It’s really not,” a voice came from behind them. The two turned and faced a man as he walked towards him. Phoebe inhaled sharply as the look of fear decorated her face.

“Oh crap!” She said,

“I thought you were better than this.” The man said,

“Who the hell are you?!” Bermuda asked,

Phoebe scoffed before she turned and shushed Bermuda, “Are you insane?! Don’t take that tone with him!!!”

“Why not?”

“Do you even know who he is?!”

“He doesn’t,” the man said as he walked just a bit past them before stopping, “And he won’t have to, so long as you stay in your place. The man you’re watching is doing exactly as I asked, and if you disturb him then it could ruin what I have in store for the person I care most about. And you don’t want that, do you, Phoebe?”

“N-No! Of course not!” Phoebe said as she punched Bermuda in the arm, “C’mon! What were ya thinking?!”

“It was your idea,” Bermuda said, “What’s wrong with you?!”

The man chuckled, “He’s honest, I like this one. He’d make a good match for you.” He then placed his hands in his pockets before saying, “Please don’t interfere any longer, understand?”

“Y-Yeah!” Phoebe said,

“Good,” he then continued to walk out of the alleyway before taking a turn and going out of sight.

“Who the hell was that guy?” Bermuda asked,

“Someone very powerful, and very dangerous.” Phoebe responded, “It makes sense that he’s here, considering what day it is, however…I didn’t think he was acquainted with Bintaro.”

“That doesn’t tell me who is.”

“His name is Honda Yaguchi, also known as the Kaijin Rider. He’s part human, part insect, part cyborg, and he’s the most powerful man on the planet.” Phoebe clenched her teeth as she rubbed her arms as chills began to run about her entire body, “He’s the one guy that it’s best NOT to piss off.”

Goko’s House

An hour or so had passed and Goko was in her room, laying on her bed, playing a Gacha Game on her phone with music playing from her small stereo. She gave a dull groan as she swiped her finger downwards from the top of her phone to return to the lock screen, “No calls? No texts? Is he okay? Maybe I should text him first?” She swiped her thumb upwards to return to the Gacha Game as she said, “Eh, maybe he’s sleeping in, he said work was pretty rough the other day.” After playing her game for a while a loud knock came from her front door. “Hm?” She reached over to her bedside table and turned off her stereo before getting out of bed. She shut off her phone and put it in her shirt, between her breast and bra strap, as she left her room and went down the front door. As she opened the door she saw a man dressed from head to toe in delinquent clothing. She swallowed heavily before taking notice of his forehead. Those goggles! Binta- She then slammed the door shut!

She rubbed her eyes a few times before she then opened the door again. She couldn’t believe what he was wearing! Brown leather boots with metal caps on the toes, and tucked into said boots were black combat pants with a long black belt with orange metal studs around the waistline. He wore a gray slim fitting collared shirt with a red tie with white arches printed onto it, and over the tie was a metal chain with dog tags attached to it. He wore a black gakuran with gold buttons, which he left open! He wore eyeliner and his hair was slicked with grease in an almost pompadour type look with no more than about ten strands hanging rather loose and close to his face. This look! This delinquently yankii-banchō look that Bintaro had right at this moment….made Goko’s heart soar.

Her face ran hot, her breathing began to pick up speed and her throat ran dry. “Ya gonna let me in or not?” He asked her in an almost Memphis, Tennessee, sounding accent (or at least as close to one as he could get with so little prep time), while also seeming to roll his R’s a bit. She nodded as she stepped back and let him into the living room. “You know why I’m here?”

“Uhouhwhauhwhaowha….?” Was all Goko could seem to get out,

“C’mon, let’s talk, come sit down.” He said as he gently grabbed onto her shoulders and took her over to the couch where they sat down…on the floor in front of it. He then bent his knee and rested his elbow on it before resting the other on the couch. As he leaned onto his hand he smiled at her and said, “You okay?”


“I asked if you were okay. Are you okay?” He asked with a smile,

“Um…” She said softly as her heart began to throb more and more, “Wh-What are you-“ She cleared her throat before saying, “You never u-u-uhm-“

“I know, I shoulda called, I shoulda texted, however I just wanted to surprise you, that’s all.”

“S-Surprise me…?”

“Yeah,” he said as his smile got bigger, “I wanted to surprise my special girl on her special day.”

“S-Special…?” She said as her voice sharply rose to a soft squeak,

“Yeah, it’s your birthday, remember?”

“I-It is…?”

“Yeah,” he replied as he playfully nudged her shoulder, “Don’t you remember?”

“I-I do, b-but,” she swallowed heavily before asking, “Wh-What are you uh-“

“Wearing? I thought you’d like it. You like these kinda of boys right? Especially in the movies?”

“H-H-How’d you kn-know that…?”

“Don’t you remember when we first met? We were gonna watch a movie, because I had never seen one before, so I went to pick one out bit you screamed and snatched it away from me. We never did end up watching it, but we watched some anime instead. I figured, if you were so defensive of it, you must really be into that type of thing. It makes sense, we had just met, and you didn’t want me knowing your-“

“D-Dirty secret…?” She said finishing his sentence, “I-I-I-I know, I-I’m sorry!! I shouldn’t have done that, I’m just a b-“

“A bad girl?” Goko’s eye twitched as she could feel blood starting to rush to her nose. “Is that what you were gonna say?”


“Well don’t, cause you’re not. If anything, you’re a very good girl.”

“I-I’m a what…?”

“You heard me,” he said as he then moved away from his hand so he could cup her cheek with it. “You’re a good girl. You’re my good girl.” He then leaned forward and planted a kiss on her lips. She swiftly kissed him back, before pulling away and racing to the stairs as soon her blood began to flow to…other places.

“E-Excuse me!!! I’ll be back!!!” She then raced upstairs and slammed her bedroom door. She ran over to her bed where she picked up her pillow and shoved her face into it letting out the most hysterical girly scream into it. Downstairs Bintaro turned and screamed into the couch cushions. He stood up and paced back and forth in the living room.

“Goddammit! Goddammit! Goddammit!!!” He growled as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the list he was given, “Who the hell are you Honda Yaguchi?! Why do I have to do this?! This is so embarrassing!!! This isn’t me!!! You better be ready to take responsibility!!!” He went to scream when he heard Goko’s bedroom door open. He raced back to the floor in front of the couch and returned to his usual position. As she came down the stairs he cleared his throat and went back to his accent, “Is everything alright?”

“Mhmm.” She responded with a nod as she walked over to him and sat down. She blushed as she tucked her hair behind her ear. He then said,

“Ya know, I’ve never met anyone like you.”


“N-No, I mean it!” He said as he now started to go off script, “Messuhara, when I first came to this planet, I came to it on a whim. I had gotten to the highest promotion I could get to, which didn’t require me to age to achieve it. I didn’t know what I’d find, and then outta nowhere I found you out there in that valley. Now, truth be told, I intended to kill you, but…when I looked into your eyes I saw that, you really weren’t evil. You had compassion, and emotion, and intelligence in your eyes and it was just…mesmerizing, and just so beautiful, beyond belief.”

“Oh…” She said as her heart began to skip a beat,

“I…” he reached over and grabbed onto her hands before saying, “I thought I had it all in my life, then I realized that wasn’t true, because I didn’t have you. And now that I have you, and we’re together, I’ve now got everything I could ever ask for and more. I mean it when I say, I love you. I love you more than you could ever imagine.”

“I know,” she replied with a smile, “I love you too. You really mean so much to me.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” he said as he began to stand up, “Now c’mon, let’s go, I got a surprise for ya.” He then helped pull her to her feet,

“What is it?”

“It’s another surprise,” he said before looking her up and down, “Maybe you should get into something a bit nicer. I gotta show my girl off to the world, ya know?”

“Yeah, okay.” She said as she turned and went up the stairs to her room. She went to her dresser first where she pulled out a pair of black jeans which she threw on the bed as she went over to her closet. Once her closet was opened she flipped through her many clothes before she came to a cream colored blouse with yellow chrysanthemums on it. Once she was changed she came back to the living room and over to Bintaro who stood by the front door. “What do you think?” She asked as she did a bit of a twirl, “I haven’t worn these in so long!”

“Remarkable,” he said, “Absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she replied with a smile as she then put her shoes on and grabbed a random purse. “Okay! Let's go.”

“Alright,” he then opened the door and let her out onto the porch where she then gasped.

“NO WAY!!!!” She screamed as he came out onto the porch. In front of them was a bubble shaped vehicle! “IS THAT A NEE-SAN BEVO?!?!?!?!!”

“Yeah,” he said with a soft chuckle, “You like it?”


“Uh, yeah, yeah, I did,” he said as he cleared his throat and walked over to the car, “I mean, it’s only a rental, it’s gotta go back to the company at the end of the day.” He ran his hand along the car before he came to the large door on the front of the bubble where he popped it open, “Do you wanna, ya know?” He asked as he held up the keyfob to her,

“YES!!! Oh my god!!! YES!!!” She grabbed onto the key and got into the bright purple driver seat which sat in front of and between two white passenger seats. Bintaro got into one of the seats beside her and closed the door to the cabin. Goko squealed as the steering wheel mounted on the dashboard lowered itself to her reach. She felt just like a little kid!!! She pressed the red starter button on the console just behind the wheel causing the door to lock and the car to start up! Just to her right a hatch opened and a robot head stuck up out of the dash, which Goko absolutely gushed at, “OH MY GOD ITS REALLY HIM!!!” After Goko spend a little over ten minutes fangirling about her dream car she then asked, “Okay! Where are we going?!”

“Oh, it’s already put into the car, here you just-“ he leaned forward and pressed a button that sat beside the large navigation screen on the dashboard. “Like that.”

“Ooooh~!” Goko cooed, “Oh! It’s the movie theater! I know where that is!” It didn’t take much longer for the two of them to be on their way. Bintaro gave a soft sigh as he leaned back in his seat and rested his hands behind his head. Goko was a bit too mesmerized at the fact that she was driving her dream car to really pay much attention to him. However he just kinda sat there unsure as to what position to sit in. The drive to the theater felt too short for Goko as they were already getting out and walking over to the building.

“So, what movie are we going to-“ She was then cut off by him wrapping his arm around her neck and resting it on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it, I got it all taken care of.”

“Um, yeah…okay.” She said a bit put off by his sudden action. She looked up at him to see his left eye momentarily twitch. “Hmmm…” She then turned and looked to the doors as he opened it and let her walk through. He walked in after her and swallowed rather hard as he saw people stare at them. He cleared his throat before saying,

“I’ve already got the tickets, u-um, do you want any snacks or anything…?”

“Hm? Yeah, some popcorn and a drink would be cool.”

“Cool, why don’t you go grab that, and I’ll run to the restroom real quick! M’kay?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, okay.” She said before he then farted off to the restrooms. Once he got there he slammed his hands on the bathroom sink as he panted heavily. He looked into the mirror at himself and froze.

“What the hell am I…wearing?” He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the paper he was given by Yaguchi. He read it over and over to the current step which was to go to the movies. “Dammit…” He then sighed as folded the paper and put it back in his pocket. “It sure is hot…” He said as he loosened up his tie a bit, it was at that moment that a colorfully wrapped box fell out from the inside pocket of his jacket. He bent down and picked it up before he looked it over. Part of him wanted to throw it away, he even made it to the trash can but he froze. After a few moments he stuffed it back into his jacket pocket before he left the restroom.

He met up with Goko who held a carrying tray with a tub of popcorn, some candy, and two drinks. She smiled at him as he drew closer to her, “Hey! You okay?”

“Yeah! I’m good!” He responded, “All good!”

“What movie are we seeing?”

“It’s a surprise!” He said as the of them then walked through the lobby before getting to the usher. Bintaro reached into his back pocket and pulled out two tickets which he then handed to the usher. She looked Bintaro over before she looked back to the tickets.

“Ah! I see!” She gave tickets a gentle tear before handing them back to him, “It’s going to be in theater three, so just go to the end of the hall, take a left and it should be the first door on your right!”

“Thank you very much!” Bintaro responded before he then walked down the hall with Goko. They followed the woman’s instructions before coming to the theater where the movie was. Goko’s eyes widened with a gasp the moment she saw the movie poster next to the door!

“No way!!! I didn’t know this movie was out!!!” She said rather ecstatic! The movie in question was called Dandy Highschooler Gentaro! The latest movie that fit into the genre of delinquent subculture movies!!! It was Goko’s most anticipated movie of all time! And after several delays it was finally here!

“Here,” he said as he opened the door for her,

“You’re the best boyfriend ever!!!” She replied as she walked through the door. It was at that moment that Bintaro felt something stir inside of him. She had never said that to him before, and, furthermore, she had never reacted to him the way she did earlier today. Did she want him to change? Did she want him to be like this forever? He sighed and walked with her into the auditorium where they looked around for their assigned seats on the tickets. Goko eventually laid eyes on their seats and began to lightly blush, “Oh wow…it’s one of those couples kotatsu seats.”

The couples seats were usually quite popular in Japan! They looked reminiscent of a couch, with two seats directly next to each other and arm rests on opposing sides! PERFECT for date nights! HOWEVER!!!! Some theaters had kotatsu seats! It looked like a large square couch, with pillows, a heated blanket, and a kotatsu table in the center of it! They even had a small crate near the bottom of the seats so the couples could remove their shoes!!! They were usually just a step up from the regular couples seats!!

“It’ll be just like movie night at my place,” Goko said as her heart slowly began to warm. “Come on, let’s go sit down!” She walked over to their seat and set the tray on the table before she bent over and started to take her shoes off. He took out the list he was given and started to read it over as he walked over to his shared seat with Goko. He then froze and swallowed rather heavily as he reread the first thing on the list. Be yourself. He read it a few times more before he then folded the list back up and put it in his pocket again. After removing his shoes he climbed onto the seat and sat next to Goko. “This is so cool! These seats are so comfy!” She said as she grabbed a pillow and held it against her body.


“Hey, uh, no one’s here right now…so,” she then held the pillow a little tighter as her face started to burn red. “Maybe we could hold hands or something…? If not then I wouldn’t mind…well, you know, ki-“

“Can I talk to you about something?”

“Hm?” She responded as she perked up, “Talk to me about something? What is it?”

“Well, uh,” he then rubbed the back of his neck, “To tell you the truth…well, it’s gonna sound crazy but uh-“

“You didn’t know it was my birthday?” She responded,

“Uh…yeah,” he replied, “How did you know?”

“I just figured,” she hummed, “I mean, I don’t think I even told you.”

“You didn’t, and I didn’t even ask.” He said, “I was so focused on taking things one day at a time, and I was enjoying spending so much time with you that I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t know until I ran into this guy, and he gave me this list, so everything that’s happened today is all thanks to him! I’ve also been a bit…well…I don’t know how to say it…”

“What do you mean?”

“Since I came to see you, and all day, you’ve never behaved this way whenever I’m normally myself. I’ve never seen you so happy, and I guess…does it mean you want me to change?”

“No, of course not.” She replied as she placed the pillow behind her back, “Bintaro, it’s true that I’ve been having a lot of fun today, but if you think for a second that it’s the happiest I’ve ever been with you, then you’re an idiot. I know I don’t ever really show it, but everyday I’m with you just makes me feel so happy and special. The happiest day of my life was the day we met. You saw both sides of me and you still weren’t scared of me, and thats the day I’ve ever been the happiest around you, however today is a close second.”

“You mean it…?”

“Mhmm!” She replied with a nod,

“Thank god!” Bintaro said as he nearly burst into tears, “These clothes are too tight, and the product in my hair feels weird, and I don’t really like the accent that I used and-“

“It’s okay,” she said with a giggle, “You don’t have to wear them again if you don’t want to.”

“Okay, good.”

“However, you do look really hot in them.”

He froze as his face began to boil a red hot color before steam blew out his ears, “W-Well, I suppose I could wear them a little longer, I mean if ya want.”

Goko giggled before saying, “You’re so funny.”

“A-Anyways, uh…” He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the wrapped box, “Since I found out it was your birthday, I made an extra stop when I went shopping and got this for you.” He handed her the box as she said,

“You didn’t have to,”

“You’re my girlfriend, I had to.”

“Okay,” she then turned to the box and started to unwrap it. She gasped as a grin spread across her face, “Oh my god, it’s you.” Indeed it was!!! The sofubi for Ultimate Man Space had finally been released!!! It stood 6 inches tall and had swivel joints at the arms, waist, and head! All contained in a neat little box with an added tag! “He’s so cute! I love it! Thank you! This may be the best thing about today!”

“I’m glad,” he said as he ran his hand along her cheek causing her to turn. As he quickly cupped her cheek before he leaned in and gave her a kiss. She closed her eyes and returned his affection before he pulled away. “I love you, happy birthday.”

“I love you too,” she said softly. It wasn’t too long ago when she had given him her first kiss, yet every time they kissed it felt like the first time all over again. It constantly made her heart soar, her entire body would warm up, and overall she just felt really happy. She moved closer to him before she turned and sat on his lap. He swallowed nervously as she wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “Kiss me again…”

“Okay,” he replied as he placed his hands on her waist and the two of them kissed once more. She wanted to make their kiss more intense, but she quickly pulled away and went back to her regular position as she heard the door to the auditorium open.

“Oh no! Oh god! Did someone see us!!!” She then hid under the blanket as she then screamed into the cushions, “No!!! This is so embarrassing!!!”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we’ve been going out for a while.” He said a with a chuckle, “Besides, I want people to know how much you mean to me, so I don’t mind if someone sees us.”

“I-I…yeah, okay,” she crawled out from under the blanket before she then sat beside him once more.

“This isn’t so bad,” he said as he turned and wrapped his arms around Goko and pulled her in close to him, “It’s just like when we watch a movie at your place.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Of course I am,” he said as he gave her a tight squeeze before kissing the top of her head.

“Hey…this guy that give you the list, what was his name?”

“Oh, uh…” he paused to think for a second before he said, “Honda, Honda Yaguchi.”

“Oh, that explains it.”

“You know him?”

“Yeah,” she said with a giggle, “It’s a long story.”

“I see…”

“I’m sorry if he caused you trouble.”

“No, it’s fine.” He replied before asking, “So…how old are you?”

“Do you really wanna know?”


“Well…” she began as she trailed off, “As of today, I’m 56.”

“Wow, so young!”

“Oh my god! Stop! No I’m not!” She said as she playfully smacked his chest,

“No! I mean it! You’re so young!”

“Mhmm! Well then, that raises the question,” she began as more people came into the theater, “When’s your birthday? How old are you?”

“Oh…uh…” he said as he began to think, “I dunno, I’m so old and I kinda forgot when my birthday is, so I just count every passing year as my birthday.”

“Yeah, and how old are you?”

“I’m 5,000 years old this year.”

“Five thou-“ She exhaled as she then leaned back into him, “Geez, okay , grandpa.”


“You heard me, you’re so much older than me! You’re older than my Godfather by a long shot! And you’re certainly older than I imagined.”

“How old did you think I was?”

“I don’t know, like…” She paused before saying, “Maybe about 20.”


“Yeah, 20.”

“Okay, well, to be fair I thought you were a lot younger too.”

“How young?” She asked,

“Probably about 22 or so, but 18 at the youngest.”

“Really? I’m super flattered.”

“Well you should be.”

“I am.”


“Good!” She said as she giggled, “You know, I can’t believe you were able to pull off this attire. It’s why you’ll always be way cooler than me.”

“Well, I guess, but you’re smarter though.”

“Oh yeah?! W-Well-“ She blushed and pulled the blanket up to cover her blushing face as she said, “You’re hotter…”

“Yeah, and you’re prettier.”

“Ugh! No I’m no-“ She began to whine as the lights began to dim. “We’ll continue this later.”

“Okay.” He said as he gave her a gentle squeeze, “Thank you, for understanding…” he whispered, “Sorry I didn’t know it was your birthday.”

“It’s okay,” she responded as the screen turned on and soon some ads and public services began playing for the theater, “I think I’ll pick a random day as your birthday and surprise you.”

“I’d love tha-“

“Sssssh!!!” She shushed as she placed her finger on his lips as some movie previews began to play.

“Yeah, okay.”