Chapter 4:

Chapter 4

Kaiju Boom!

How It Started

Bintaro burst into the command center at work, “I’M HERE!!! I-“ He then looked around to see the room was empty. “Where is everyone?” He then turned to the clock on the wall to find himself shocked. “WH-WHAT?! I’M ON TIME?!?!!!!”

“What’s wrong?” Shinko asked as she walked into the room,

“When I woke up this morning, my phone said I was running late for work. When I looked at the clock in the room it says I’m on time.”

“Hm?!” She turned to the watch on her wrist and raised an eyebrow, “On time? My watch said I was early, so I stopped to have some breakfast before I came here.” Turning to the clock on the wall to see the time, “It is about the time that everyone would be here, but there’s no one here.”

“Did you see anyone when you came in?”

“Hm? I don’t think so.”

“That’s strange,” Bintaro responded as he placed his finger on his chin, “If I’m late, you’re early, and the both of us are on time then there has to be some kind of temporal malfunction. Almost like a dilation, but we should all be on the same time, right?”

“Yeah, perhaps something’s come up. Let’s see,” she then raced over to a computer and turned it on. He came to her side as she began to type in her login info and navigate her way through the computer. “So, how’d your girlfriend like the sofubis?”

“Hm? Oh! She loved them! She wants one of m-“ He caught himself before saying, “Ultimate Man Space.”

“I think they’re making one, at least I think I remember seeing a toy listing for it a few weeks after he showed up.”

“Oh, I see, when it comes out we should go get one!”

“Yeah! Of course!”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Ah, I see, is there someone you like?”

“There is, but-“ She then cut herself off as she got some data on the screen, “Ah! There we go!”

“What is that?” Bintaro asked as he pointed to a blue spot on the screen,

“That’s the ocean,” she said zooming in to it, “However…according to this it’s ice cold, not just that, but it’s frozen over!”

“We should check it out.”

“I agree!”

Tokyo Bay

Bintaro approached the Bay Area alongside some of the other team members he and Shinko ran into on their way out. “Wow,” Bintaro said as he pulled out his phone and took a few pictures, “Are you seeing this?” He asked as he pushed on a radio in his ear, “The entire ocean is frozen solid, not only that, but the waves are frozen solid too.”

“I can see that,” Shinko responded as she flew overhead in a specialized Jet that the SSSJPDS owned known as ‘The Giant Claw’! “Do you think it’s frozen all the way through?”

“I don’t know,” Bintaro responded as he then slowly stepped out onto the ice, “If it is, then it’s likely only a few feet thick. If the entire ocean was frozen all the way through it would destroy the ecosystem in a matter of seconds.” He continued out onto the ice as he began to record on his phone, “How’s the view from up there?”

“It’s alright,” she replied as she looked around, “There’s ice as far as the eye can see.” She sighed as she leaned back and said, “You know how you asked if there was someone that I liked?”


“Do you promise you won’t judge me?”

“Why would I do that? You’re my friend.”

“You’re so sweet,” she replied, “Anyways, he’s-“ she then paused, “Oh my god!!!”

“Is everything-?” Before he could finish he heard Shinko scream in his earpiece. He looked into the distance to see The Giant Claw start crashing towards the ground. “HAYASAEGATA-SAN!!!” Bintaro said as he began to run towards where the jet was falling. As he ran he pulled out the Spoon Flasher and removed the spoon head from the top of the device. The crystal was revealed which shined a bright and powerful light. He moved the device across his chest before he swung it into the air in a diagonal position and pressed the red nub. The light from the device warped and became almost like a liquid where it then swallowed him.


He quickly flew to her rescue and cradled the jet in both hands before it hit the ground. Shinko’s body jerked forward before she then leaned back. She looked around before she looked up to see Ultimate Man Space. Her face boiled to a red hot color, her pupils changed to pink and became hearts, steam blew out her ears and her nose began to bleed! AT LAST!!!! THE MAN SHE WAS HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH!!! ULTIMATE MAN SPACE!!!! He then gently set the jet on the ground before he turned and rose to his feet. “Oh shit…” He said as he then saw what Shinko crashed into.

It was a large quadrupedal monster that stood at 265 meters in height. It’s body, neck, and head, was that of a Polar Bear, while it’s long front limbs resembled a Giant Ground Sloth. It’s hind legs were that of a Wooly Rhinoceros while it’s hind feet were reminiscent of the Palaeeudyptes klekowskii, or Colossus Penguin. The creature had a long whip-like tail and from the corners of its mouth where long and large tusks resembling that of a wooly mammoth and had several icicles hanging from them. On its shoulders, between the two blades, back of the neck and most of its upper back was a large blue glacier with frost decorating every one of its edges. It was the king monster of the north! King Nanuomka!

The giant monster snarled before it then roared at Bintaro. Clenching his teeth Bintaro charged the large creature and grabbed onto its tusks as the two of them clashed. Bintaro growled as he began to slide back across the ice as the giant monster began to push him back. Once he found his footing Bintaro pushed back against the monster causing it to go up on its hind legs. Bintaro went to bash King Nanuomka in the gut only for the creature to wrap its large hands around his body. It moved its hands up his body before it pressed down on Bintaro’s shoulders. Before he could finish screaming Bintaro was then shot straight down through the ice and into the cold water below. The giant creature opened its mouth and quickly patched the hole in the ice with its breath.

Trapped beneath the ice, Bintaro pounded on the bottom side of the frozen surface of the ocean. He found his body becoming more and more stiff, and fairly soon he began to run short on air. “Damn…it’s so cold!” He said to himself as his vision began to fade. He turned his head to see King Nanuomka advance towards the fallen jet that Shinko sat in. “I have to get to her!!!” He slowly swam beneath the surface of the ice. His pace got slower and slower as his vision became hazier and hazier. “If it wasn’t so cold…!” He then found himself at a stop as he could no longer move, “Hayasaegata-San…I…I’m sorry…!” He then closed his eyes before curling into a ball.

Inside The Giant Claw, Shinko began to frantically try and jumpstart the engine to the jet every way she knew how! “Come on! Come on!” She then panicked as she began to fidget with every button, switch and lever she could find. However she was unbeknownst of the signal coming in on the radar. She then froze as she felt a large thud that shook the entire jet. She looked straight up to see the giant bear monster standing above her. It’s soulless black eyes looked down at her before they then drifted out the distance in front of it. It snarled before giving a loud roar. Shinko slowly lowered her head to the horizon, where she momentarily saw a purple flash of light before the surface of the ice burst! Shinko swallowed heavily as she saw something rise from the depths below! It was Goko (or as Shinko knew her, Gochi-Ohko)!!! WE’RE SAVED!!!!! Shinko paused as she noticed something hanging onto Goko’s back.

As the monster Queen turned Bintaro then slid off of her back and onto the surface of the ice. Goko then turned to him where she leaned down and nudged him with her snout. With a soft growl a golden trail of, what could only be described as, sparkles flew from Goko’s mouth and into Bintaro’s forehead. With a cough, as well as some water, Bintaro slowly opened his eyes before he slowly turned to her. “Hey…” He said softly. Relieved that he was now okay, she stood and turned to the giant polar bear and snarled at it. The frill on her neck stood up as she released an air shaking roar towards her enemy. The roar was so powerful that it caused the windows on The Giant Claw to burst, so Shinko quickly covered her ears and slammed her eyes shut.

As she opened her eyes again Goko then began to advance towards the giant polar bear. Looking across the ice, Shinko saw Bintaro just laying there a bit curled up. “This is my chance!!!” She thought as she went to get out of the cockpit to go talk to him, “Wait!” She paused as she looked to see that he was shivering a bit, “He looks rather cold, I wonder…” Shinko then looked down at the controls where she started to look for a possible flamethrower button. She then smacked herself on the forehead when she remembered she had to get the jet off the ground first!!! BAKANA-SHINKO!!!!!!

Goko and KING NANUOMKA clashed causing a loud sound wave to explode across the surface of the ice. She roared as she grabbed onto her opponent’s tusks and quickly turned to the side, throwing her enemy to the surface of the ice. Her lower back and then up to the base of her neck flashed, before lighting up a bright purple color. She inhaled and went to unleash her deadly attack!!! Her enemy opened its mouth and hit her directly in the chest with its freezing breath. She roared and released her attack as she was knocked onto her back before crashing through the ice into the water below. The creature got onto its feet before it crawled over to the hole that Goko fell through. It’s eyes widened before the water illuminated purple and it could see Goko’s glowing eyes. It went to move but was struck in the face with her heat blast, resulting in its right tusk being snapped in half and flying through the air.

The monster roared in pain as it staggered across the ice. Bintaro, who had found enough strength to get on his feet, charged the monster before he jumped and spun through the air. When he drew close to the monsters face he then threw his right leg to kick the monster in the face. The glacier on King Nanuomka’s shoulders flashed a yellow, red, green, blue, and then orange sequence that then hit Bintaro in the form of a beam. Bintaro flashed those five colors before he then rotated backwards through the air before running backwards, slowly getting back onto his knees before laying back down in his fetal position before frost covered his skin again.

Shinko’s eyes widened the moment she saw this. Turning to her watch she noticed that it flashed the five colors the glacier did before it ticked backwards before stopping and moving forward again. “So that’s it, the glacier,” she turned and watched the monster walk back over to its fallen tusk. The glacier flashed its colors before a beam hit the fallen tusk. The tusk flew through the air before it then reattached itself to the monsters jaw. “It’s causing the temporal malfunction that Bintaro mentioned.” She then turned and sat back in the cockpit as she tried to jumpstart the engine. She then turned to Bintaro as he grunted as he slowly got back to his feet. He grabbed onto his arm as the blue orb in the center of his chest began to flash a dark orange color. “That orb…it’s never done that before,” she said as she placed her hand on her chin, “Is he running low on energy?”

Bintaro clenched his teeth as a pulsing pain ran through his chest. “This is going to take every last ounce of energy I have left…however…I just have to do it!!!” He said to himself as he then charged the giant creature. As he did the monster opened its mouth and began to fire its freezing breath only for Bintaro to reach up and close its mouth. Bintaro released a pulse of energy before he then took off with the giant monster in tow. He moved forward at immeasurable speeds before he stopped and dropped the creature at the Arctic North into the cold water. The orange flashing of the orange on his chest began to flash faster and faster, so Bintaro quickly turned and eventually made it back to Japan where the flashing stopped and he crashed through a few buildings before rolling onto the thick sheet of ice.

Hours later Bintaro laid curled up in his bed in his apartment. His heart ached and it’s pounding felt nonexistent. King Nanuomka’s breath seemed to cause the blue orb on his chest to partially freeze over. So Bintaro laid there, his heart stone cold, feeling as if he were going to die. The door to his apartment clicked before it was then pushed open and Goko walked inside. “Hey, I’m here! I got your text!” She said as she closed the door behind her and began to set the numerous bags down on the countertop. “So I brought some warm foods, some medicine, and the woman at the store recommended this new blanket.” As she took the plastic wrapped blanket from the large paper bag she looked over the image of it, “It’s an electric-insulated-weighted blanket! So it’s like a weighted blanket, but since it’s electrical it can heat up! The insulation as well as the weight helps it stay warm!”

She moved through the apartment with the blanket in hand before she came to his bedroom. “It sounded super cool, so I thought maybe-“ She then paused as she laid eyes on Bintaro laying there in bed. His face had became so pale that he looked almost as white as the snow, his lips were blue and began to slowly turn purple, it was a bit of an ungodly sight. She frowned as she walked over to his bedside and set down the blanket, “Maybe we should get you in a warm bath, it’ll slowly raise your body temperature. Do you think you can get up?” He responded by very slowly shaking his head, “Hm…okay, well…just wait here.” She turned and went to leave when she felt his cold hand grab onto hers. She looked back at him as he began to slowly close his eyes. “Okay, I’ll just stay here.”

She bent down and removed the blanket from its packaging before she began to unfold it. “Do you think you could take your clothes off? Or at least your shirt? It could help keep you warm when I put the blanket on you.” He gave a dull groan as he began to curl into a tighter ball. “Here, I can help,” she said as she put the new blanket down before she removed the blanket he had on. She carefully sat him up before she began to remove his shirt. Her eyes became large as she saw a large dark circle in the center of his chest, it looked almost similar to frostbite. Once his shirt was removed she laid him back down before she put the new blanket on top of him. She then found a control button on the corner of the blanket where she then pulled out a paper tab and turned the blanket on. “There you go, it should be warming up now. I think I should go get you some of the miso I brought, it’s warm and fresh, so it’ll warm you right up. Is that okay?”

He then slowly slid his hand out from underneath the blanket and over to her. She looked down at his hand before she looked back to the expression on his face. He really didn’t want her to leave the room. She then said, “Okay, I’ll stay…but…can you turn around?” He gave a shallow nod before he then grunted and slowly turned and faced the wall. After a deep breath she then removed her shirt before unbuttoning and removing her pants. She then crawled under the blanket and into the bed beside him. She hesitated before she turned and pressed her body against his while wrapping her arms around him. She was warm. REALLY warm. As blush began to spread across her face she said, “If you won’t let me bring you miso, the least I could do is warm you up with my body heat…just…promise me you won’t turn around. I know I’m wearing my bra and panties but….I just don’t know if I’m ready for you to see my body…at least not yet…”

After a moment’s pause she asked, “You’re not gonna die…? Right…? You’re gonna be fine…?”

“….I don’t know…” He softly replied, “….I feel like I might….”

“Oh…” She held onto him tighter as she continued to press her body against his, “Well…I’m sure you’ll be okay…”

“…’re so warm…”

“It’s the radioactivity…” She replied with a fake chuckle in hopes to get him to laugh. After a bit she then sighed as she rested her forehead on his nape, “I’m sorry you’re so cold…I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. I wish there was more I could do.”

“….just….” He then began to slowly roll over. Goko inhaled sharply as she tried to put the blanket between them. She then froze as their eyes met, “….just stay here with me….”

“O-Okay….” she replied, “I-I told you not to turn around…!”

“….I’m not focused on your body right now…” he responded as he then rested his forehead against hers. He closed his eyes slowly before she sighed and moved herself as close to him as she possibly could. After a short while her eyes drew heavy and she eventually fell asleep alongside him.

How It’s Going

After being sick in bed for a little over a week Bintaro finally regained his former strength! And now the weekend was here!!! He was extremely excited as he walked down the road with Shinko beside him! Today was his and Goko’s first beach date, and he also wanted Goko and Shinko to meet! He wore black swimming trunks with a black stripe as well as a white t-shirt. Shinko’s swimwear looked remarkably close to a sports bra and compression shorts only in a red color! As the two made it to the beach they quickly met up with Goko.

“Hey!” Bintaro said as he waved to her as they then met up. He looked her up and down and was a bit confused, she had on a t-shirt and cargo shorts. “That’s a weird swimming suit.”

“I-It’s not weird!” She then paused when she took notice of Shinko. “WHO THE HELL IS THIS BITCH?!?!?!!”

“Hi!” Shinko said as she caught Goko’s evil gaze, “You must be Bintaro’s girlfriend, he’s told me so much about you! I’m Shinko!” She smiled and reached her hand out to Goko,

“This bitch with her handshake, and her hair, and her-“ Chills shot up her spine as she noticed Shinko’s midsection “A-ABS?!?!?!!!! SHE’S TOTALLY SHREDDED!!!!”

“Oh? I’m sorry, did I offend you…?” Shinko asked feeling a bit disheartened,

“You okay, Messuhara-San?” Bintaro asked,

“Hm?!” Goko responded as she turned to Bintaro,

“This is my coworker, I was hoping you two could meet.”

“Oh! Uh! Well-“ she turned back to Shinko and said, “S-Sorry!” She then shook Shinko’s hand,

“Wow! That’s a firm handshake you got there!” Shinko said with a smile before she then retracted her hand. Looking past Goko she said, “I think I see a spot over there where we can set up! I’ll go see if I can get it!”

“That’s a good idea,” Bintaro said as Shinko then walked off. He then looked at Goko as he said, “What’s wrong? She introduced herself and you kinda ignored her. What gives?”

“Hm? What gives?” She responded, “Nothing! Nothing’s wrong! Why would anything be wrong?!”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Well…okay,” he replied, “Anyways, what’s with your swimming suit, really?”

“I-“ she then paused as she said, “I’m wearing it, I’m just wearing these clothes over it and I don’t plan on taking them off.”

“Why not?”

“Well…” She looked around at all the people on the beach. So many women in two-pieces with perfect slim bodies. She sighed as she said, “No reason, I just don’t feel like it.”

“Okay,” he replied as he noticed Shinko wave to them, “Ah! There! She’s got a spot for us!” He then took Goko’s hand and started to walk over to where Shinko was. Goko looked down at their hands before she turned and looked at all the people they walked past. She couldn’t help but feel self conscious.

“There’s so many beautiful women here, not to mention Shinko…how can he be okay being seen with me?” Was all that went through Goko’s head. “How are you feeling?” She asked him,

“I’m fine,” he replied, “I still get chills, but honestly, I think I’m okay. It’s nice and warm out today and it feels great.”


“Check it out!” Shinko said as they approached her, “I even got a few of those weird chair things! The really long ones!” She said as she reached into her bag and put her towel on one of them,

“This is awesome!” Bintaro said,

“Hey! Why don’t you go see if you can get us an umbrella, and maybe a few drinks.” Shinko said as she turned and pointed to a shack, “I think they have some over there.”

“Yeah! Okay!” Bintaro said as he let go of Goko’s hand, “I’ll be back!” He then dashed off to grab what Shinko asked him to.

“There he goes,” Shinko said with a chuckle as she sat down, “Have a seat! I wanna talk to you!”

“Hm?” Goko responded as she poooed around, “Me?”

“Yeah, you, I want to get to know you.”

“Oh, okay.” Goko said as she sat in the chair next to Shinko.

“You know, I have to admit, you’re even cuter than I thought you’d be.”


“Yeah,” Shinko said with a chuckle, “He’s always talking about how cute you are. Meanwhile I’m just thinking, maybe he’s just being dramatic, but I’m glad I was wrong. If anything you’re cuter than he’s been describing you.”

“I…thanks, um, he talks about me?”

“Oh my god, he doesn’t shut up about you!” She replied with a smile, “Even in movies, books, and TV, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen any man talk about his girlfriend the way Bintaro talks about you.”


“Yeah, he’s so in love with you, and I’m jealous.” Goko then blushed as chills ran up her spine, “I wish the man I loved talked about me the way he talks about you.”

“He…l-loves me…?”

“Yeah, you can really tell.” Shinko said as she leaned back a bit and rested her left leg on her right knee, “He hasn’t told you?”

“N-Not yet…”

“Wow, well I’m sure he’s going to tell you soon then.”

“I-I don’t know, i-isn’t it too early?”

“How long have you guys been together?”

“U-Um let’s see…” She said as she began to think, “We lived together for about three weeks before he got his own place…then after that we went to NAMJATOWN the week after…and uh, the week after I met Dai, and after that we had a movie night, then a little over a week ago-“ Her eyes then popped open in realization, “W-We’ve been dating for nearly two months!!!! By next week it’ll be-“ Her face then started to burn, “W-We haven’t even….I haven’t…we’ve never kissed…”

“Wow, that’s quite a while. I’m sure he’s planning on telling you.”

“Oh no!” She placed her hands over her bright red face as she hunched, “What do I do?!”

“Hm? You probably say, I love you too?”


“You do love him, don’t you?”

“I-“ Her mind began to race back to when they first met, when she felt something when their hands touched on the doorknob! Later her mind went to the three weeks they lived together, she taught him everything about being human, went clothes shopping with him, they went out to see a movie, and would often stay in and watch a movie in the living room, all the while he was immensely kind, charming, and respectful! Then when they flew around in his Super Jet! Then the trip to NAMJATOWN! Her heart began to pick up as she remembered how happy he was when she made friends with Dai, and the week after when they had a movie night, and the week after that when she’d come over every day after work just to check on him!!! The man she wanted to kiss SO BADLY since the day he asked her out!!! The man whose name she often muttered in her sleep as she’d dream of him! “Oh God….I-“ She was then cut off by the flagellant sound of Shinko squirting sunblock into the palm of her hand.

It was at that moment that Bintaro came back over to them with a few drinks and an umbrella tucked beneath his arm. “Sorry I took so long!“ he said as he handed Shinko a water bottle, “This was all they really had to drink.”

“This is fine, thanks!” Shinko said with a smile as she took her drink,

“Here!” Bintaro said as he turned to Goko and handed her the water bottle he got for her. She stiffened up as she slowly looked from the water bottle up to his smiling face. She quickly snatched the water bottle as her vision began to behave rather strangely. She saw the air behind his head as pink and sparkly with dove feathers. SO SHE MUST BE DEHYDRATED!!!!! She snapped the lid off the bottle and began to drink the water down. Bintaro sat down his own bottle before he then walked past Goko and Shinko where he stuck the umbrella into the sand before he opened it up.

“Alright,” Shinko said as she finished applying sunblock to her skin, “I’m gonna go for a swim! Care to join me?”

“Yeah, in just a second!” Bintaro responded, “There something I want to talk to Messuhara-San about first.”

“M-ME?!?!?!!!!” Goko said to herself as she felt like jumping up and running away.

“That’s fine!” Shinko said as she stood up before racing over to the water.

Bintaro smiled as he then sat across from Goko. He placed his right hand on his right knee before he leaned forward and leaned onto his opposing fist. “Well?”

“W-Well what…?”

“What do you think of Hayasaegata-San?”

“Hm? Oh! Shinko! Yeah! She’s nice!”

“That’s good!” He said with a sigh of relief, “I was a bit worried at first that you didn’t like her! I really want you two to get along!”

“Y-Yeah, of course! I understand! You have your work friend, and I have mine, that’s totally cool!”

“Great!” He said as he then stood up, “Are you going to come for a swim?” He asked as he then removed his shirt. Goko swallowed heavily as her face ran hot again. Why was she feeling this way?! She had seen him without a shirt before! Why was now any different?!


“Come on,” he said as he reached his hand down to her, “I’ve wanted to do this for a while now with you.” He then sighed, “But if you wanna stay here that’s fine.”

“I-“ She looked down before she then said, “Don’t stare at me…okay?”

“Why would I stare at you? Do you think you’re ugly or something? Because you’re not. So don’t worry about me, let’s just go have fun.”

“Okay…” She said as she stood up and then removed her shorts before taking a deep breath and removing her top. Bintaro’s face began to burn, his throat ran dry. He must need water too!!! She wore a blue one piece suit that had short sleeves and a low-cut-squared-off top that showed her collar bones as well as her cleavage. Heh! On the blue suit were pink printed flowers with a yellow center. She rubbed her arm as she nervously turned away from him,

“So…um….you wanna go swim….?”

“U-Uh…yeah, I uh…um…”

“It’s okay….I know that I-“

“I wish we had gone swimming sooner…”


“You’re just….you’re so beautiful, Messuhara-San.”

“I-“ She said as she began to blush as her eyes began to race all over the place, “I’m really no-“

“You really are!” He said as he grabbed onto her hands and held them close to his chest as he looked into her eyes. She was a bit taken back to see the brightness of his eyes, they almost sparkled! “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met! Which is saying something because I’ve been all over the Galaxy! I’ve never seen someone as beautiful as you!” A soft….groan? Moan? Whimper? D-Did her soul leave her body via her mouth? Whatever. Long story short, Goko was taken back. WAY back. “Messuhara-San, there’s something I’ve been meaning-“ Before he could finish he was then squirted in the face by water.

He growled as he turned to see Shinko standing at the shoreline with a water blaster. She had run into a few of her friends and borrowed their water blaster! “NO LOVE DORKS!!!!” She screamed,

“H-HAYASAEGATA-SAN!!!!” Bintaro screamed as he then ran across the sand to attack her,

“AH! NO!!!” She screamed as she began to shoot him down.

Goko stood there as she watched him run over to Shinko and tackle her into the water. Her heart began to race as she knew what she was feeling. She smiled and after a few moments she left the shade of the umbrella and walked over to the shoreline. She frantically looked around before she found the water gun that Shinko dropped. She picked it up and shot Bintaro in the back of the head as he did his best to pin Shinko beneath the waves. He froze before he slowly looked over his shoulder at Goko. Betrayal. He went to speak when she then shot him again! She somehow got it in his mouth causing him to choke and fall over. She placed her hand over her mouth as she snickered, “Oh no! I’m sorry!” She then began to giggle as he then sat up and sighed. He was happy now that she seemed to be having fun.

The rest of their time at the beach went as one might expect! They splashed around in the ocean, played beach volleyball and many more! Goko buried Bintaro up to his head in the sand before he then dug himself out and chased her around in hopes to do the same to her! Eventually they started a game that Bintaro didn’t understand. They were trying to smash open a watermelon but they blindfolded each other! He assumed it would be easier if they could see it, but he still played nonetheless. Eventually they gathered with Shinko’s friends who all brought some food and they had a nice lunch followed by dinner! Eventually the sun started to set and it was time for everyone to go home!

“I really had a lot of fun today,” Goko said as she walked away from the beach hand-in-hand with Bintaro, “Thanks for suggesting this.”

“Yeah, don’t mention it.” He replied,

“Do you think Shinko has a boyfriend?”

“I don’t think so,” he replied, “She keeps mentioning some man that she loves, but I can never get any of the details.”

“Well, maybe you and I can help her out with that. She’s a lot of fun to be around and a really nice person.”

“Yeah she is,” He said with a smile as a group of three girls started to walk towards him. Goko took no notice to them as she just kinda found herself lost looking up at her boyfriend. She knew what she felt, she wanted to tell him, she just didn’t know if he felt the same. After a while she said,

“Hey-“ It was at this moment when Bintaro let go of her hand and walked the other direction. “Hm?” She went as she turned around.

“Excuse me,” Bintaro said as he got the attention of the three girls. Goko didn’t see them walk past them! Who were they? “Can you apologize?” He asked them, “I’m not trying to seem rude, or sound like I was eavesdropping, but that’s heard whispering and calling my girlfriend fat.” Goko swallowed heavily as she didn’t even hear them! “She’s not fat, and even if she was, she’s not, not to me. Even if she was, it doesn't matter, because she’s a beautiful and perfect woman just the way she is. So can you please apologize? I don’t want anyone talking about her that way.”

“Bintaro…” Goko said softly as the three girls then approached her,

“We’re sorry!” The leader of the girls said as they all bowed to her, “We didn’t mean it!”

“It’s true!” One of the others said, “Besides, you’ve got a great swimming suit! I’d love to have one like it!”

“Yeah! You’ve also got really cute hair!” The last one said as she looked up at Goko,

“Oh…uh,” Goko responded before clearing her throat, “It’s alright, I didn’t even notice, I forgive you.”

“Really?!” They all said in unison,

“Yeah, it’s fine! I promise!” Goko said with a smile,

“Alright,” the leader of the girls said, “Anyways, we should get going, maybe we’ll see you again sometime.”

“Yeah, maybe!”

“Bye!” They said as they turned and began to walk away, “Wow! She’s so lucky! I wish my boyfriend was like that!”

Bintaro watched them walk down the road before releasing a sigh. “Honestly, some people just aren’t very kind. I’m glad they apologized though.” He smiled as he began to turn around, “Don’t worry about what they have to say, because it’s not-“ Before he could finish Goko had stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. He was swiftly pulled downwards and he and Goko’s lips then met. His eyes widened as his face began to boil. After a few moments she pulled away from him, “true…”

“I love you.” She said before she then let go of him and began to walk in the opposite direction, “Come on, we should-“ At that moment he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him. Placing his hands on her face he then caused their lips to meet again, this time with his eyes closed. Goko closed her eyes as well and wrapped her arms around his neck once more. He then pulled away from her before saying,

“I love you too.”