Chapter 14:

I Want the Truth

His Unknown Spawn

‘In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Detective: “This shouldn’t have happened”

Aradia: “This was bound to happen. I was confused as well as to why it happened because it shouldn’t have. But I realised it’s because you make me vulnerable. I choose to be vulnerable around you”

Aradia: “Detective. I don’t have any parents. My mother… disappeared the second I was born and my Dad has no idea I even exist. I’ve been raised by my Grandfather and many aunts and uncles, to which I’m only close with one. I’ve never been vulnerable ever! I’ve always been the tough one. The one that everyone relies on. The backbone. The shield. But for once, for the first time in my life I felt as if there is someone looking out for me. I felt there is someone that out there that protects me. So that’s why this happened today because I chose to be vulnerable. So it’s fine”

Detective: “If that’s how you feel, Aradia-san. Then I have failed to protect you”

Aradia: “Please stop beating yourself over that, Detective. I’m fine. Please don’t worry. And besides I would rather me get hit than you. You have Anya to worry about, I don’t have anyone. She needs you, Detective”

Detective: “You have me and Anya, Aradia-san. So please NEVER think that again. And you have your Dad as well, who I’m sure will accept you with open arms”

*They have a small moment before it’s interrupted by Anya coming over with a small scowl*

Anya: “You left me”

Detective: “Oops”

Aradia: “Come here, Raindrop.”

Aradia: “We’ll leave your Dad somewhere and see if he likes it”

Detective: “What are you two whispering about?”

Aradia: “Nothing. Just girlie talk”

Aradia: “Sorry, Detective. We can’t tell you”

*The three of them have a cute, wholesome moment before Aradia complains she wants to go home and the detective gets her discharge papers ready, and soon she can go*

Blank Screen

The next day was a struggle. I had a shower with utmost difficulty before deciding to wear something easy and comfortable as the detective ordered me to completely rest and recover quickly.

Once I’ve managed to get into my comfies, made myself a cup of tea and toast. I sit on the sofa and watch FRIENDS on Netflix.

If you say you hate FRIENDS, I’m coming for you! It has to be the most iconic 90s show ever!

Half an hour and a couple of episodes of season 5 later, I hear the doorbell ring. I brush the crumbs off of the front of my t-shirt before I open the door.

“Detective?” I say surprised.

He brushes past me and walks in; from the way his state is, he looks mad. I quickly close the door and rush after him, he paces a few steps before looking at me. He walks up to me and runs his hand through his hair. At this point I’m worried.

Why is he looking at me like he’s about to lob my head off…?

“Detective, are you okay? Is it Anya? Is she hurt because I swear if someone hurt my little raindrop I will…”

“No! Anya is fine! It’s YOU I’m here to talk about” he tells me.

“Okay?” I ask sitting down on the armrest of the sofa, looking up at him as he’s still standing.

“Who are you? He asks.

“Huh?” I reply, clearly confused.

“Who are you, Aradia-san?” he asks.

Why is he asking me this?

“Detective, I have already told you who I am” I say, firmly.

“What? That you are the Devil? No Aradia-san I need to know who you REALLY are!” he says to me.

“That IS who I am, Detective” I yell, trying to get my point across.

“Not once have I hidden anything from you, not once have I lied to you. If you must know I don’t lie! I cannot lie! It is physically impossible for me to lie!” I explain now standing up so we’re on the same level, seeing eye-to-eye.

“Well one thing you have lied to me about is being Sakura’s sister!” he yells throwing a file on the table in front of me with my picture on the front.

“What the hell?” I mumble while picking up the file.

I don’t believe this!

“What is this?” I ask holding the file.

“This is everything about you” he says pointing at me.

“Detective, I suggest you put the finger away before you end up losing it!” I warn.

He stops pointing at me and puts his hand in his pocket making me resist a small smile.

“And I agree, Sakura and I weren’t blood related. But we were best friends and she was like a little sister to me. And believe it or not, detective! But heart relations are a LOT stronger than blood. Whoever came up with that whole ‘Blood is thicker than Water’ bullshit should go to Hell! Because guess what, sometimes the ones who are related to you, can hurt you worse than the ones that are not!” I voice my opinion.

I didn’t realise I’m yelling until I feel a sharp tickle in my throat making me cough. I cough vigorously until the detective passes me a glass of water. I take a sip. It really helps.

“Thank you” I whisper.

“Okay. Point taken” the detective sighs.

“I’m sorry” he says looking down.

“Why?” I ask looking at him.

He’s still looking down until I pull his arm making him look into my eyes.

“Why?” I ask a little louder, a little angrier.

“I thought since she was your sister. You would have some links to the gang” he says surprising me.

“Why?” I ask.

“Come with me” he says and grabs my hand dragging me with him.

We get outside and stop in front of his car; he unlocks it and opens the passenger side door gesturing for me to get in.

Is he kidnapping me?

I get inside the car; he helps me with the seatbelt being careful of my arm. He then closes the door and goes around, before opening the door to the driver’s side and getting in himself.

His hands are tightly gripping the steering wheel and his eyes are glued to the road ahead, facial expression: stern. He looks very breakable.

I don’t ask him questions and decide to just be quiet. A million thoughts are running through my mind.

What did Sakura do?

Is this linked to her guilt?

Is this why she’s in Hell?

I didn’t realise we stopped until I hear the door shut from the Driver’s side and see the Detective come to my side to open the door on my side.

“Come” he says holding his hand out.

I push the button to get out of the seatbelt, and place my hand in his allowing him to help me out. I gently close the car door

He leads me inside the precinct. There are many police officers, some are wearing uniform and there are others who aren’t.

“Come” he says and leads me to a desk. I know it’s his because it has a picture of him and Sakura as well as a family picture of him, Anya, and his late wife. But something catches my eye, there is also a third picture framed, it’s a picture of the three of us. The detective, me, and Anya, that day at the hospital.

“Here” he says and turns his computer towards me.

“Recognise anyone?” he asks.

I give him a quick glance before looking at the picture clearly, the picture is a little blurry but after he scans the picture with facial recognition and zooms into one face my eyes grow wide.

“Sakura?” I whisper.

“Yes” I hear the detective reply.

“B-but how? She was so innocent. The few months that I lived with her, I never suspected anything like this.” I tell him.

“When she was younger she got mixed with he wrong people. She had a boyfriend who was a part of that gang. At that time the gang wasn’t dangerous, just a bunch of kids involved in the wrong things” he starts to explain.

“How is that possible? Her parents were detectives” I tell him.

“Yes. They were. And they were killed in a shooting, by that same gang. Sakura’s boyfriend killed her Mum and was killed by her Dad and Sakura got caught in the middle and while trying to save her. Her Dad was killed” he explains.

What? That is NOT what she told me!

“Sakura then ran away and tried to escape from the gang. She started her life fresh and was good all those years. I guess the gang was tracking her and they found her at the bank, there was actually no other reason for them to hold anyone ese hostage. Apparently they were trying to locate her for a while” he tells me.

“I know.” I tell him.

He gives me a confused look.

“On my first day in Tokyo, I saved Sakura. That’s how we met. 4 guys were trying to get her in their car when I stopped them and saved her. That’s when she invited me to live with her. I saved her and somehow won over her trust” I explain my side of the story.

I guess they were the gang members. I just dropped the subject after she refused to answer me the first time.

He nods understanding before standing straighter and curtly nodding towards another guy.

“Lieutenant” he says formally towards a guy who looks to be in his late 20s.

“Amano-san and… I’m sorry you are?” he asks me politely.

“Oh. Morningstar Aradia. Pleasure to meet you” I smile a little while shaking his hand.

“Likewise. Detective Amano, a word” he says.

“Sure” the detective replies and excuses himself.

I watch them leave when my gaze moves to the Lieutenant’s leg, he's wearing shirts so it was easy to see the scar on his leg, for some reason it looked familiar, I then remember something;

“He has a giant scar on his right leg. As if someone took a knife and slashed it upwards. It’s a huge scar, you can’t miss it”

I remembered Rio’s words and the scar on the Lieutenant’s leg is exactly the same as the one Rio described… could he be…? My thoughts are put to a halt when the detective comes back.

“Are you okay?” he asks me.

“Huh? I ask and then realise what he says before nodding.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine” I smile a little.

“Okay. Let’s go” he says.

We leave the precinct and the ride back is even quieter than the one on the way to the precinct. We both walk back inside the house and I quickly go to the table under the TV and grab a glass of water drinking it quickly.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Aradia-san, easy. What’s the rush?” the detective asks.

“Detective” I say holding his bicep and looking in his eyes.

“Yes?” he asks searching for something in my own eyes.

“Detective, I think I know who the ‘Striker’ is” I tell him.

“What?! Who?” he asks.

“The Lieutenant” I tell him.

“What?!” he asks shocked.

“Let me explain…” I say.


“Okay” he nods crossing his arms across his chest.