Chapter 574:

Chapter 571: The War is Over!!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 571: The War is Over!!

Narrator: The Dark Goddess has been defeated!

*The angels not killed by Dakame are heading toward the portal that leads to Earth*

Male Angel 1: They won!

Male Angel 2: We need to tell everyone!

Female Angel 1: The Dark Goddess is dead!


Narrator: Meanwhile, in Dakame’s lair.

*Inside a dimly lit room, a door that leads into the room starts to open. Zeth and Sasha enter the room*

Zeth: This room seemed like it was heavily guarded. There must be something important in here.

*Sasha appears to be staring at something*

Zeth: What are you staring at?

Sasha: Is that… a crib?

*The dim lighting makes it difficult to see but it is indeed a crib. They go up to it and look at what is in it. Zeth’s and Sasha’s eyes open wide*

Zeth: It’s…!

*In the crib is a baby*

Sasha: A baby…

*The baby opens its eyes and it has Dark Divine Eyes. Sasha looks shocked and then has a flashback to her battle with Hamura (Chapter 555)*

(Flashback) Hamura: I feel that mother has lost some trust in me.

(Flashback) Sasha: What do you mean by that?

(Flashback) Hamura: If you survive this war, you will find out.

*End of flashback*

Sasha: This is what Hamura meant… It’s a new heir…

*Zeth is looking at some papers sitting on an end table that is by the crib*

Zeth: So, from a quick look at these papers, the baby is a boy and is the son of Dakame and Shade and his name is Diablo.

*He turns around to look at Sasha and she has a shocked expression*

Sasha: He is born with the intent to carry on the Dark Goddess’s will! He will be evil! We have to kill him.

*Sasha has her left hand raised and intends to pierce the baby’s heart. She starts the motion but Zeth grabs her hand to stop her*

*Sasha looks at Zeth in surprise. Zeth shakes his head no*

Zeth: No.

Sasha: Without any mortal blood relation, this child of evil will have no care for mortals or anything that is good!

Zeth: Your mortal father was a piece of shit. You turned out alright because of how you were raised, not because of your blood.

*Sasha basically has no answer so Zeth continues*

Zeth: Hasn’t there been enough death already? No more. Please.

*Sasha just looks at him for a moment and then tears start to flow down from her eyes*

*Sasha falls to her knees and starts crying*

Sasha: You’re right! I can’t believe I just almost killed my little brother!

Zeth: It’s alright. You can let it out. We’ve all had it rough in this horrible war…

*Sasha keeps crying*

*The other heroes and Harmona (who is carrying Zothena on her back) enter the room because they hear Sasha crying*

Emily: What’s going on!?

*They see Sasha still on her knees crying, Zeth standing while trying to comfort her, and then the baby in the crib*

Harmona: A baby?


Narrator: Later.

*The heroes are out on the main grounds of Hell and are heading toward the portal. Harmona is still carrying Zothena. Emily is carrying the baby*

Zeth: I’m surprised it didn’t take that long to clear out Dakame’s lair.

Sasha: I’m sure a lot of her important things were kept in the lab we destroyed.

Harmona: The baby clarifies the timing of the war.

Zeth: It does?

Harmona: Yes. It’s been 12 years since Zenos was defeated. A divine being’s pregnancy is 10 years. This baby is less than a year old. If she wanted to make sure she had a new heir first, then it makes sense she would start her invasion soon after he was born.

Zeth: That makes sense.

Harmona: At any rate, I’m excited to go back and tell everyone the good news.

*They enter the portal that leads to the ruined Reign City. Soon after, they exit the portal and are back in the ruined Reign City. All of them have a surprised look on their face*

*All of Heaven’s forces have formed a large crowd all facing the portal they came out of and they are now all applauding as the sun rises in the background as it is now morning. The heroes look blown away by the gathering*

*Zeth starts walking toward the end of a long piece of rubble that is higher up than the ground the crowd is. Zeth smiles with excitement and raises his arms up doing the victory sign \o/ with his arms raised high and spread out

Zeth: The war is over!! We have won!!!

*Zeth causes the applause to get even louder and there is loud cheering as well. The other heroes look so happy seeing Zeth making the victory sign in front of all the troops*


Narrator: Later.

*It is now full daylight. Almost everyone is gathered around Sonzen’s corpse and they all look sad*

*Harmona, Zeth, and Sasha are at the front and Harmona is no longer carrying Zothena*

Harmona: Please don’t be sad for it is not the end. Sonzen is different from us.

Zeth: What do you mean by that?

Harmona: Watch.

*Sonzen’s corpse turns into a pile of ashes*

Zeth: It turned to ash?

*They suddenly then start hearing a chirping sound*

Zeth: What?

Harmona: Let’s look.

*Harmona, Zeth, and Sasha walk up to the pile of ashes. Something comes out of the ashes. It looks like a little chick version of Sonzen*

Zeth: It looks like a baby Sonzen?

Harmona: Upon death, Sonzen is reborn soon after as a baby.

*Everyone looks amazed*

Zeth: It’s like a phoenix… rising from the ashes.

Harmona: And that is what Sonzen is. It will take tens of thousands of years for him to fully return to his full self. Now, it is time. It’s time for everything to rebuild… in the New Era.

Narrator: With the war over, everyone celebrates! The rebirth of Sonzen represents the coming of the New Era! There are only 3 chapters left!

Chapter 571 END

To be Continued in Chapter 572: The Successor