Chapter 573:

Chapter 570: Destroy The Dark Goddess!!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 570: Destroy The Dark Goddess!!

Narrator: The final phase of the final battle against Dakame is here! It’s do-or-die time!!

*Zeth and Sasha’s attacks push against Dakame’s massive Sphere of Demons*

Zeth: We can’t hold anything back!

*As the attacks push against each other, Dakame’s attack starts to gain an advantage as it pushes Zeth’s and Sasha’s attacks back*

Sasha: No!

*Dakame looks super confident*

Dakame: Can you feel it!? I’m about to win! All of you are going to be wiped out!

*Suddenly, Dakame is hit by a Star Shine Blast from the side. It doesn’t have an effect on her but she looks to the right and sees that it was released from Harmona who looks weak and exhausted and is breathing quite heavily*

Harmona: *huff huff* I’m still here…

Dakame: What are you even trying to accomplish? You can’t do anything to me in that state.

*Dakame unleashes more magic energy from her hand to give more push to her Sphere of Demons*

*Zeth and Sasha’s attacks start to be pushed back even more*

*The Sphere of Demons is then hit from the side by Joe’s Derecho*

Joe: I won’t just sit back and watch! We’re going to win or lose together!

*Keith hits the Sphere of Demons with a Demonic Burial Cannon. Emily hits the Sphere of Demons with her Supreme Cannon. Kurt uses Aura Drill on it*

Keith: He’s right!

Emily: We’ve come all this way together!

Kurt: We won’t stop until this battle is over!

*Dakame laughs*

Dakame: Maybe if you run away now, you could avoid being killed by my attack!

*Harmona now focuses an attack on the Sphere of Demons. She releases a Shooting Star and hits it. Their combined attacks help Zeth and Sasha push back against the Sphere of Demons*

*Their morale rises*

Zeth: We can do this!! Just keep at it!!

Dakame: Wrong!!

*Dakame gets closer to her Sphere of Demons and increases the rate at which she is releasing her power. The attacks stalemate and neither side are able to push the other back*

*The stalemate continues but the other heroes start to run out of energy for their attacks*

Emily: No! We can’t!!

*Dakame regains the advantage as her Sphere of Demons starts to push back Zeth’s and Sasha’s attacks*

*Zeth and Sasha are losing morale*

Zeth: We need more!!

Sasha: But we don’t have more!! The others are reaching their limit!!

*Dakame has extreme confidence*

Dakame: I already told you! I’m going to win!!! All of you will be completely obliterated!!!

*The other heroes are trying to redo their attacks despite their exhaustion*

*Kogen, Udana, and Fisha don’t look like they have high hopes right now either*

Udana: Is the Dark Goddess really too powerful for anyone to overcome?

Kogen: I’m starting to fear so.

*Someone is approaching Zeth and Sasha from behind. It is Zothena*

Zothena: Zeth. Sasha.

*She puts her left hand on Zeth’s back and her right hand on Sasha’s back*

Zeth: Zothena!?

Zothena: Keep letting out all of your power! I will weaken my soul even further to give you two even more power!

*Zeth and Sasha have a concerned look*

Zeth: You can’t give us anymore!!

Sasha: You’ll die if you give us too much!!

Zothena: I will leave myself with just enough to live! You must absolutely defeat Dakame! Trust me!

*Zeth and Sasha accept her decision*

Zeth: Okay…! We trust you!

Sasha: Just don’t overdo it!

*Zeth and Sasha start releasing more of their energy as Zothena starts transferring more of her soul’s energy to Zeth and Sasha*

*Zeth and Sasha use even more power and are able to push back against the Sphere of Demons*

Dakame: What!!?

Zeth: Now we’re in business!

*Zothena looks super exhausted and takes some steps back before falling forward and is now lying flat on the ground frontside down. She looks like she could pass out at any time*

Zothena: You can… do this…

*The power struggle between the attacks is now entering its finale*

Dakame: This can’t be happening!!

Sasha: Oh, but it is!!

Zeth: Your reign is about to end!!

*Harmona, Joe, Emily, Kurt, Keith, Kogen, Udana, and Fisha look at the struggle with hope*

Joe: Put an end to her!

Emily: We believe in you!

Kurt: Show her what it means to be a true leader!

Keith: You both are about to carve your names in the book of legends!

Kogen: Put an end to any reason to fear the divine!

Udana: You are the destined ones!

Fisha: Finish her!

Harmona: As my son and future daughter-in-law, I couldn’t be more proud of you! Now do it! Bring in the New Era!!

*Zeth and Sasha burst out their remaining power*

Zeth: This is the end!!!

Sasha: Your era is finished!!!

*The Sphere of Demons is being pushed back even more now*

Dakame: I won’t accept this!! I can’t lose!!!

*Soon, the power struggle ends as a combination of Zeth’s super charged Soul Shine Blast and Sasha’s super charged Soul Beam completely overpower and destroy Dakame’s Sphere of Demons and blast right into her*

Dakame: Nooooooooo!!!!!!

*Dakame’s body starts to become completely destroyed/obliterated*


*The beams continue and cause a large path of destruction and then outright explode where there is no one around. The explosion is massive but no one is caught in it*

*After the explosion clears, there is nothing left of the Dark Goddess*

*Zeth and Sasha exit their Soul Power forms and they look so happy and tears of joy flow down their face*

Zeth and Sasha: We did it!!!!!

*Everyone else looks happy and has tears of joy*

Harmona: You both did it! You really did it! I’m so proud! The New Era… will now begin.

Narrator: At long last, the Dark Goddess has been defeated once and for all! The New Era will begin! There are only 4 chapters left!

Chapter 570 END

To be Continued in Chapter 571: The War is Over!!

Author's Comment: And this is it, the end of the final battle of Beyond The Stars 1. Next chapter will be the wrap-up chapter for the war and then the final 3 chapters will be the epilogue.