Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 (Back to home)

Ankh Holder (Season 2)

* This story was based in 1510s*

“Ahhhh, where am I now?” Zeya mourned and used his energy to get up. His head was so dizzy that everything was shaking in his view. He couldn’t see clearly. He sat near his spaceship and tried to remember what had happened.

He left planet Tatera on his space shift. He headed toward the earth. His spaceship crashed because of solar waves. “So, Am I on earth now?” He looked around and saw some grass under his feet. He touched the ground with his hands. Not only that, but he also smelled it with his nose. A dirty, watery smell appeared on his nose. An odor that he hadn’t smelled for years. Tears rolled down his eyes as he knew he was at home again.

It was early in the morning so he could see the sunrise in the east. He could see green farms and a forest from a distance. But his happiness didn’t last for long.

“Wait, where’s the mutant?” Zeya was shocked as he remembered that he had come to earth with the mutant. He controlled its mind, put it on the spaceship, and now it was gone.

Memories of what he had done at the Taterian base appeared in his mind like a movie. He looked at his spaceship, which was destroyed by solar waves while coming down to earth’s atmosphere. He felt a knock on his head and lost consciousness. The mutant might have escaped at that time.

“Hey, Mon Kid!!! What are you doing in my field, and what’s that thing behind you?” he heard a man’s voice. The man spoke the Burmese language. Zeya turned around and saw a man who seemed like a farmer and a kid who seemed like the farmer’s son.

“Oh, it’s umm..” Zeya could say no words.

“Are you a spy from Hanthawaddy? What’s that suit you are wearing?

“What? Spy? No, no. My hair is short because I took novice hood last month. And this suits? They are from an opera,” Zeya had to say randomly with words coming out of his brain.

“I have never seen an opera with these strange suits,” the farmer said. His son went nearer Zeya and touched his spacesuit. “Wow, the cloth is so smooth,” he said. Zeya felt a little uncomfortable. Then, the kid pointed at Zeya’s spaceship and said, “What is that?” “Yuh, what is that?” the farmer asked too. Zeya was so confused, not knowing what to say.

“Umm, that’s just a set from opera,” he said.

“What the hell is wrong with your opera? Strange suits and strange sets!!” The farmer looked confused. At one point, Zeya thought of using his powers to control their minds. But, he didn’t want to use any powers on his people. So, he kept lying.

“Well, the owner of the opera got broke. I got left with this set and a suit,”

“Oh, sad to hear. But why did your opera leave the set on my farm,”

“Because they have no place to leave it. Please don’t destroy this. I will help you to move this from your land,”

“Well, then,” The farmer and Zeya lifted the spaceship. Although Zeya’s spaceship was small in size, it was heavy. But with Zeya’s help, the farmer managed to move it inside a tent structure near the farm.

“Mr, I’m so thankful for you to help me. May I help you with your farmings for a day,” Zeya said. The farmer shook his head and said, “no need,” But Zeya insisted, so the farmer eventually agreed. Zeya then helped the farmer to collect his crops from the farm. He hadn’t done that for three years but still knew the basics. As the sun rose, sweat fell from his body like rain. Muds and soil filled his spacesuit. He had to put his shirt off and continued.

After more than two hours of working at the farm, the farmer and the son took Zeya to their house and gave him a meal. The farmer asked Zeya if he wanted a night's stay or not. But knowing he had to find his parent’s house and the mutant, Zeya politely rejected it. He only asked for a piece of longyi (A sarong) to wear. He knew he couldn’t go around Ava city with his spacesuit.

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