Chapter 1:


Is It Tough For The MC To Notice You? (HIATUS)

-Eisuke Fujio=The main character in the series. 17, Male. He's quite nice towards others, but despises Mina very much, and acts either sadistic or teasing towards Mina. But he can be quite caring towards Mina sometimes.Bookmark here

-Mina Kurenai=The secondary main character and narrator in the series. 17, female, has a few blue streaks in her hair. She's quite funny, adorable, and can be short tempered or sarcastic towards sometimes. She has a goal of making Eisuke fall in love with her.Bookmark here

-Rumiko Tomoka=Mina's friend, she's quite the sadist towards others and is dark sided. She's 17, and is part of the drama club.Bookmark here

-Kaji Hokuto=Eisuke's friend and Rumiko's girlfriend. 17. He's caring towards Rumiko, helpful, and can give out advice, either good or bad.Bookmark here

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