Chapter 1:

The Attack

St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

 The Last thing Kim Sung-ho could remember was celebrating loudly in front of his three-monitor setup. He just beat the final boss and was staring at the ending scene.

Kim had done it. He didn’t just do a perfectly clear, he did a perfect Reverse Harem End. He was now in his forties, slaving away for twenty years, at the game as a famous content creator. Kim turned to his chat.

“He did it!”

“He ducking did it!”


“Post it on the forums right now!”

Kim burst with pride as he immediately sent screenshots of the wedding to the forums. They were already gathering the attention of gamers worldwide.

“Show us your face please!”

“Yeah! Please do!”

Kim chuckled, he was a faceless streamer. The only thing he showed on camera was his hands typing furiously on the custom keyboard he owns. He was quite attractive, but he couldn't handle popularity well.

But today was a special day, so why not?

“Is the camera on?’ he asked, in a deep tired voice.

“Holy shit! He’s hot!”

“Oppa kiss me!”

Kim just chuckles. “Im not so sure about that, im forty years old. Ah! I have some leftover soju! Let's toast to celebrate!”

“Kim is an Ahjussi!?"

"Yeah! Yeah! Please do!"

Kim left his seat and fetched the large bottle of soju. “Since this is the greatest celebration of my life– fuck the cups, im drinking straight out of the bottle!”

“Chug! Chug!”

“Chug! Chug!”

Kim wipes the alcohol that dripped from his chin. “Im so going to get noise complaints! But fuck it!”


“Okay, first of all, thank you all for staying with me– hic!-- on this journey… it means so much to me….I drank too much…” Kim collapses on the floor of his room with the camera on, snoring away.

“Oppa fell asleep!”

“Onstream too! Lolololol”

“Let him sleep, he must be so tired.”

“Don't worry Oppa! We’ll watch over you.”

“That's creepy.”

As the chat was joking around with his tired figure, ranging from his fit body to his silky hair. This was all interrupted by sounds of cracking.

“What was that?!”

“Hyung! Wake up Hyung!”

His bedroom door burst open and a masked figure walk in with a gun. Kim jump up from the noise and picked up the soju bottle by the neck and hit the intruder upside the head.

“Who the fuck are you!?” Kim panicked, fumbling over his phone. “Hello? Yes, this is an emergency! Someone broke into my house! I knocked him out with a soju bottle! Please help!”

“Hyung! Behind you!”

Kim turned around to see the gun pointed at his forehead. “This is it, chat.” he sighed Always remember! I love you!” he said in a drunken stupor.


The gunshot ends the memory short and the next thing he knew, he was awake.

“What the?” Kim thought.

His point of view was very low as if he was very small. He could only look up to what seemed to be a doorway of a Victorian house. The rain was pouring and splashing around him, the sound of water rushing was quite uncomfortably loud.

The door opens and a maid's skirt brushes on his face. The woman kneeled down. “Oh, you poor thing…” she said, picking up Kim.

“What?” Kim tried to struggle. “Eh, are these baby noises?”

He touched his own face. “I’m a baby!”