Chapter 2:

The orphan

St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

Fifteen years ago today, Kim awoke to a fantasy world of magic. Set in a Victorian-like time, the world was technologically advanced enough to have cars– all thanks to magic. 

Kim sprinted through baker Street, making sure to dodge cars as he crossed the road. In his hands was filled with groceries entrusted to him by Lady Amy, the orphanage caretaker. 

"Oh! Arthur! Nice seeing you here boy! Are you running errands?" A man dressed in a bakery uniform said with a smile. His fat and tall statue towered over the fifteen-year-old. 

"Yes sir! I am!" Arthur smiled sweetly, his long black hair fluttering behind him. 

Arthur was growing up fast for his age, already at five feet and six inches. His tall stature is one of the reasons why Amy entrusted him with errands. 

He stopped in front of a rugged building and entered the premises. "Madam! I'm home!" 

Amy peeked out of the kitchen. "Oh! Arthur, you're back already!" 

Arthur, or Kim, was the only resident of the rickety orphanage. He was healthy and pretty muscular for his age, being the only one supported by Lady seemed to help a lot. 

"If that's all Madame, I'll be in my room, studying."

Amy smiled. "Well then child, off you go. I'll call you when lunch is ready!" 

Arthur charged up the rickety stairs to his room. "Phew! That was tiring, especially now during rush hour."

It's been ten years since I came to this world and I've been amazed by everything. First of all, I'm inside the dating game, but not as Evangeline, but as a side character. An orphan. 

Well, there's nothing wrong with that, I was an orphan in my previous life. 

Arthur peeked through the opened window and breathe in the fresh air, the horizon shining overhead. 

"This is the Capital city, Helena, of the Rosegold Magic Empire. A magical and technologically advanced empire." 

Arthur scouted around the window to see if there are any bystanders or witnesses. There was none, so he sat on the windowsill and used it to parkour up the ceiling. 

"Victorian buildings have an overhead piece of decoration where the roof connects, but this building is one of the roofless houses. The design choice gives me a secluded area all to myself, inaccessible from anyone." 

Arthur stared proudly at his little hideout. A copper sheet was propped up by two tall stacks of moldy cabinets. 

"I'm going to miss this place." Arthur sighed. This was the place he secretly trained, studied, and exercised. He looked at the scorch mark on the center of the hideout with a smirk. "This was when I first awakened my magic."

In this world, there is a simple system of magic. Four basic elements and the two arcane elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Dark. 

Branching from those elements are sub-elements, either a higher form, derivative, or combination of those six elements.

Arthur lies down on the deck, staring at the sky. "It's crazy that I'm already turning sixteen in a few hours."

At midnight tonight, I become a full-fledged adult required to attend St. Clover's Golden Academy. The empire values education, so it provides scholarship courses for commoners like me that are mandatory.

"Life wouldn't be so bad, being in the academy have blessings... and curses." Arthur shivered, thinking about all the trials and tribulations Evangeline has to go through. 

"It would be best for me to keep my head down and stay out of the violence."

Arthur's ears perk up at the sounds of rickety footsteps. he jumps up from his position and jumps off the roof. grabbing the windowsill and pulling himself up, Arthur rolls into his room floor and pretends to be asleep. 

"Arthur, it's time for lunch."

stretching and feigning a waking yawn, he sits upright to greet her. "it's lunch already?"

Amy smiled at the boy. "Did you have a good nap, Arthur?"

"I sure did. What is for lunch?"

They both walked down the stairs, and Arthur's nose was met by the smell of beef stew. "Aww~ you made my favorite." Arthur smiled, brimming with happiness. 

Amy gave Arthur a crushing hug. "Of course I did! Today is a big day! you're turning sixteen!''

Arthur nodded kissing his caretaker on the forehead. "Thank you, mom."

"You're welcome."

Arthur immediately digs into the soup, dipping cornbread into the thick creamy soup. Amy went to the kitchen sink. 

"Your things are already packed, you just need to get your things from the roof."

Arthur nearly spat his food. "T-The roof? What roof? we only have two floors."

Amy turns around with a smirk. "Don't try to lie, exercising in your room isn't a good enough excuse for those muscles of yours."

Arthur nodded. "Sorry."

Amy shook her head. "It is fine. you're a responsible boy, and y-you will always be..." she quivered.

Arthur got up from his seat and hugged his mother tightly. "Don't worry mom, I will be alright."

They stay tight in the embrace before he had to let go. Amy turn around. "Your things are packed, and I already bought you a ticket."

Arthur held the ticket tightly in his hand, knowing it is the most expensive thing in the house. he finished the stew and stowed away the ticket in his breast pocket. he left the kitchen without another word and immediately go to the roof.

No wonder why she got thin... she was skipping out on meals to pay for this, for this one-in-a-lifetime experience, that's how much she sacrificed for me. screw being mediocre, I swear I will be the strongest in that academy!