Chapter 18:

Finally Meeting Dad

His Unknown Spawn

‘In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

Aradia: “You will all be punished for what you’ve done!”

*She beats everyone before getting shot in the wing and turns back to normal before jumping in with the detective to beat the ‘Striker’

Aradia: “Detective, call for backup.”

*She takes him back to where they had tied Anya and ties him to the same chair to beat him up*

Detective: “Don’t take away all the fun”

Detective: “For 3 years I’ve been hunting you guys down. For 3 years I’ve been wanting revenge. Finally the day has come when I can get my revenge!”

*They take the mask off and it turns out it was the lieutenant*

Detective: “Why, Lieutenant? I idolised you. Why would you do this?”

Striker: “Drugs. Money. Mostly drugs. I can get triple the amount I earn without getting my hands dirty. I simply pin the blame on some innocent person. Or one of my Men and can get away Scott free, I am the lieutenant after all”

*The detective starts beating the ‘Striker’ and is about to kill him when Aradia stops him*

Aradia: “No, Detective. Imagine the look on Anya when you get arrested for murdering this man. Imagine her 10 years from now being scared because her Dad would be called a murderer. Think about Anya, she needs you more than ever”

*She kills him instead by stabbing him. The backup comes and the Detective tells them they found him that way, and when she asks him why she did that he says it’s because she can’t lie*

*They go outside and see that they’re alone, Aradia calls for Anya who comes and hugs the detective. Aradia erases Anya’s memory of the incident and goes to hug her when the detective stops her from touching Anya, they end up having an argument and he leaves*

*Upset Aradia leaves and goes to look for her Dad after packing everything from home*

Blank Screen

I have never felt more nervous than right now. My palms are sweaty, my stomach is turning somersaults to the point where I feel like I’m gonna throw up. I am sitting in my car, parked outside Dad’s house, and just watching it like one of those creepy stalkers.

I finally plucked the courage to step out of the car and slowly walk towards the door. I bring my fist up to knock, but wipe my hand on my jeans and then knock. I tap against the door three times before taking a step back and waiting.

“Coming” I hear a deep voice say.

A Man who looked to be in his late 30s opened the door, he was wearing what looked like an expensive suit along with Italian Leather shoes. He looked at me with a smile on his face.

“How can I help you?” he asks.

“Are you, Lucifer Morningstar?” my voice quivered a little.

He smiles, “The one and only”

I see where I get my British accent from

I couldn’t help it but rush to hug him, I wrap my arms around his torso and place my head on his chest. He struggles a bit before pulling away.

“What the Hell?” he says straightening his blazer.

“Oh sorry where are my manners?”

I clear my throat and decide to come straight to the point.

“I’m Aradia. Your daughter” I tell him.

He looks at me as if I’ve grown a second head for a few seconds before bursting out laughing.

“You must be mistaken. I do not have a daughter” he tells me with a shrug.

He’s about to close the door when I my foot in between regretting it immediately.


He looks at me with a sigh before I look left and right and jerk my shoulders, my wings appear making him look at me with wide eyes.

“You’re celestial?” he asks.

I nod jerking my shoulders again making the wings disappear.

“But how? Celestials can’t procreate” he says.

it sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

“Mind if I come inside?” I ask.

He nods before moving out of the way to let me in. I hear him shut the door behind me and walk into the rather nice-looking house, it’s a lot bigger than Sakura’s and a lot more modern, with dark coloured furniture.

He gestures for me to sit down on the sofa before walking in the kitchen and opens the cabinet.

“What would you like?” he asks taking a bottle of alcohol out along with two glasses.

“Oh just water, please. I don’t drink” I shrug.

“You’re claiming to be MY daughter and you don’t drink?” he scoffs, looking bitterly disappointed.

Way to go, Aradia! Couldn’t you just take the drink for the sake of it?

He comes back and hands me a glass of water before sitting across from me, a glass of whiskey in his own hand.

“When you went to LA and cut off your wings, one of those feathers ended up making its way back to Heaven. From there I was… created would be a good word. Grandad and Uncle Amenadiel took care of me before I was claimed Ruler of Hell. And despite my lack of taste in expensive liquor, I am your Daughter” I explain everything in a nutshell.

He looks at me, like really looks at me. He looks in my eyes before he downs his drink, and places the empty glass on the table in front of him.

“Look, child.” He sighs.

“I’m sorry but you’re not my daughter. Yes you’re a celestial but you’re definitely NOT mine because as I said before, celestials cannot procreate. And this is probably another one of my Father’s plans to bring me back home. And I’m NOT going!” he made perfectly clear before getting up again to pour himself another drink.

“Why won’t you believe me?” I ask.

Please, Dad. Please don’t do this. I’ve already been hurt once this week. I can’t bare it anymore.

“It’s not a matter about me not believing you! I just can’t deal with this right now! I’ve just been through an emotional rollercoaster which is why I moved here from LA. I can’t deal with this right now!” he says.

“You can’t deal with THIS anymore?” I scoff.

“I’ve been through HELL here on Earth trying to look for you. I’ve busted my ass trying to help some mortals who didn’t even bother to say bloody ‘Thank you’ and you’re telling me YOU’VE been through an emotional rollercoaster?” I question him.

“Excuse me?” he says turning to face me.

“You’re excused” I say with a smile.

“You know my whole life all I’ve heard from Uncle Amenadiel is how you bitch about your Dad and how he abandoned you! Well guess what you’re not the only one with Daddy issues. At least Grandad knew you existed! You didn’t even come to Hell ONCE to see how things were, maybe then you would’ve realised you had a child! I guess it’s true what they say like Father like Son!” I yell.

“How dare you!” he grits.

“LEAVE!” he yells turning to me with his eyes red.

I gasp a little before storming out, shutting the door with a bang on the way out.

I drive to the airport and try to find the earliest flight back to LA. Just as I enter I see Robert, the guy who flew me to Tokyo.

“Aradia!” he called out.

“Robert, Hi. How are you?” I ask.

“I’m great. I own this airport now” he smiled making me smile wide.

“I’m so happy for you” I say.

“Thank you. Anyways what’s up? You going back?” he asks and I nod.

“Come. I’ll personally fly you home” he told me.

Despite my protests Robert insisted, 11 hours and 28 minutes later I’m back in LA. Plus another hour and I’m in Lux. I walk in and Aunt Maze looks at me surprised.

“Hi Aradia” she says pulling me in a hug.

I hug her back and instantly relax in her embrace; it feels like home.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back? And where’s Lucifer?” she asks.

I look around the bar and burst into tears. God knows how I was holding it in all this time but I managed to because I broke down in the middle of the club with Maze’s arms wrapped around me, my head on her chest.

My shoulders shake as I cry harder, I’m getting snot and saliva everywhere as I wipe my face with the sleeves of my sweatshirt.

“Shh” Aunt Maze is whispering in my ear as she smooths my hair.

“Come” she says and easily picks me up from the floor. We walk to the bedroom upstairs and by then I’m really tired, it’s been an extremely long day and I feel really overwhelmed. I’ve been rejected by both my Dad and the person I loved more than anything in the world.

As soon as Aunt Maze makes me sit down on the bed I’m yawning. I turn to her and see both anger and concern. She looks ready to lob someone’s head off. I wipe my nose with my sleeve before she leads me to the bathroom, once I’ve splashed some cold water on my face I look in the mirror.

I look like shit!

My eyes are really red and puffy. My nose is stuffy and I have tear streaks on my cheeks. My hair which is normally silky as it ripples down my back, now looks like a bird’s nest and it’s fallen out of the ponytail it was in.

I decide to have a shower and wash my hair as well, once I’m dried, I put on an oversized t-shirt and leggings. I walk out and sit in front of the dressing table to brush my hair.

“May I?” Aunt Maze asks looking at me through the mirror.

I nod and pass her the hairbrush.

“So, are you going to tell me why you were crying over the phone? And why were you crying downstairs?” she asks me.

I take a deep breath.

“When I arrived in Tokyo I saved a girl from a bunch of guys, we became close. She was like a little sister to me…” I began my narration and told her everything from Sakura dying to meeting the Detective and Anya, from the gang and the lieutenant and then my conversation with Dad.

After I finished my story, my hair was dry and plaited going down my back, I am sobbing again and Aunt Maze is twirling her daggers on her fingers.

“I am killing that detective first and then going for Lucifer” she said getting up making her way to the door.

“No, Aunt Maze, please” I beg her, grabbing her hand from behind.

“Then what do you want me to do, hmm? They both hurt you, Aradia” she says cupping my face.

“No one hurts you while I’m around!” she grits.

“Please, Aunt Maze. Dad will come around eventually and the detective… I… I love him!” I admit closing my eyes.

“I love him. And it hurts because I couldn’t tell him. It hurts knowing he may never reciprocate it! It hurts knowing that despite everything I’m still the Devil… a monster! I’m not capable of loving anyone. I’m not worthy of love” I break down.

“Aradia” I hear Aunt Maze whisper, there are tears in her eyes as well.

She helps me up and guides me to the bed, I lay down and she covers me with the duvet before my eyes close I feel her kiss my forehead and turn the light off. It was an extremely long day and I’m really tired.

Despite everything I am a monster! Incapable of love.