Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Gettin' Away with Murder

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

After Zac stared the girls with his widened eyes an mouth opened for a few seconds, he immediately turned his serious attention to those mutts. "Come on, guys! Let's go! Let's go! LET'S GOOO!"

He quickly and nervously pulled the dogs back on the leash, making them turn around, while those girls chased after him. He imagined those girls taking him to the authorities after they'd gotten their money, turned him in to the authorities, and the possibility of either being grounded by his parents, or even worse, spending years in prison.

-Come on! Come on! Come on now! I don't have time for this kind of bullshit! I'm going to make those mutts regret having me as their dog walker, if those bitches successfully catch me!

Then he was finally able to turn them around and managed to run away from those young women.

-Whew-wee! That was a close one! Now let's lose these two for real, or they'll take my money! 

"Hey, you con artist! We're not going to allow you to get away with this!" The other one roared in a chase.

He finally entered an alley a bit farther away from the corner of the building where those youngsters wouldn't see him. He looked everywhere throughout the silent alley with sweat pouring down his face. His heart pounded harder as fear took over his mind continuously, until he discovered an old, abandoned house near an old, depressed building. Lots of little vines covered most of the small, white house, the gates weren't present to surround it, and a tree stared at Zac and the hounds.

-Looks like I might hit a jackpot. I hope it's not locked.

As soon as Zac walked toward the house and opened the brown door, he looked around the room. He grinned excitedly.

-Sweet! I'm in.

He noticed a living room on the right, a kitchen on the left, a hallway leading to one room with the door closed and the bedroom. The little vines, dust and very little sunlight covered the majority of the house, when the old, dirty curtains blocked the sunlight. The air felt cool inside it. He then looked at the tykes below and patted each one on the head.

"Alright, you guys did a great job listening to me so far today, and I couldn't be any prouder," He whispered. "All you have to do is to remain quiet, so that we won't get caught by those girls, Okay? If you guys just remain quiet and we don't get caught, I'll give you guys doggie treats as a reward."

He heard a couple of footsteps enter the alley behind him after the hounds happily looked at him. He turned around and saw those girls' shadows on the ground.

-Oh, great...these bitches are coming...

He immediately shut the door, leaned against it, and pulled the dogs' leash back a bit. He moved his eyes sideways as sweat came down from his forehead and his eyes widened a bit more. The mutts began to pant as he fearfully stood still.

"OK, where's that scam artist at? He has to be here somewhere," One girl said.

"Let's go split up," The other one agreed. "I'll check this side, you look over the other side."

"Great idea."

They moved their eyes sideways without spotting him or the dogs. They searched everywhere but failed, even when they asked people for my whereabouts. Those girls then revealed their sad faces as they turned their attention towards one another.

"Ah, damn it! I think we lost him!" The other one said.

"Yeah, me too," One girl agreed. "Let's get out of here then while we can."


After the other one shocked her head in agreement, those youngsters left the alley. He sighed and held up his body and breath in a clutch, as relief washed over him, patting the dogs on their heads.

-Phew! I totally lost them!

"Okay, you guys. You made me so proud! Such good doggies." He exclaimed as those dogs happily barked at him. He stood up and gave each dog their treat. "Well, here's your reward as promised. You guys deserved it big time."

The dogs barked while Zac gave them treats.

"Alright, now let's get you guys home to your owner!" He said.


-Alright, time to make more money, Zac buddy! Yeah!

After receiving the money, he arrived at the bus stop near the bench.

-Okay, then. Time to head for a different alley, buddy. 

He walked to the end of the busy street, surrounded by other pedestrians. After a few turns, he reached his destination.

-Finally, I'm here. Now I just need to wait for my new customer to arrive.

He stood with his left foot against the wall, and moved his eyes sideways. He watched people passed by him in opposite directions, placing his hands inside his jacket. As time went by, he began to loose his patience. He pulled out his dumbphone to check the time.

-Okay, where the hell's my customer? I've been waiting here for him for the past fifteen minutes now, and he's still isn't here yet!

He stood still and angrily looked both sides of the sidewalk, searching out for his customer; he failed to find him.

-I swear to God, if he isn't here in the next fifteen minutes, I'll bail on his ass and sell the product to someone else, who won't waste my time on this kind of bullshit!

After time had passed, his eyes then curiously widened when looking out forward to his left a bit. "! Huh?! Could that be-?"

He saw a young man around his age ran towards him and waved, grinning at him all the sudden. The young man wore glasses on his face, a brown bag around his body from his left side, an orange shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes. He also had red hair and freckles on his cheeks.

-Finally, my customer showed up! About damn time! Oh, thank Elohim for that.

Sighing, he watched his customer pant as his customer got close to him.

"Hey, you...," his customer said out of breath a bit.

"Finally, what the hell took you so long?! I've been waiting for you for the past twenty minutes now!" He roared.

"I was so busy helping out my family and friends, that I thought I wasn't able to get my product on time, so I prayed to Elohim to quickly have me get it from you. Oh, praise the Lord! I thanked Him for that! I couldn't have done it without Him, as I desperately needed it. I just couldn't afford to loose it, y'know!"


-Damn straight!

As they entered the alley, they made sure they were alone.

Zac then began to unbutton his white, long jacket. "So then, you got the money, right?"

His customer placed his hands into his pockets while Zac moved his head sideways. "Yeah, I got what you wanted."

"Good. Now come over here and face the wall."

His customer obeyed. "Okay, now what?"
"Shush!" He whispered, looking straight at his customer and put his index finger in front of his lips.

"Okay, then. And?" His customer whispered.

"That'll be three hundred and twenty-two Shekels for the brand new, jet black touch screen dumbphone." Zac responded in a whisper, holding out his hand for the money.

"Right away, buddy," His customer replied in a whisper, moving his bag to his front and digging through it to find his money. As his customer handed Zac the money, Zac drooled a little bit with his cheeks blushed, smiling at his prize.

-Oh, man! Here it comes! How freakin' exciting! Come to papa! 

Zac placed the money into his front left pocket, and carefully handed over the phone box. Then his customer placed the box into his bag, grinning at Zac and giving him two thumbs up.

"Thanks, buddy," His customer whispered, "I'll never forget this and I appreciate it, man. Now I'll no longer have to deal with this phone being always sold out, and wait for it to stock back up."

"No, problem," Zac whispered back. "And thanks for the money. I truly appreciate that as well, and I'll never forget this either. Bye!"
"Bye, now!"

His customer waved at Zac as he left. Zac waved back at him, and then smiled excitedly at the money in his pocket.

-Ha! That sucker! He received a kids' flip phone without a charger for it, and I charged him triple for it! I'm glad to add you into my money family vault, money! Just you wait till I take you to my home and see for yourself! Just you wait-

His stomach growled at him from below, echoing into his ears.


Looking down at his stomach and placing his hands on it, he sighed and frowned at it. "Alright, stomach! You win. Let's go get something to eat, I guess."

He took a look around him while buttoning up his jacket. And his eyes spotted a bustling restaurant across the street from him. "Look out, food! Here I come to be cured of hunger!"

Once he looked both ways and saw no vehicle coming from either side of the street, he exited the alley, crossed the street and entered into that restaurant out of sheer happiness, having a good celebration for having a good special day.
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