Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: Bein' Delivered to Justice

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

After Zac's stomach was full from eating at a restaurant, he happily entered the bus station's waiting room. Looking around the room, he saw people either sat in their seats, charged their phones, chatted with one another, or stood around. Some people also went to the counter lady for assistance, purchased snacks and drinks from vending machines, took free bus schedules from each pocket holder, entered in and out of the gender segregated bathrooms, or looked at the screens of their mobile phones. A couple of janitors did some cleaning, and a pair of security guards stood outside the waiting room, being separate from one another.

-Oh, yeah! Today's the best day ever! Definitely better than last year! Now let's see my new videogame!

He took the game out of my brown plastic bag, and looked at its cover with his excited grin and eyes, seeing eight women on it. On the right side of the cover, he saw four women in their low cut, skin tight superhero outfits without even a cape, carrying different electric weapons. They wore different colored helmets. On the other side, there were the other four wearing their school uniforms. The game was titled Soteria and the Scarlet Dragon.

-Oh, I heard this game is so good! I can't wait to try it out for myself when I get home! 

Then he relook around the room for a moment.

-Time to take a seat and wait for our bus to take us home! 

After searching for an empty seat, he finally sat near a black haired boy and a brown haired girl with a couple of myrtle flowers on her right-side of her hair. The boy looked be eight to ten years old, and was about to begin either Years Alef or Bet of Elementary School. The girl, on the other hand, appeared to be either twelve or thirteen, and was about to begin Year Waw of Secondary School.

The boy and the girl looked at Zac and he looked back at them before they returned to minding their own business. He looked around more until he spotted a box containing a brand new, red robot toy resting in a white gift bag. He excitedly stared at it for a moment with his mouth open.

-Oh, man! Zac buddy, did you see that?! Now that looks like my next money maker! I heard these toys were completely sold out on all the store shelves and online! I can't wait to get my hands on it and make double money off of it, for real! 

Then the girl began to look around in a three-sixty degree angle, and she spotted a gender segregated bathroom. She turned to the boy as she stood up from her seat. "Okay, Kayleb. I'm going to the bathroom now. I'll be right back. If I'm still in the bathroom and our bus is here, just shout out my name outside the women's bathroom, okay?"

"Okay, I will, Hadasa. You can count on me!" Kayleb responds.

"Good and don't forget to keep an eye on your stuff!"

"I won't!"

As soon as Hadasa headed for the bathroom, Zac looked down at the bag for a while, then looked around the room to see whether people noticed him or not. Not one person noticed him for a second, not even Kayleb. Then he returned his attention to the bag and excitedly grinned.

-Alrighty now, Zac! Time to take this kid's toy and move to another area, before Hadasa comes back from the bathroom! My money maker, come to papa!

When he was so close to snatch Kayleb's toy without the child noticing him, his phone rung from one of his pockets all the sudden.


He dug it out of his pocket and looked at its screen, saying:


-Ah, damnnit! What the hell does she want now?!

Zac answered the phone with his angry face. "Hi, mom…Ugh, would you stop calling me, 'Zaccai?!'...I was in the middle of something right now…I was getting ready to get on the bus. I'm about to head home…Okay, bye, mom. Love you…"

Hanging up his phone, he angrily looked down at it, clinching it so tightly with his straight, white teeth shown.

-Man, that was so freakin' annoying! I hate it when my mom does that! Now back to business…

Zac placed it back into his pocket and looked around to see if everyone noticed him all the sudden. People still haven't noticed him, along with Kayleb. So he sighed out of relief, looked down at the bag, and excitedly grinned even more than ever before.

-Now finally! Time to get back to business, Zac buddy! Here goes nothing, my money maker!

He slowly moved his hand forward towards the bag, grabbed it, and quietly and slowly moved it away from Kayleb. Then he got up from his seat, turned around and left the waiting room.

-Oh, Zac buddy! You did it, man! You've got your money maker right beside you! Today's definitely better than last year on the same day now! Now let's get out of here!

While Zac walked toward his bus stop, he noticed several people were either standing there near the benches or the bus stop sign, or even sitting on the benches. Some people there were also pre-pubescent, physically disabled, or pubescent. Others are also old or have different skin colors.

"Hey, you!" The girl's voice echoed behind Zac.

But Zac ignored her and kept moving, pretending to be invisible.

"Hey, you with a bag in your hand!" The girl's voice echoed even more loudly.
Hearing the footsteps inching closer behind him, he still ignored her and kept moving towards his bus stop.

"Hey!" The girl's voice echoed, being very close behind him.

Then he felt one of his wrists being grabbed onto tightly, pulling him back while he looked down at someone else's hand on that wrist.

-Huh?! What the hell?!

Turning around, he saw Hadasa glared at him, among Kayleb standing beside her.
"You stole my little brother's toy! Give it back!" Hadasa roared, trying to snatch the bag away from Zac.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up a sec!" Zac snapped back, grabbing the bag away from her. "What are you talking about?! This toy is mine! I bought it myself!"

"No, you didn't!" Kayleb howled. "You sat right next to me and stole it from me in the waiting room, Zaccai!"

Zac gave Kayleb his pissed off face. "Hey, would you stop calling me that?!"

"So give it back, you thief! And we won't call you that!" Hadasa bellowed, trying to snatch the bag away from Zac behind him.

Zac angrily turned to Hadasa and held the bag up above his head. "No way, man! I told you before that it's mine, and I paid for it with my own money!"

Hadasa and Kayleb both tried to seize the bag from Zac as he guarded it, while people stood there and watched. They bickered with him, until the bus station security guards walked up towards them.

"Hey! What's going on here?!" One of the security guards said, as he stormed towards them, with his partner beside him.
Hadasa and Kayleb excitedly turned to the security guards while Zac fearfully turned to them.

-Oh, shit! Oh, shit! OH, SHIT! My special day's now about to be ruined! I'm gonna be so busted! And my parents will definitely kill me for sure, if I don't find a way out of this situation! Think, Zac, think!

"Mr. Security Guard, oh thank Elohim He sent you guys here to arrest this thief!" Hadasa exclaimed as she and Kayleb ran towards the security guards and kept their eye on Zac at the same time.

"Oh, really?"Another security guard asked, turning his attention to Zac and the bag in Zac's hand.

"Oh, no-no-no-no, sir! I didn't steal this. I jus' bought it today. I swear," Zac nervously answered, waving his hand sideways.
"He's lying, officer!" Kayleb yelled, angrily turning towards Zac. "He sat right next to us before my sister headed for the bathroom. He had a phone call with his mom and his name's Zaccai!"

-Oh, man! Here we go again with this Zaccai name shit!

"Yea, he claims he's innocent, saying that the product was rightfully his and he paid for it!" Hadasa declared, also turning her angry face towards Zac. "If he's really innocent like he says he is, why doesn't he show us the name tag on the gift bag? It has my brother's name 'Kayleb' on it."

"Yea! Let us see it!" Kayleb declared, glaring at Zac.

"Look, I don't have time for this. I have a bus to catch," Zac said, nervously looked at Hadasa, Kayleb and those security guards. "So..."

"Besides, Zaccai..." Hadasa said with her eyes closed.

Zac annoyedly looked at Hadasa's face.

-Oh, this shit again...

"Aren't you a bit too old for a toy?" Hadasa added, opening her eyes, glaring at Zac.

"A toy?" A security guards partner questioned, giving Zac his confused look on his face. "How old are you?"

"Fourteen..." Zac responded, putting his head down.

"Fourteen?!" One security guard asked as he and his partner chuckled at him for a while.

Zac remained putting his head down below him, tightening his grip on the gift bag.

-Oh, my God! This is gettin' annoying...hurry up and think quick dammit before I get caught.

"And may I ask why you got the toy in your possession?" His partner asked, raising his eyebrow.

"I-uh...uh...uh..." Zac answered, looking up at the sky. "I needed this toy for my little brother Kayleb since they're already sold out-both on the shelves and online."

"No way! You also have a little brother named Kayleb?!" Hadasa asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Yep, I sure do!" Zac replied with a smile.

"Oh, great...Now this is gonna be hard to find out who's telling the truth here, isn't it?" One security guard asked, putting his head down with his annoyed face.

-Alright, Zac buddy! That was a good one! Now we might have a chance to get out of here. Keep it up, bro. You're doin' great.

"He's lying, officer! There's no way he has a little brother with the same name as mine!" Kayleb said, glaring at Zac, then turning to one security guard. "Listen, you gotta believe me and my sister when we said, 'He stole my toy.'"

"Of course, it's mine. I bought it fair and square, little boy!" Zac said, leaning his angry face towards Kayleb, then standing back up. "Now if you excuse me, I got a bus to catch!"

As Zac was about to leave, one security guard's partner put his hand out forward. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...whoa! Not so fast!"

Zac turned his annoyed face towards one security guard.

-Agh! Great! What is it now?! I really don't have time for this bullshit! I need to go back home right now! I can't afford to stand here much longer!

"Let's go to the camera area to prove your innocence," his partner suggested.
"Wh-Wh-What?!" Zac asked, widening his eyes, opening his mouth, stepping back a bit.

"You heard me. Let's go to the camera area. We set cameras in the lobby room. We'll see who's the liar here, okay?!" One security guard said while Hadasa and Kayleb grinned at Zac.

"Oh...about that..." Zac nervously scratched his head with his eyes closed.

"You either come with us or we'll place you under arrest. Do you understand?" The partner roared.

"Yes, sir..." Zac said as he walked with those security guards, Hadasa and Kayleb, putting his head down with sweat coming down from his forehead. He widened his eyes more and opened his mouth. His eyes twitched sideways.

-Oh-oh-oh! Great! Just great! Now I'm gonna get grounded that's for sure! Be prepared for this, Zac.
Hiro Makoto