Chapter 7:

Chapter 7: Ministry Work

Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story

"Alrighty now. We're here!" Emuna's grandpa said, as he drove through the neighborhood. He slowly made a stop in between two cars and was careful not to hit one of them.

Emuna turned around behind her and her eyes displayed their amazed, shocked look on her face. Her eyes were wide open with her mouth open. There they spotted a townhouse building, along with the street house staring down at Emuna and her grandparents.

-Welp, we're finally here at my grandparents' house at last! I can't wait to go in, and be at ease, after my long ass trip all the way here from Kesaf! Whew!

After my grandpa finally made a stop, he said, "Alright, everybody. Let's get out of the car and come right in."

She and her grandparents unbuckled their seats, and Emuna grabbed her stuff onto her shoulders. While her grandpa easily got out the car, she and her grandma looked both ways before they got out of the car. Seeing no cars present on either side, Emuna and her grandma got out of there. Once they closed the door and Emuna's grandpa locked the car with his keys, Emuna and her grandparents entered the house.

Although Emuna's grandpa unlocked the front door with his keys and turned the lights on, Emuna and her grandparents took off their shoes and placed them on the shoe shelf before they stepped further throughout the house. Emuna looked around and saw the living room, the kitchen, the laundry room and the staircase all tightly separated yet squished together in one floor. Then she placed her stuff on the couch and formed a circle with her grandparents.

Her grandpa leaned forward a little. "Alright now, we're gonna read and sing Psalms 113 for our almighty Elohim. I sing first and you guys sing next, alright?"

"Uh-huh," Emuna and her grandma responded, shaking their heads.

"Well, that's settled then," her grandpa said. "After that, we'll pray. Let's get the bibles out."

Emuna and her grandparents read and sang Psalms 113, looking up at the ceiling with a smile on their faces, holding up their bibles up in the air.

"Amen," they added when closing the bibles. They placed them back to the way they were. They regathered around in a circle for prayer.

"Well, that psalm was well and good, wasn't it now?" Emuna's grandpa asked.

"Oh, yes. It sure was, honey," Emuna's grandma answered, smiling at her husband.

"Oh, yeah. I'm very happy to sing a thankful psalm to Elohim, 'cause He rightfully deserves this!" Emuna exclaimed while her grandpa grinned and held out his hands for his wife and granddaughter to hold onto. Emuna and her grandparents looked up at the ceiling one last time, before they returned to their normal lives.

"Dear Heavenly Father…" Emuna's grandma said, "Please use the doctors back in Kesaf to heal one of my daughters from a stroke today. Give her strength to overcome her physical disease and have her be discharged from the hospital soon as soon as her health improves. In Yeshua's name, Amen."

"Amen," Emuna and her grandpa said as she and her grandparents broke up their prayer circle.

Emuna sat on the couch to turn on the TV. Her grandparents went upstairs. While her grandma continued upstairs, her grandpa stopped halfway on the staircase, bending himself forward and setting his eyes on his granddaughter. "Your grandma and I are about to get ready for the night and prepare ourselves for tomorrow's ministry work. You should too, Emuna. We'll provide you some pillows and a cover, so please don't stay up for too long, okay, baby girl?"

"I won't, grandpa. You can count on me for that," Emuna said.

"Now that's the spirit! I'll come back here with the pillows and a cover, so make yourself at home."

"I will, grandpa."

After Emuna's grandpa continued to move upstairs, Emuna began searching for her night clothes and hygiene products in her bags. Once she got those things, she heard footsteps coming downstairs while she set her eyes on the bathroom. Her grandpa arrived in the living room with a couple pillows and a cover, setting them on the couch near her bags. "There you go, baby girl."

"Thanks, grandpa," Emuna said.

"No problem. Let me know if you need anything else."

"I will. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, baby girl. Don't forget to say goodnight to your grandma now, at least before you get ready for the night."

"Alright, I will." 

Emuna and her grandpa walked upstairs to the master bedroom, looking around the room. Seeing her grandma not present in the room, she looked for her grandma in the bathroom. She saw her grandma washing her face with her hands, drying it with a towel. "Goodnight, grandma. I'm getting ready for the night and preparing myself for tomorrow's ministry work."

Emuna's grandma looked her granddaughter in the eye. "Oh, goodnight, baby girl. And have a good night's sleep."

"I will, grandma. You too and three, grandma, grandpa," Emuna said as she hugged both her grandparents.

"Oh, we will, baby girl," her grandpa said when Emuna walked downstairs to the bathroom for nighttime preparation.

After that, she placed her stuff back into her bags and made herself a bed on the couch.

-Alright, Emuna. Think about what chapter you're gonna read in the Bible tonight.

Once she thought about it for a while, she finally found a chapter that she wanted to read.

-Ah, I got it! Matthew 8 , it is then!

After reading that chapter in the Bible, it reminded her of her aunt's health condition.

-Yeah, it makes total sense now! Elohim must've helped me thought of this chapter of what my aunt's goin' through right now!

She placed the Bible back into one of her bags, turned around and smiled at the ceiling. "I give praise to Elohim on that one! Hallelujah! Whoo!" She whispered.

Then she laid down on the couch and covered herself up from her feet to above her chest, trying to sleep while watching TV at the same time.


After waking up in the morning, praying to Elohim and preparing herself for the day, Emuna and her grandparents met with her friends in one of Xenopolis' busiest, sinful streets; involved prostitution and sex tourism where mostly foreigner and travellers visited there. They handed out lots of Interlinear Bibles to people passing by them. Some people ignored them, a portion of them were rude to them, and others accepted the Bibles. They spread the Gospel every Friday and Sunday mornings out of worship for the almighty Elohim. Emuna’s grandpa stood in the middle of the street while his wife, his granddaughter and his granddaughter's friends stood near him. Zaboulon, Lazarus and Emuna's grandma stood to the left, and Yudia and Emuna stood to the right.

Emuna's grandma held the Bible up in the air with her two hands and excitedly smiled. "You'll be accepted into Elohim's Kingdom, if you accept the Gospel and Yeshua as the Messiah. Yeshua Himself says in Luke 13: 18-21:

"'What is Elohim's Kingdom like? And what shall compare it to? It's like a grain of mustard, which a man has cast into his garden and it grew into a tree, and the birds encamped in its branches.

"'What shall I compare Elohim's Kingdom to? It's like leaven bread in which a woman hid three measures of meal until it was all leavened.'

"So if you accept the Gospel, You'll receive a much better life in Elohim's Kingdom than this wicked, Earthly kingdom."

"Amen," Emuna, her grandpa and her friends said. Emuna couldn't be anymore happier than to spread the Gospel, especially with her friends and family.

-Man, I'm so glad I got a chance to spread the Gospel with my grandparents and friends here. I haven't done so in such a long time, yet here we are. I hope more people accept the Gospel to be saved from Gehenna!

While they handed out Bibles to random people on the street for half an hour, only a few more people accepted the Gospel. Emuna sighed out of frustration, looking down at the ground.

-Damn, looks like most people won't enjoy havin' a better life in the Elohim's Kingdom, huh? Well, that's a damn shame. I jus' hope Elohim will help them change their hearts through our faith, our obedience to Him-both publicly and privately, our good actions with our right motives in our hearts, and our prayer. We gotta save them from Gehenna.

Yudia turned to Emuna and smiled. "So, Emuna."

"Yes, Yudia?" Emuna asked, looking Yudia in the eye.

"Did you get a goodnight's sleep last night?"

"Oh, yeah. I sure did, and you?"

"Uh-Huh, so did I. Did you have a good school year back in Kesaf?"

"I did for the most part. The biggest letdown for me was that I failed the School Exit Exam…"

Yudia then quickly turned to Emuna and quietly gasped. "No way! Did you really fail the School Exit Exam?!"

"Yep. I did," Emuna disappointingly responded. "Not only did I have to do all my Spring semester exams but I also will have to retake the School Exit Exam in my Senior year. It jus' sucks 'cause I wanna draw Romantic comics for the comic book industry, and I can't become a comic book artist if I don't have a Secondary School Diploma."

"Oh…Emuna…" Yudia said, "That's awful. May Elohim guide you on your School Exit Exam Retake, and help you become a comic book artist."

Emuna smiled. "Thanks, Yudia. I appreciate your prayers. I'll depend on Him too. I jus' hope I passed these Spring Semester exams. I don't wanna repeat my Junior year, cause that'll be too embarrassing."

"Oh, yeah. I hear ya."

"What about you, Zaboulon and Lazarus? Did you guys have a good year as Juniors?"

"Oh, yea. We definitely did. We even passed the School Exit Exam."

Emuna gave her friend an annoyed look on her face.

-Oh…you guys are jus' as lucky as Plionay. I guess I'm the only one who failed the School Exit Exam, huh?

Then she looked up at the sky.

-Elohim, why did you allow me to fail my most important exam in my lifetime?! Why do I get to be the only one who failed it while everyone else passed it?! Why, Elohim?! Why?!

"Oh, and 'bout tomorrow," Yudia said

"Yeah, what 'bout it?" Emuna questioned.

"Will we make an art project in our Harashim club?"

"Thinking 'bout it, yes, we will. But we don't know what art project we'll be doin' yet. So we'll try to figure it out later on today."

"Okay, sounds good enough."

"And have you thought about which Psalm we'll be singing tomorrow? 'Cause I know you're into music more than I am."

"Oh, no. Not yet. I'll let you know about it later on today too."

"Alright, sounds good. Jus' take your time."

Yudia grinned at Emuna. "I will."

After an hour and a half of ministry work, Emuna, her grandparents and her friends began to place the rejected bibles back into the box and carried the box into the car's trunk. Then they entered into the car, and her grandma drove the car to her and her husband's house.