Chapter 8:

Chapter 8: Harashim

Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story

As soon as Emuna, her grandparents and her friends arrived at the townhouse and carried a box full of rejected bibles back into the house, Emuna and her friends left the house. They told her grandparents that they were going to explore Xenopolis for a day, then they turned to the left and walked towards the street. After they looked both sides, they crossed the street towards the bus stop. Once they got there, Emuna’s stomach growled at Emuna and her friends noticed it.

"Oh, looks like we could get something to eat today. Who's with me?" Lazarus said.

"Yeah, me too!" Zaboulon exclaimed. He excitedly looked at Lazarus.

"Me three! Count me in!" Yudia also exclaimed, performing the same actions as Zaboulon did.

Looking down at her stomach, Emuna closed her eyes tightly shut.

-Now don't eat out, ya hear? Don't eat out! Never forget that my aunt's still in the hospital. Not until she's cured from a stroke and is discharged from the hospital at the very least!

"Uh, Emuna?" Zaboulon asked. He and his friends looked at Emuna, like she was doing something really weird in public.

Then Emuna opened her eyes and returned her attention to her friends. "Oh! I'm sorry I took so long to respond. I'm jus' goin' to decline eatin' out today."

Her friends became surprised out of shock.

"W-Why, Emuna? Is there something wrong?" Lazarus asked, giving me his sad face.

"Yes, there is. You see, my aunt suffered from a stroke yesterday and is currently hospitalized as her health condition worsens. Me and my grandparents are praying and fasting for her to get better and be released from the hospital in Kesaf. We haven't heard anything from her yet, and we didn't eat nor drink anything since last night."

"Oh…we're so sorry to hear that, Emuna…" Zaboulon said as he and his friends felt sad for Emuna.

"Yeah…" Yudia said.

"Okay, guys," Lazarus declared, looking at both Zaboulon and Yudia side to side. "Looks like we won't be eating out nor getting a drink except on a third day, until Emuna's aunt is healed and discharged from the hospital. Instead, let's go to the park in downtown Xenopolis. What do you say?"

"Yeah, totally, bro," Zaboulon exclaimed, smiling at Lazarus, raising his fist up underneath his chin. "Count me in!"

Yudia gasped with only a smile. "Yeah, me too, man."

Emuna happily smiled at her friends and her eyes became watery out of joy, looking up at the sky. "Oh, give praise to Elohim for His spiritual support through my friends!" As her heart became content, she and her friends looked and grinned at one another. "Thanks, guys! I truly appreciate this!"

"You're welcome, Emuna," Lazarus said.

"Me too," Yudia said.

"Me three, bro," Zaboulon exclaimed, "Let's go to the park then!"

"Yeah!" Lazarus also exclaimed, closing his eyes.

"Uh-huh!" Emuna also exclaimed, shaking her head.

"Mmm-hmm," Yudia exclaimed as well, raising her fist up in the air out of excitement, closing her eyes and joyfully grinned.

Then the phone rang in Yudia's purse. Yudia displayed her shocked, fearful look on her face, looking down at and digging through her purse to search for her phone. Emuna and her friends noticed her fearful behavior, giving her their sad faces.

"Uh, Yudia. Are you OK? 'Cause you're acting like someone's followin' you or something," Emuna said.

"Oh, I'm fine, Emuna," Yudia answered after she got her phone out of her phone.

"Are you sure? You don't look like you're fine." Emuna gave Yudia her skeptical look on her face and placed her hands on her hips.

"I'm really fine, Emuna," Yudia said out of annoyance. "I'm sure of it."

Emuna sucked her teeth and glared at Yudia for a moment. "Uh, I was jus' makin' sure you're okay. You don't need to get an attitude with me. Gheesh!"

After Yudia glared back at Emuna for a while and examined her phone screen, she sighed and raised her eyebrows upwards towards one another. She answered her phone, placed it on her ear and said, "Hi, dad…Uh-huh…Uh-huh…Uh-huh…Uh-huh…Okay, I will…Bye now…" Once she hung up the phone and placed it back into her purse, she sadly looked at her friends for a moment.

"What?" Emuna asked. "What is it?"

"Sorry, everyone. Looks like I'll ride the bus home today, instead of goin' to the park with you guys," Yudia answered.

"W-Why not? Is there something seriously wrong, Yudia?" Zaboulon asked.

"No-no, not at all, Zaboulon," Yudia replied. "My family jus' gave me some extra work to do today, so I won't be able to hang out with you guys. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, well. Have you thought of what Psalm to sing from yet?" Emuna asked.

"No, not yet," Yudia responded. "I'll text y'all 'bout it later on today or tomorrow morning. How's that sound?"

"Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me," Emuna said, turning to her friends with her sad face. "Has anyone thought of what we're goin' to make and what materials we're gonna bring? We'll be meeting at the same place for our Harashim club tomorrow morning, and I haven't thought of any yet. Any suggestions?"

"Beats me," Lazarus responded, raising his palm hands up, shaking his head sideways, while Zaboulon placed his hand on his chin and looked up at the sky.

"Oh, I don't know either. Sorry, Emuna," Yudia answered.

"Oh…I know! We'll make a 3-D project based on the New Pentateuch-first from the Book of John! We'll do Yeshua appearin' at the beginnin' of Genesis with Elohim right out of different colored layers!" Zaboulon widened his excited eyes and raised his fist underneath his chin. "I did that with my grandma during my Junior year. All we need is different papers of color, glue pencils and scissors. How's that sound?!"

"Yeah, that could work. Are y'all down with that?" Emuna said in agreement.

"Yeah, totally," Lazarus agreed.

"So who's gonna bring the materials tomorrow morning? I'll bring some pencils," Emuna said.

"I'll bring some glue," Zaboulon said.

"I'll get scissors," Lazarus said.

"And I'll get different colored paper," Yudia said, waving at her friends before she look both ways. "Well then, see y'all tomorrow. Bye now!"

"Bye, Yudia. We'll see you tomorrow too!" Zaboulon, Lazarus and Emuna said, waving their good-byes back at Yudia, as she looked both ways and crossed the street to head for the bus stop, just in time before the bus arrived there.

Although she got it and it left the bus stop, Emuna and her friends waited for their bus to arrive at the bus stop near them. Once the bus finally arrived at the bus stop, they entered it before it drove off to their destination within Xenopolis.


Emuna and her friends finally arrived at and returned to their usual, abandoned spot in the back alley on a Saturday morning. The area appeared to be a dirty, rusty room where lots of boxes stacked on top of each other on the left, right and rear walls. A couch, a comfy chair leaned against the bricked wall, and an old, wooden table as well as four wooden chairs watched Emuna and her friends examined the room. Emuna and her friends smiled while they ignored their stomachs' growl.

"Oh, Elohim! It's good to be back at Harashim!" Emuna exclaimed. "I missed this place so much."

"Uh-huh," her friends agreed, looking at one another, shaking their heads with their eyes closed.

"Time to get to work, guys!" Emuna exclaimed, placing the pencils in the middle of the table.

"Right on!" Her friends agreed, also placing the art and crafts materials in the middle of the table; Yudia brought different colored paper, Zaboulon brought glue and Lazarus brought scissors.

"Alright, looks like we're settled on makin' our first 3-D layered project of Yeshua and Elohim together in Genesis 1:1-5. We haven't done any art projects for the Lord in a long time since last summer," Emuna said.

"Oh, yeah. That's true," her friends agreed.

Then Emuna turned to Yudia. "Have you picked out a Psalm for yet?"

"Uh-huh," Yudia answered, shaking her head. "I have."

"Okay, so what is it?" Emuna asked.

"It's Psalm 128," Yudia said, pulling four folded papers out of her purse, handing out three others to Lazarus, Zaboulon and Emuna.

Emuna and her friends read through it.

"Okay then. Let's sing then. I sing the verse first and y'all sing the same verse next," Emuna said.

After her friends shook their heads in agreement, Emuna exclaimed, "Alright let's sing it!"

"Yeah, totally, man!" Zaboulon exclaimed.

"Whoo-hoo!" Yudia also exclaimed.

After they sang Psalm 128, they sat on the chairs and scooted themselves in, working on their art project. They kept working despite their stomachs' continuous growls.

"So, what did you guys do on your Electives and after school extracurricular activities?" Emuna asked. "Did you guys do good or bad on them?"

"I did well in my home economics class and child development club," Yudia replied.

"For me, I did well in my P.E. class and my track team so much that our team never lost. Ever," Zaboulon responded.

"I did good on my vocational course and cooking club," Lazarus answered.

"Well, that was great, you guys! Y'all made Elohim and His Son proud," Emuna exclaimed, closing her eyes, smiling at her friends. "And I did well in my art class and arts and crafts club."

"That's amazing, Emuna!" Her friends exclaimed.

They depended on and worked with Elohim through their hands for a while. They made their creative project so well done, that they thanked Elohim for everything He'd done.

"We couldn't have done this without His help," Emuna said while her friends agreed with her statement.

"So, Emuna?" Yudia asked.

"Yes, Yudia," Emuna replied, turning for Yudia's attention.

"How's your aunt doing? Is she feeling any better so far?"

"Why, yes, she is. I heard my grandpa called my dad yesterday evening a few moments after I got home from hanging out with Lazarus and Zaboulon…"

"Oh, that's good to hear, Emuna!"

"Yeah, that's very good news!" Zaboulon exclaimed.

"Thank Elohim she's alright!" Lazarus also exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah. I kept prayin' for her last night and this morning," Emuna added. "However, she won't be released from the hospital for a little more than two weeks."

"Oh, I see…" Yudia said with her eyes closed, until her phone echoed in front of Emuna, Zaboulon and Lazarus.

Yudia's face became shocked and sad as she looked down at her purse, pulling her phone out of it. Emuna, Lazarus and Zaboulon sensed something was going on in Yudia's life right now. Something terribly wrong. When she looked at the phone screen, her face became even more sadder than ever before, answering the phone.

"Oh, hi, dad…again? I'm almost done with my group project…Uh-huh…Uh-huh…Uh-huh…Okay then. As you wish. Bye now…" Yudia hung up the phone, looked at its screen for a few seconds and placed it back into her purse.

"Uh, Yudia. Is there something wrong?" Emuna worriedly questioned while Yudia pulled out her bus schedule for the bus' arrival at one particular bus stop. Yudia widened her eyes after she examined it for another few seconds, placing it back into her purse.

"Yes, I have to return home for more extra work," Yudia responded, quickly standing up from her chair.

"Again?" Zaboulon asked.

"But we're almost half way done with the project," Lazarus said.

"I know that. But I really need to go. I'll see y'all tomorrow morning, okay?" Yudia said, quickly waving at her friends, leaving the club.

"Bye!" Emuna, Zaboulon and Lazarus said, waving back at Yudia with their gloomy faces before they finished the project without Yudia present.