Chapter 3:

Moon flower

Fragements Of The Moon

Inside was a young boy with waist length hair, bangs reaching his nose and braids and his head grew two curled horns

”what kind of cosplay is this?”

I suddenly remembered the old man's painting on the wall "A dragonkin"i shook my head ''first of all, is this guy alive or dead?”i peered deeper into the coffin

''How beautiful''i whispered as i stared at his pale skin as white as porcelain and beautiful strands hair illuminated by moonlight like silk

‘‘He’s not breathing at all and there's no pulse''i whispered as i carefully inspecting him ''but he doesn't really look dead''i added as i poke his cheeks

i felt a weird feelings on my chest I should be scared but how could i? i never seen someone beautiful as him my entire life before in fact he looks like a doll and if he's a mummy well, he's a well preserved to be a dead person''i said as i rub my chin when i saw a magic circle drawn on the side of the coffin like a magic seal

”he looked so peaceful and I just wanted to watch him sleep I find it annoying so i removed the sticker like seal and tore it down immediately

"let’s see...what should i do. i can't just leave him alone right?" Curiosity hit me and gently looked at him closely …''oh my maybe he got suffocated? Does he need CPR?”

I’m not kissing him if that’s what they “cardiopulmonary resuscitation “right? all i have to do is to blow air on his mouth since he must have been suffocate from being locked up in that coffin

i started to lean forward, until his lips were so close to mine. "dragonkins are threat to humans “I heard earls world lingering in my ear...but I could feel his warmth “I glanced at him

Even if my actions turn out to be a mistake, if my heart was in right place then that's what all matter to me "i've got to save him “gathering all the courage remain in my body, I did the most embarrassing thing i ever done in my life as my eyes widened when i felt something soft against the corner of my felt so warm causes my lips trembled what should i do next?..... oh yeah the Cpr

The first is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the so-called breath of life. Whatever

I pressed my lips against him as stiff wind suddenly gusting past, tossing my hair wildly “How can there be a wind in this enclosed space? i grabbed the sword laying on the floor and used my other leg and leaped away from the coffin. Pinning my hair down in one hand i faced the oncoming breeze straight on. and there…. stood a young man,with hair flowing in silver strands and skin pale as porcelain

i started spellbound at his beautiful turquoise eyes mesmerized by the mysterious conflict of color.

my gaze was drawn to them so deeply ,they took my breath away as if pinned to the ground by nails, my body refused to move even an inch how?

Did I successfully do the CPR? i was able to compressed and restore the blood circulation and his breathing? But how i didn’t ...” This can't be right “the sudden realization racked me with fear as my body began tremble

Then i heard something...

”sounds like gears turning “he whispered ''spin gear of the endless time…''

for some reason i heard footsteps like like someone’s coming from the dark let’s get out of here!''i said in panicked as i immediately grab the his hand and drag him away towards the door.

when we reaches into the hallway, two three-headed monster which had the body and head of a lion, a goat's head rising from its back, eagle wings and a serpent tail.

Just like on those books

A chimera?!You’ve gotta be kidding me!''i yelled and glance at the boy whos innocently staring at me as if he had no idea of what’s going on

“i hate this!''

“keep going ’‘he said in a soft confused tone

i used the sword i got earlier and use it to cut the rope hang from the ceiling and it rain arrows at the creature i was right it was a trap. Just like how the traps set in the chamber in novels

I smirked “this should keep them busy for a while''i whispered and glanced at the back,however the creature was still running after us all we can do is run

somehow we made it back to the courtyard i slowly release my hand from him and drop the sword

i glance at him to check if he’s okay and in his hands,he held a flower dazzling in a rainbow of colors. He caught me staring at him

”who...are you?''he weird kiddo asked

“ I’m Amelia..amelia paxley''im just a passerby!''i said in panic

‘‘Who are you?''i asked him back

‘‘Me? im not so sure''

“What? You must have a name don’t you?”

A name? Yes i am ......nor

nior?”um guy seems a little odd

Why does he seems so calm after what had just was crazy! How can he be so calm?!!!

Staring at his horn I couldn’t help but to ask”are you a dragonkin?

Giving no response,he dropped his gaze to the flower weird

does he think im annoying?

“What a pretty flower you’ve found its amazing

“is it pretty? “he asked as he glanced at me”I wouldn’t knew “he added as he glanced back at the flower

its hard to carry a conversation with him

“I’ve never seen a flower like you knew what it is?

“it’s a flower that grants wishes”

“moon flower”

“ what really?

“its supposed to but it doesn’t” after he spoke........opened his hand clutching the flower the flower drifted softly to the ground

“hey wait i quickly knelt down and retrieved the flower

“what are you doing to such a pretty flower. don't toss it away like that don’t you feel bad? 

No “he shortly responded as he stared at me with no sign of remorse at all


“does it mean to feel bad you picked it right? 

its such a waste to kept it withered on the ground but I've been bolding tht flower for a long time by now

am i supposed to feel something for withering flower? ........ you're not making any sense 

“are you really this strange?

I’m perfectly normal! Most people would think that!! "

“what is normal? “he asked ”and who decides if it’s sad to let a flower wither? “

“Well, nobody really decides stuff like that

“ i don't understand

urg how do i respond to that ??”In any case, if you don’t need this going to take it!

“You can have it.its useless to me anyway"

What’s with his attitude?he just woke up and this is how he act?

“Next time think before you go picking flowers again okay? flowers got life too!” he stared ay me without speaking a word silently and unneverinv without a blink for that ling moment, his face was as vacant and expressionless as a full empty and dead, like the shell

if human he was an absence of emotion.

Despite these oddness, he was simply and indescribably beautiful so beautiful that it send shicers down my spine

as the first ray of sun hits everything around us

“ pure maiden”

uhm ....”he abruptly held my hand

“ what? “

“you are aren’t you?


Pulling it upwards to his lips-iii kissed the back of my hand gently

Startled. i yanked my hand into my own possession “what do you think you’re doing all of the sudden?

“Was that wrong to do??”

“Not exactly”

But why is your face a red? “He asked. I placed my hand against my cheeks

“You are strange after all

“no im not”

Wait”he turned and walked away without saying another word

what the heck?i literally save his life and this is how he thank me?i cant even begin ti understand him

I sigh in disbelief and held up the flower in my hands, lifting it high in the air then iridescent lights started to glow brighter “it’s so pretty.”i doubt it will keep for long i should preserve it or something

oh no i forgot about the him