Chapter 2:

life in another world

Fragements Of The Moon

I looked around and notice everyone wearing medieval style like clothes were busy working their own business decorating the place

“Oh yeah the door! “I immediately turn around to go back where I came from but the door was nowhere to be seen all I can see a big wall covered with paint. I touched the surface of the wall and push it with all my strength ’‘I’m sure I came out from here somewhere but where's the door?'' I noticed a wet paint on my fingers

“Where’s the door?!!”I yelled angrily as if losing my sanity

“There's no door young lady “I glanced on my side and saw an old man painting something on a wall beside me

” just that wall” he added

What the hell is going on……..

I was so confused by my unexpected surroundings that I couldn't help but to give a puzzled stare

Where on earth am I? This was like entering a place with no entrance and exit. ‘‘What’s that” ‘I asked pointing at the painting as I went down and walk towards him

‘‘How old are you 10 years ago?'' he asked

''I don't know maybe seven?

''then you should remember the last royal dragonkin as tranquil and as cool as twilight'' the old man in front of me said as he walk towards me as if reminiscing an event 'it was fresh as yesterday as i remembered how fireballs rained down on the entire kingdom ten years ago

“dragonkin??”I thought '' What happened?''i asked as i stared at the painting .i couldn't took my eyes off from it.

As the old man continued to speak, his words piqued my curiosity even further.

"The dragonkin who escaped from the massive execution of their race a hundred years ago, resurrected and turned the continent of Westalia into a wasteland," he said.

"Those who lived through it will undoubtedly never forget the fear of draginkin," he added ominously.

"And it was the prince who resurrected the royal capital of Westalia from that despair," he said proudly, clearly admiration in his voice.

What a fascinating tale! What other stories and secrets does this old man have to share?

’‘and this painting is telling that history?''i asked as I leaned close to the unfinished life painting to get a better look

''that’s right” he responded with a smile on his face ’‘it’s our kings great history'' he added proudly

“Oh so the prince is the king now?”

''Crown prince “he said “but soon he will be

'' Oh ….''

"By the way, young lady, are you alright?" the old man asked, looking me up and down with a curious expression on his face.

"Your clothes are different as if it was made from the finest fabric," the old man continued, "and the way its embroidered was so fine and delicate so much impossible to be sew by hand"

I was still confused, but I decided to take it as a compliment. "Oh, not at all," I replied. "This is just my school uniform”

“Haven’t they heard of a sewing machine before?”I thought and for some reason, the old man seemed to think that my school uniform was something special. But it was just a normal uniform for Saint Palantine Academy.

"I was an art student there and these were the clothes I'd always worn to class," I explained.

"and now i... I don't know what's going on, i might be losing my mind," I replied, looking down

"I remember being drowned at our school swimming pool, but I do remember being at the school museum in an art gallery "

"And now, I'm here already, right after I opened the door at the end of the hallway."

I shook my head, trying to make sense of it all. "Looking at a certain painting of..."

Suddenly, my mind blanked.

“Could it be the conversation I had with Chloe right now was just imagination? I mean we had that fight before I fall into water trying to save her painting??”My body went cold

” it was like i have fallen into time slip but everything around me is so unfamiliar and I’m pretty sure this isn’t my world'' the old man looked at me with a weird look on his face as if he was staring on some alien or something

‘is he mocking af me?‘It’s true! i came from this wall! Right here''i said as I pointed at the wall ''

"A young man who saved you from drowning at that lake brought you here for me to look after," the old man explained. "And I can assure you, you did not come through this wall. “he laughs

The old man's words sent a wave of confusion through me. A young man who saved me from drowning... brought me here? And I didn't come from the wall?

“Where is he?”i asked as I tried to make sense of it all, Was that the person the old man was talking about?

Oh there he is “he said pointing at the boy who wear ragged cloak

"Wait!" I called out and hurriedly ran after the boy, but as I did, I accdentally step on a stone

As I tripped, my arm instinctively reached out for something to grab onto. Without thinking, I grabbed at the boy's ragged cloak. As I did, he turned to look at me and stopped in his tracks.

I realized that I had made a mistake, but it was too late. I had already fallen and the damage was done.

"I'm sorry!" I said, feeling embarrassed by my own clumsiness. "are you okay?"I asked worriedly

To my surprise, his old ragged cloak was dropped on the ground revealing his soaking wet white suit and a red cape hanging on his left shoulder and there stood a young man with a rather pale skin tone with pale emerald green eyes..

He has golden, layered hair which extends just above his shoulders, and long bangs with a concerned look on his face as he reached out his hand for me

I started spellbound at his blue eyes mesmerized by the mysterious conflict of color

“How beautiful.....”

“aren’t you the girl drown in the lake before??” his voice snapped me back to reality. I looked up to find him standing in front of me

"It's you... the one who saved me from drowning, isn't it?" I asked, suddenly filled with a sense of urgency. Without thinking, I took his hand and pulled him

As his eyes widened in recognition, I felt that my thoughts had been confirmed. This was the boy who had rescued me from the lake, and I was sure of it.

"Please... send me back to where the lake is...." I pleaded. "I need to go back."

“Or else..I will never be able to go back to my world”

“Your world?...?he asked confusedly

Oh no I said something weird…I should trust anyone here..but he saved me right?

“Another world you say?...”I nooded

“Are you saying that you don’t belong in this world and that you come from another? “

“that’s amazing! “he said excitedly

He believed in me?.....

when suddenly we heard horse galloping close by ''we found prince earl ''a guy dressed up as a knight yelled as his other companion went after him in our direction''

‘‘Prince Earl?!'”