Chapter 23:

Things Can Change for the Better

His Unknown Spawn


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn*

Aradia: “Kai”

Kai: “Hmm, something the matter, Love?”

Aradia: “Nothing”

*They get to Kai’s house and while he goes to bring Anya, Aradia sits on the sofa as Bond comes to play*

Aradia: “Come here, boy”

*He licks her face and hands to show that he missed her*

Aradia: “I missed you too, Bond”

*Just then the door opened and Anya came in*

Anya: “Papa I…”

Aradia: “H-hey, Raindrop”

Anya: “Aradia-san”

Anya: “I missed you”

Aradia: “I’m so sorry I left without telling you, Raindrop”

Anya: “You’re not gonna leave me again, are you?”

Aradia: “Even if I do go, I promise I’ll always come back to visit”

Anya: “Promise?”

Aradia: “Cross my heart. Hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in my eye”

Anya: “Oh I made you something”

*Anya left to get what she made*

Kai: “What did you mean?”

Aradia: “I can’t stay here forever”

Kai: “Then take me with you. I can’t live her without you. I lost my wife I can’t lose you too”

Aradia: “You can’t. No one alive can survive Hell. The force will… it will kill you by the time we enter”

*Anya comes back and gives Aradia a couple of drawings that she made of the three of them together*

Aradia: “It’s so cute, Raindrop. You’re so talented”

*The rest of the time they bonded and played games and had fun, until it was time for them to go to bed. After tucking Anya in, Aradia was going to leave but Kai stopped her asking if she could stay one night. They both proceeded to get ready for bed and Aradia lay down with her head on his chest as he wrapped his arm around her*

Blank Screen

Waking up to the love of your life, seeing his cute daughter, having a laugh over breakfast, and feeling like a proper family are what make life so special. But what makes them the hardest is saying goodbye.

Today was particularly the hardest as I got in the cab to go to the airport. Both Kai and I decided it would be best if I go alone because the whole feeling of having him standing there watching me walk through the gates to get on the plane would just hold me back.

Saying goodbye to Anya was honestly the hardest thing I ever had to do, she clung onto my legs and refused to move. It wasn’t until I promised that I would come and visit that did she let go. I got in the car and waved goodbye to both of my loves.

As I boarded the plane and sat down in my designated seat, I couldn’t help but let out a few sobs.

Why was life so difficult?

Why are goodbyes so hard?

Why did it have to be me?

Once I was back in LA and in Lux I felt a little calm. Although what I wasn’t expecting to walk into was my Dad and some Woman going at it.

“Bloody Hell! Dad!” I instantly closed my eyes.

“Princess!” I heard Dad say and scramble to put on some clothes.

I opened one eye and when I saw Dad fully dressed I then proceeded to open the other one. The woman, however, stood rooted to her place and refused to move.

“Who are you?” she asked, her voice annoyingly high pitched.

I rolled my eyes, clearly not in the mood.

“I’m his daughter” I say, sternly.

I walk past her, unbothered, and jump on the bed with my phone in my hand. I plug my earphones in my ears and link my fingers behind my head. I closed my eyes and listened to some music.

I snap my eyes open when my earphones are yanked out of my ears.

“Get out so we can continue!” she yelled at me.

I looked towards Dad who was too busy pouring himself another glass of Whiskey to even be bothered about our conversation.

I sighed and looked at the wannabe Barbie doll.

“Look, blondie. I’m not leaving, I’m staying right here and there is NOTHING you can do about it. So you can cry, you can whinge, you can even throw a full-blown tantrum. I don’t give a shit! But there is NO WAY in Hell am I getting up from this bed. I’ve had a rough day and I don’t handle jetlag very well, so I suggest you stop irritating me, shut up, clean your shit and leave!” I say in one breath before collapsing on the bed again.

I close my eyes and bend one leg while crossing the other leg over.

“Argh! Will YOU tell this bitch to leave” I hear her say to Dad who stops mid drink.

I sit up quickly as I look at Dad giving this woman a death glare.

Ohh shit’s about to get reeeeal! I wish I had popcorn.

“How dare you.” He says, slowly walking up to her.

“Did you really just call my Daughter a bitch?” he asks.

His eyes go red as the woman cowers back apologising. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone clear their things as quickly as she did. Once she left Dad turns to look at me.

“The stuff I have to put through” Dad sighs.

“Yeah. Must be fucking hard” I mumble.

“Ah. That kind of language would NOT be used under my roof, young lady” he says, pointedly.

I rub my face.

“I’m sorry” I raise my hands.

I fall back on the bed, pressing my palms on my eyes.

“I hate this” I say as I feel the lump in my throat.

I felt out a few sobs before I feel the bed sink a little, a warm hand squeezes my knee lightly and I get up.

“I don’t want to go! It’s not fair” I say wiping my tears with the sleeve of my sweatshirt.

“Where don’t you want to go?” Dad asks confused.

“Back to Hell!” I whine.

“You’re not gonna go. So the only option is me. Hell needs a warden so I have to go back and fulfil my duties as their Princess” I sniff.

“I hate these feelings I just wish I was back to being that heartless, coldblooded celestial I was before. At least then goodbyes didn’t affect me at all. But now. Now it feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing me in my heart and is forcing me to walk around like nothing is happening” I say.

“Princess” Dad says coming close so he leans back against the headboard, and pulls me so I’m leaning against him, my head on his shoulder as he wraps his arm around me.

“Okay tell me what do YOU truly desire?” he asks.

I chuckle while wiping my nose.

“That doesn’t work on celestials, Dad”

“I know. But if you really search hard enough you would know what you desire” he says as I look up at him.

“How?” I ask.

He wipes my tears with his thumb and proceeds to pull me closer.

“Close your eyes, what do you see?” he asked.

I close my eyes, images of Kai and Anya dance in front of me. Us having a cute moment. Bonding over our favourite show. Laughing and joking around. I open my eyes with a smile and look up to see Dad also looking at me smiling.

“I’ve been selfish for 20 years already, Princess. But not anymore. Hell is going to get their Warden but it’s not going to be you” he says and I sit up straighter.

“Dad?” I look at him confused.

“It’s going to be me” he smiles.

What? No! I just got my Dad I’m not going to lose him again!

As if he saw the fear in my eyes he cupped my face.

“You’re still going to be my daughter. You can come and visit me anytime you want. And besides Hell has been fine this whole time since we’ve both been here, without a warden, I’m sure they can handle themselves when I come and visit.” He smiles.


“I know how much you two love each other. And as much as I hate to say it, you won’t ever find someone like him. So go to him, Princess. I know what it’s like to have someone you love to be taken away from you, and I’m NOT going to let my Daughter have the same experience!”

I hug him tight and hear a voice.

“Having fun without me?”

The both of us turn our heads to see Aunt Maze.

“Aunt Maze” I say getting up and running to give her a tight hug.

“Looks like I’m going back to Hell” she smiles.

“Wait, but...” I say looking at them both.

“You’ve done enough, Princess. Now it’s time for you to do what your heart truly desires. Go to him or call him here. But whatever you do. Do it now” Dad says.

He jerks his shoulders making his wings appear, their the same as mine, white and fluffy. They walk to the balcony and Aunt Maze jumps in his arms as Demons don’t have wings.

“Bye, sweetheart and good luck” Aunt Maze says.

“I love you, my little lightbringer” Dad says before he turns around, I feel a slight breeze and he’s gone..

What the Hell just happened?

After taking a few minutes to process everything, happiness was the only thing to wash over me.

“Ahhh” I cried out happily.

I picked up my phone and called Kai, within two rings he answered.

“Love?” he sounded confused.

“Darling, will you come to LA?” I ask.

Please say yes! Please say yes!

“Of course I will!” he says.

“But first are you okay?” his concern made me smile.

God! I’m finding it SO hard to contain my excitement.

“I’m more than okay. I’m not going to Hell” I tell him.

“What? How did that happen? And does that mean we can be together?” he asks.

God, he’s so cute!

“Dad is going to rule Hell again, so yes, Darling, we can be together forever! But I’ll have to come to LA once in a while to make sure the business is being managed properly”

“No you don’t” he says.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“I mean…well, it WAS supposed to be a surprise but then you told me you were going to Hell so I thought screw everything. Anyways, good news is… I’m being transferred to LA”

“WHAT?!” I yell.

I swear I am going to BURST with all this happiness.

“Are you serious? You’re coming to LA? That means… that means we can live here and you can work and the three of us can live together. And I can spend time with Anya. And we could…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down, Love, or your tongue will fall off” Kai laughed.

I felt my face go red as a tomato.

“Oops” I giggled.

“When are you coming?” I asked.

“2 days” he told me.

“Okay see you in 2 days” I say excitedly.

“See you, Love”

“Oh, Kai” I say before he had the chance to cut the call.


“I love you” I say, shyly.

“Aww, love you too, babe”

He cut the call and I jumped up and down in excitement.

Thank you so much, Dad.