Chapter 24:


His Unknown Spawn


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

Aradia: “Bloody Hell! Dad!”

Lucifer: “Princess!”

Woman: “Who are you?”

Aradia: “I’m his daughter”

*After a few comments back and forth the woman he was banging quickly leaves*

Aradia: “I don’t want to go! It’s not fair”

Lucifer: “Where don’t you want to go?”

Aradia: “Back to Hell!”

Aradia: : “You’re not gonna go. So the only option is me. Hell needs a warden so I have to go back and fulfil my duties as their Princess”

Lucifer: “Princess”

Lucifer: “Okay tell me what do YOU truly desire?”

Aradia: “That doesn’t work on celestials, Dad”

Lucifer: “Close your eyes, what do you see?”

*She closes her eyes and sees Kai and Anya, and the moments they all spent together*

Lucifer: “I’ve been selfish for 20 years already, Princess. But not anymore. Hell is going to get their Warden but it’s not going to be you”

Lucifer: “It’s going to be me”

Lucifer: “I know how much you two love each other. And as much as I hate to say it, you won’t ever find someone like him. So go to him, Princess. I know what it’s like to have someone you love to be taken away from you, and I’m NOT going to let my Daughter have the same experience!”

Maze: “Having fun without me?”

Aradia: “Aunt Maze”

Maze: “Looks like I’m going back to Hell”

Lucifer: “You’ve done enough, Princess. Now it’s time for you to do what your heart truly desires. Go to him or call him here. But whatever you do. Do it now”

Maze: “Bye, sweetheart and good luck”

Lucifer: “I love you, my little lightbringer”

*And with that Lucifer and Maze go back to Hell leaving Aradia on Earth, she calls Kai and tells him everything, he then proceeds to tell her that he is being transferred to the LAPD and that he will be there in two days*

Blank Screen

2 months have passed since Dad left to be the King of Hell and now Kai and I are together. I can’t believe this is finally happening! My whole life I’ve dreamed of living a normal life, doing things that girls my age would do. Instead I’m living life of a fairy-tale.

From being a Princess to a businesswoman in the span of a few months is no small thing, but luckily I have the two… actually no, three most important people in my life with me, well at least two of them are here with me now.

“Mama” I hear and look up to see my raindrop waving at me from the slide, I smile and wave back.

I’m currently on babysitting duty as Kai has to work. He’s now a Homicide Detective for the LAPD and he absolutely LOVES it! Anya has accepted me as Kai’s girlfriend but insists on calling me ‘Mama’ I love it of course! I never imagined being a Mum and now here I am, and at the age of 20!

I mean sure she’s my boyfriend’s daughter, but who cares?!

I look at the time and see it’s almost coming up to 5. Oops, we’ve been at the park for so long I guess I lost track of the time.

“Raindrop” I call out to her.

Anya slides down the slide and comes running up to me.

“Yes, Mama” she says.

“Time to go home” I smile, petting her hair.

A small pout sets on her lips.

“Nuh uh. No” she says and runs away, giggling.

“What do you mean, no?” I ask, amused.

“Hey! Come back here, little miss” I call out while chasing after her.

She runs as fast as her little legs can carry her and I chase after her while calling out her name. She runs around the swing set, past the slide and round and round the tree until I get an idea.

“Ouch!” I say grabbing my ankle and sitting on the ground.

I look over at her while making a pained expression and watch as she quickly comes to me.

“Mama! Are you okay?” she asks, worriedly.

I quickly grab her little frame and pull her towards me.

“Now I am” I smile wide.

“Gotcha” I say, teasingly.

She stands up, a scowl on her face.

“That was NOT funny! I thought you were hurt” she says.

Aww, my baby! I feel bad now.

“Oh, I’m sorry my little Raindrop” I say kissing the top of her head.

She turns away, folding her little arms across her chest.

I pout before wiggling my fingers and tickling her sides, she squeals and tries to get out of my hold while erupting in giggles.

“S-stop!” she laughs.

“Not until you forgive me” I chuckle.

“O-okay I f-forgive you” she says in between giggles.

I stop with the tickle attack and give her a big hug, rubbing her back so she calms down.

“I love you, my little raindrop” I whisper.

“I love you too, Mama” she says back.

“Come” I say standing up, dusting myself off and holding her hand.

She holds my hand and we walk back. The Detective and I brought a house a few days ago and we absolutely love it. It’s everything I’ve always wanted. It’s not too big but it’s not too small, it’s just right.

Downstairs there’s a huge living room with a connected kitchen, there’s a bathroom and a huge garden at the back as well as a moderate one in the front, and a basement. Upstairs are three bedrooms; Kai and I share the master bedroom and Anya has her own room. Her birthday is coming up so we’re gonna decorate it as a surprise for her. There’s also a second and much bigger bathroom upstairs, as well as an attic.

It's about half an hour away from Lux and 10 minutes away from the precinct. We decided this house especially because of the school which is only a 10-minute walk.

I wanted to make sure that Anya got the best education here, so I had to choose the most prestigious school out of them all, it costs a fortune but for my little Raindrop, every penny is worth it! She’s so smart I wouldn’t have her enrol in any other school.

Of course, Kai and I do end up arguing over this topic as he thinks a regular school would be fine and I shouldn’t be wasting my money like that. But when you have a booming business and you’re a parent you obviously want what’s best for your child. So I don’t care!

Anya and I enter the house and it’s almost 5:30. Kai should be coming home any minute. I decided to send Anya to the living room and turn the TV on so she could watch something.

“What do you want to eat, Raindrop?” I ask.

“Um, pasta, please” she says.

“Coming right up” I smile.

I walk to the kitchen and wash my hands before boiling a big pot of water, once it’s boiled I add the pasta and start on the sauce. By the time I’m done chopping onions and adding them to the sauce the front door opens.

“Papa!” Anya cheers as Kai walks in.

“Hello” he smiles, picking his daughter up and kissing her cheek.

He sees me and smiles before setting her down, he walks up to me, snaking his arm around my waist and kissing my cheek.

“What are you making?” he asks.

“Pasta” I reply, smiling.

“Hmm” he hums and places his head on my shoulder.

He looks exhausted.

“Go have a shower, I’ll set the table” I tell him.

“No” he shakes his head and rolls his shirt sleeves up to his forearms, he washes his hands and stands next to me.

“I’ll help” he says.

I know arguing with this man would be futile, so I let him help me. Soon enough dinner is ready.

“Raindrop, go and wash your hands. Then we’ll sit down and eat” I tell her.

Anya gets up and runs to the bathroom leaving both me and her Dad alone.

I put the pasta on the table and bump into Kai as he was standing behind me.


He holds my hand and pulls me towards him, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Have I told you, you look really beautiful today” he said burying his face in the crook of my neck.

“Yes, you did” I say, giggling.

“Hmm” he hums and proceeds to kiss my neck.

A shiver runs down my spine as I bite my lip.

“Kai, Anya will come” I say, trying to hide the smile on my face.

Uff! I swear he’s too much sometimes

“Shh” he says.

He moves my hair to one side so he has better access, he continues kissing me before a breathy moan escapes my lips, I feel him smirk before we hear footsteps coming back in the room.

We pull apart and I run to the kitchen, I turn to my back is facing them, preventing them from seeing my red face.

Kai, you will pay for this.

I finally go to sit down once I’ve calmed my racing heart, the butterflies in my stomach and my red face. Once I did I made sure to send Kai a death glare or two for what he did. But he proceeded to give me an innocent look as if he did nothing!

Ugh, Men!

“So, what did my girls get up to today?” he asked as he always does when I’m babysitting Anya.

“Mama took me to the park” Anya smiled.

“Did you have fun?” he asked while taking a bite of the pasta.

Anya nodded and proceeded to tell him everything in detail. I sat there eating very little but watching both of my babies just tell each other about their days and enjoy what I made.

Kai looked up at me and sent me a sly wink making me glare at him and look towards Anya as to say, ‘Not in front of the baby’ he just proceeds to smirk and go back to his food.

Grandad! I love him but sometimes I just want to punch him!

Not that I mind showing affection, by all means I’m in for it, but I don’t want to do it in front of Anya. She’s at that age where she asks a lot of questions about everything and sometimes I don’t know what to answer her.

Just the other day she asked me where babies came from and I froze! When I asked her why the sudden she then told me that her class teacher is pregnant, and wondered if she ate her baby which is why her tummy is so big.

Kai laughed but I was perplexed. How do you tell a 5-year-old where babies come from?! So I took the initiative to put on ‘Dumbo’ and made her believe that a Stork brings parents their babies and for now the whole baby topic has been paused.

After dinner, Kai and I washed and cleaned while Anya watched something, before I went to put her to bed and Kai went to have a shower, after reading her a bedtime story, and giving her favourite teddy, she fell asleep. I closed her door slowly and went to freshen up.

Once I was done I walked back to the room, to see Kai on his phone in just his sweatpants. He saw me and smiled while placing his phone on his bedside drawer. I took my t-shirt off, so I was just in my bra and got under the covers myself, making myself comfortable by placing my head on his chest.

He wrapped his arm around me, I snuggled closer and felt him tighten his grip around me a little. The rhythm of his heartbeat and his touch on my skin was enough to send me to sleep.

The next day Kai had a day off so we both took Anya to the park; I packed a picnic and we had lunch there. I sat down on the blanket we spread across the grass and watched as my boyfriend and his daughter play.

He pushed her gently on the swings and chased her around pretending to be a monster, once he caught her he hung her upside down and I watched as she erupted in giggles making me laugh.

But all that was put to a hold when a notification from an unknown number made my jaw drop to the ground.

“You really think you can get rid of me that easily? You’re not the only one immortal, Aradia Morningstar. I’ll be back very soon”

What the f…