Chapter 10:

The Challenge Part 1

Soul Hunter Gin: Soul King reincarnation!

Sora sits on a bench at the Tokyo train station and is speaking to someone on his phone.

Sora: "Hey master Nomoura it's been a while how have you been?"
Nomoura: "Fine but I heard one of your employees is the soul king's reincarnation I imagine it must be pretty hard am I right?"
Sora: "Yeah with a demon coming after us." His eyes narrow.

Sora: "That's the reason I wanted to talk to you, have you sensed any unusual Demon presence in Tokyo lately?"
Nomoura: "Yes in fact I have and so have most of the big shots at the head of the organization."
Sora: "I fear those group of above-average demons are after Gin do you know what Squad they're sending after the demons?"

At that moment an idea. Little did he know that idea would change the course of everyone's fate forever. He grins.

Nomoura: "No squad has currently been assigned to those select few demons but why don't I get permission from the boss to send you and your employees to fight them instead?"
Sora: "Are you crazy they are just children!"
Nomura: "Are you questioning me this is for the next generation and to make the soul King's reincarnation stronger don't be so selfish I taught you better than that!"

On the other end of the phone, Nomura unleashes his aura. His aura is so powerful it spreads to Sora striking immense fear within him.

Nomura: "Anyways, I'll talk to the boss he owes me after saving his son from a Demon so is going to say yes so you better prepare or, you could them to me and I'll test them myself to see if they are ready."

Nomura hangs up the phone leaving Sora dripping in sweat and on the verge of passing out. Sora leaves the train station to think about his former master's offer.

It's the next day, and Gin leaves the house to go to work with the previous day's events in the back of his mind. He arrives at work early to see Sora leaning against a counter smoking a cigarette.

Gin: "I'm ready for work."
Sora: "You seem like something's bothering you is wrong?"
Gin: "So you know how I went on a date with Akai well, it went wrong instantly and she left after a few minutes but I don't understand my dad said that I should act like a macho tuff guy I did but it didn't work!"
Sora: "Kid you gotta be yourself you better hope she gives you a second chance."
Gin: "Ok thanks, boss."
Sora: "Sit down I think your gonna need a break you have a long day ahead of you."

Nomura the same grey-haired man Sora was talking to earlier is sitting by tapping the window of a plane. Nomura suddenly grabs on tight to his brown trench coat.

Nomura thinks: "Damn he moves around so much it's hard to keep track of him!"
Pilot: "We have now arrived in Saitama."

Nomura grabs his luggage and rushes out of the plane and calls a taxi. He arrives at a bank and rushes inside causing a huge scene.

He walks up to the front desk and whispers something into the young lady's ear. The lady lets him inside and he opens up a vault to reveal a room with a bar inside. Sitting at one of the stools was the current soul king himself Yamato Fujiwara who Nomura walks up to and taps on the shoulder.

Nomura: We need to talk now."
The soul king: "I'm busy can this wait we are both very busy people after all."

Nomoura gets annoyed and unleashes the full power of his aura stronger than the one he used on the phone with Sora. A dark purple light engulfed the room as he stared at the nonmoving soul king. The soul king never moved an inch or reacted to Nomoura's aura. Nomoura knew that it would not even affect the almighty king but he decided to try to get his point across anyway.

The soul king: "Um Nomoura I think you might want to turn it down a notch."

Nomoura looks around the bar and sees the patrons who were all soul hunters passed out due to the fear being put out by his aura.

Nomoura: "Oh I think I may have overdone it a tad bit."
The soul king: "You could say that again."

His facial expression became serious as his eyes narrowed.

The soul king: "What's with the serious face all of a sudden?"
Nomoura: "You owe me from when I saved your idiot teenage son from a demon so I came with a favor to ask of you."

The soul king's anger spikes and then he controls himself.

The soul king: " You insult my family and then ask me for a favor have you lost your mind!?" 

Nomura: "It's about Vikes reincarnation."

The soul king's interest peaked.

The soul king: "Okay you've got me now continue."

Nomura: "There's been Demon activity and they were probably sent after Vikes reincarnation Gin Shiro and I wanted your permission to assign him to take them down besides considering this as training you want him to be in peak when his challenges don't you?"
The soul king: "Fine whatever you can do whatever you wish no matter how much he trains he will never pose a threat to me!"
Nomura: "You are always so arrogant."
The soul king: "Get out before I make you regret ever coming here in the first place."
Nomura: "I wouldn't underestimate him mark my words."

The soul king's phone rings he answers. On the other end of the phone is one of his advisors. 

The soul king: What is it Shinko?"
Shinko: "My lord as your primary advisor I have gathered the secondary and third-party advisors for a meeting in Saitama you must attend we must discuss something that you have been putting off for a while."

She hangs up and the soul king puts his phone back in his pocket. The soul king then frowns.

The soul king: "Ah I must be leaving for I am due for a meeting at Saitama."

Nomura and the soul king then leave the bank and head their separate ways. The soul king arrives at an airport and instead of boarding a plane, he walks out of the airport and to a large grassy field behind the airport. Waiting for him are his 3 advisors standing atop a hill.

The soul king: "Ah if it isn't my 3 main loyal advisors Shinko my primary advisor who is always beautiful and is the absolute best at creation, Hoshi Dasha secondary advisor who is the peak of physical strength who is so strong he managed to hit a tiny star with his bare fists, and finally the rookie third party 12-year-old prodigy himself Kodomo Tensai who is a genius and the best swordsman alive!"

There is silence the 3 advisors are clearly not impressed by his flattery.

Shinko: "My lord there is no getting out of this with flattery you have neglected your training and we must discuss your biggest issue.''
Hoshi: "Yo I am quite frankly disappointed in your current training!"
Kodomo: "Me too!" 
Shinko: "Creation!"

Shinko creates a small room with a table in the middle with 4 chairs. They all sit, Shinko creates 4 tea cups, and then they begin the discussion.

Shinko: "My lord we have all noticed your progress recently and we all agreed that some changes need to be made."
Kodomo: "What Shinko is trying to say is you have been slacking off in your training for when the previous soul king Vike's reincarnation challenges you."
Hoshi: "And we think you need to start training again!"
The soul king: "No."
Shinko: "But my lord please reconsider!."
The soul king: "Because he could not wish to become the soul king and will be stripped of his powers and become a normal person."
Kodomo: "That's very unlikely."
Shinko: "Kodomo is correct that has a 2% chance of happening."
The soul king: "Even if he challenges me I am the strongest and if I die of natural causes without losing my title Shinko will inherit my title and become the soul queen." 
Kodomo: "I don't think it would be wise to underestimate him."
The soul king: "Are you questioning my power Kodomo!?"
Kodomo: "No my lord I was merely suggesting."

Hoshi rips his shirt off and destroys the table with an upwards kicks sending glass shards flying across the room. He screams, bangs his head against the wall, and then points at the soul king. Everyone looks at Hoshi in shock.

Hoshi: "I'm sorry my lord but I've heard enough of your bickering it's time to test how strong you really are if you beat all 3 of us then you don't have to train not even a little but if we beat you, you must train vigorously!" 
Shinko: "Hoshi hold your tongue this is not the time nor pl-" 
The soul king: "Silence Shinko! I accept your challenge Shinko create an arena."

Shinko hangs her head low.

Shinko: "Yes my lord creation!"

Shinko creates a big arena and the soul king takes off his shirt and everyone enters their battle stances. Everyone has arrived at work Gin and Akai standing on opposite sides of the room-filling tension in the room. Recognizing the tension Sora was going to say something when his phone begins to ring. He answers and on the other side of the phone is Nomura. Sora walks into another room leaving his employees on their own.

Sora yells from another room: "If any customers walk in prepare their orders I have to take care of some business!"
Everyone: "Yes sir!"
Sora to Nomura: "Did he say yes?"
Nomura: "Yes but it took some convincing of course."
Sora: "Do you want me to tell them why we're going?"
Nomura: "No, don't tell them tell them that it's a team bonding exercise you have one day come to my office in Kyoto so be prepared."
Sora: "I will."
Nomura: "See you then."

When Sora re-enters the room there is one customer sitting down at a table.

Sora: "I'm so sorry but the restaurant for today!"
The customer: "I want a refund!"
Sora: "No there's no need to say such things but we do have the lifetime kid's meal pass if you are interested in that." 
The customer: "Do I look like a child to you!?"
Sora: "Yes."
The customer: "Your sure right sir that's why I'll be taking the pass and leaving!"

The man leaves and everyone assembles in the training room.

Sora: "Now everyone for the rest of today we will be training tomorrow however we will be going on a team bonding exercise."
Akai: "Where?"
Sora: "Kyoto."

A blue-haired demon stands on top of a billboard looking for prey. Suddenly he sees a family of three driving in a small yellow car. He stops their nighttime drive by jumping on top of the car destroying the hood. Inside the car are a husband and a wife and one child around 5 years old.

In fear, the child manages to get out of the car and flee into a dark alley followed by the husband and then lastly the wife. The demon looks around accessing the abilities of his prey.

The demon: "I don't have to waste my flames on these weaklings a simple punch will have to do."

The demon easily catches up and shoves his arm through the man's chest the man coughs up blood and then dies. The demon then throws the man's body to the side and then focuses his attention on the wife who is standing in front of her daughter trying to protect her. The demon in a flash decapitates her with a single punch with her blood going everywhere.

The demon smiles seeing the fear of the cowering girl before slowly edging closer towards her.

The demon: "Hey little girl if you want to reunite with your mommy and daddy so badly maybe you'll see them in hell where I can continue to torture all of you Humans in the name of the Demon king!" 

The girl lets out an ear-piercing scream before silence.

Soul hunter Gin character case No.7: Nomura
Blood type: B
Age: 57
Threat level: "Large city
Favorite food: Porkchops
Favorite pastime: Teaching young "punks" a lesson
And thus concludes Soul hunter Gin character case No.7