Chapter 61:

A7P5: The slave army, Battle of Kiriin

From Assassin to Demon lord

Haagenti was overlooking the city of Kiriin, usually the city was full of life and smiling people, but ever since the first attack on the Demonic kingdom, the city became cold, unwelcoming and distrustful.

But to demoness Haagenti this was a plate full of deliciousness.

As a demoness previously working for Hell demon king of water, she was using all her powers to destroy this city's water ways.

Once she blocked the sewage system and the canals overflew, making rats run out of their hiding spots and live aboveground. On other occation she dried up all wells. She even turned alcohol in all pubs into water on numerous occations.

But right now, she had to use her skills for real. She used one of her abilities she learned from her vampire colleague, the ability's name in particular, was Blood control.

She used this skill to manipulate all children in the city and made them leave the city on their own.

"Fufu... this was hard, but fun!" Haagenti smiled broadly.

"You sssay that, but I'M the one doing the brainwasssshing here ssssss," the man that answered Haagenti was man right under orders of Tristan named Aim.

"I know, I know, but tell me, why did you chose to keep your viper head, when you changed the rest of your body humanoid?"

"That'ssss none of your bussssssinessssssss," Aim looked away to where the children had came from.

"Ssssssss... what ssshhould I do? Complete mind clean sssss? Or partial mind clean sssss?"

«Mind clean» is spell that can clean one's mind. Depending on users proficiency, your entire being can be lost. It's so complicated spell that there are only three known users of this spell on the entire world. And two of them are working for Zaru.

"As long as they remember their name and race, should be fine. Just make sure they will thing of this kingdom as a garbage that throw them away," Haagenti waved her hand before her head.

"Sssssure. But don't you think their parrents will look for them ssss?" Aim asked.

"Probably, but their lord is killing them just for the thought of yielding to our lord. Well we did transport some of them..."

"Oh, yessss. I remember thosssse people. Where did you sssssend them?"

"I had them move to dwarven cities. If they wish to serve us, then we will make the most of them there. Also my unique skill [Dominate] makes them follow me no matter what I order them~" Haagenti smiled innocently.

"Sssssay what you want, but I know your true intetionssssss," Aim smiled and his fangs shone under the moons light, "You know that the duke would ussssse hisss people assss meat ssshhieldsss to essscape ssso you are removing them to eassse our lordsss heart."

"True, our lord wouldn't be able to massacre the innocent. After all, the thing he aims for is mutual understanding and piece between different races."

"And for that to happen you need to raissse them togehter right sssss?"

"Exactly as you said. Now let's get back to work, we have brainwashing to do."

The city of Kiriin had suffered loss after loss.

Their waters started to run dry, farmland was exhausted and people were deserting, family after family.

And now, all children under ten years of age disappeared.

And what was worse, those parents who started looking for them disappeared within days as well.

The city was growing unrest right under the duke's nose. Yet, only thing he done to surpress it was cutting down how much water came from main well under the palace.

"Father, I came with the army duke Darius send you," a young boy around fifteen years took a knee before his father.

"Hilderon? Why did you lead the army?!"

"On orders of duke Darius, who belives in your swift victory."

"Forget the numbers! They are weak slaves! How am I supposed to work with such a pathetic army?!"

"Acording to our spies, demon lord Zaru have a weak heart. Apparently he freed all slaves in Ork kingdom, when he took over. Duke Darius belives that if you send those weak and useless to fight him, he won't be able to fight back, in order to not destroy his image," Hilderon smiled wickedly.

"Tsk, seems like his way of doing things rubbed off on you. Seriously, what is he thinking, that cousin of mine..." duke Durel smiled bitterly as he clicked his tongue.

"So, what's the battle plan father?"

"We have two million slaves, around one hundread thousand elite warriors and fifty thousand mages... whe should be able to apply buffs on slaves for short period of time and pin down the army of the demon lord, after all, they have just around two thousand spirits. If the king ranked spirit is a general, then it will not take part in battle unless neccesary. The demon king after all, is weak hearted."

"What do you thing about the spirit army?"

"They can't be that much high ranking ones. I belive that only two or three greater spirits are presents as commanders and the rest of the army are regular spirits or lesser spirits at best. If they are of that level, even temporarly enchanted weapons can defeat them, after all, all of our soldiers reached the perfection of blade," the duke smiled again, "also, your old friend, Carl Lugarean will lead them."

"Tsk, that guy? You really don't have anyone better, father?"

"Most of my generals are already dead and those who are alive, are waiting for good word of our victory here. Those lowly dogs, especially that Earl Baldhold is getting on my nerves."

"Yes, he have high produce of grain, but refuses to sell or share with us, even though he knows what kind of famine we are dealing with here."

"I hope that the demons destroy that cursed place soon," the duke send curses on his most disliked vassal.

The army of spirits isn't powerful in terms of numbers, but their magical and physical prowness is second to none.

If you would rank the armies by their power, then it would be: Spirit army, MB army, Vampire platoon, and finally the undead army.

That being said, all three armies have their own unique trait. Undead army have high numbers which can overwhelm any oponents.

MB army have strategist Kesugi and even with smaller numbers, their physical power is enough for quick decisive battles.

Vampire platoon works with stealth abilities so they usually attack under night sky when most of the people sleep. They silently enter the houses of their enemies and turn them into lesser vampires and create chaos by doing so.

Last army is the spirit army, their superior magic and fighting prowness combined with only a handful of personel with physical bodies, makes them immune to any unenchanted weapons and even enchanted weapons can't kill them in single hit.

"The city before us is Kiriin, my lord."

"I see. So you already removed all citizens, which could be used against us Haagenti?"

"Yes. We translocated families to Fortress city. All who stayed here are hard to manipulate with, but if we just walk into the city, we won," Haagenti smiled happily.

"I understand. So only thing we need to be ready for is the slave attack."

"It is as you said, master," Haagenti bowed and left the tent.

The city was a half a day worth of walking to south from the camp and there were no movements from enemy side.

"Soon, you shall be our puppets," Haagenti smiled wickedly and walked to her tent.

Early next morning, the spirit army moved down to the south and the two armies stood before each other. But the numbers were wrong. From two millions of slaves only about 500 thousand were present.

"Hmm... issssss that an envoy?" Aim asked as he covered his eyes from the sun.

"Seems that way... I should probably go meet him. Phara, could you?"

"Sure," Phara said as she transformed into her wolf form.

We went to meet the envoy at the middle of the way.

"My name is Carl Lugarean. Envoy of his excelency duke Durel!"

"I am demon king of the Demonic kingdom Zaruul, Demon lord of assassination, Zaru," I introduced myself to the noble.

"Let's talk demon king!" the noble moved his hand and two chairs with table were created from black stone.

"A rather talnted earth mage you are. Yes, let's talk, I'm interested in what you have to say."

We moved to our respective seats and sit down. Phara was sitting next to me and two assassin maids were hiden in shadows behind me.

The noble had two knights behind him. Both were level 100 humans, in other words, no threat to me or Phara who were higher ranked beings.

Speaking of ranks of beings. The lowest are those who can't communicate (monsters), middle ranked are those who can comminicate, but are not strong (humans). The higher ranked beings are all who have reached the level cap and evolved, just like me.

"Let me ask you, demon king, do you think you can win here?"

"If I couldn't, I wouldn't be here," I smiled at the noble and noticed that the knights were boiling with anger.

"Even with our superior numbers?"

"Numbers are nothing to us, not even your knights could scratch me if I really decided to go all out. And I can guarantee you that same goes for my subordinates," I kept smiling.

"You cocky bas—" one of the knights tried to unsheate his sword but was stopped by my Thread control.

"You should control your pigs sir Lugarean, no matter the situation, they just insulted foreign royalty. You know what that means, right?" I glared at the noble.

"You wouldn't!"

"Oh, I would." I tighten the threads and cut of the knights head. The dead body fell to ground after I released it from my threads.

"You murderer! This is negotiation! How do—"

"—Let me tell you one thing. I had nothing to do with the Astenna kingdom. YOU were the ones who send army to attack my home. YOU were the ones who striked first. YOU unleashed my wrath!" I released Dark cloak spell which was sign for my demons to start their act.

Two giant flame towers erupted from positions where the rest of slave army was located.

"Now, that we evened the numbers a little, let's continue our little battle, what do you say, sir Lugarean?"

"Y-you monster!"

"The moment my friends abandoned me to die in cold snow of the Snowy mountains, I stopped caring about human lives. You are nothing but a trash that needs to get swept away. Phara, give them signal to start."

"Understood my lord," Phara nodded and howled.

In that moment a pinkish light enveloped the five hundread thousand slaves and knights who were with them. In next moment, the slaves started to move forward while throwing away their cheep swords and other equipment.

While that was happening, the knights, one by one, started to press their daggers or swords against their necks.

This was result of Aim's superior mind magic.


"Why are you surprised sir Lugarean? Did you thought I would play nice and battle with you earnestly? Did you really thought that you can defeat me? You are fighting against demon lord of all things. Did you really thought I would not play dirty?"

"You monster!" Lugarean took out his sword, but my dagger was faster and his head rolled on the ground.

"H-how? Why is this happening? How can he be so strong?" the duke hit the railing of his balcony with his fist.

"Just as planned."

"What did you say Hilderon?! What do you mean?!" the duke turned around to face his son, but turned pale in the next moment.

His son had translucent skin and seemed like he didn't have any bones in his body anymore.

"I should re-introduce myself, my true name is Abaleth and I am servant of Tristan the demon duke in service of Demon king Zaru. As you can see, my special ability is possession of body and corruption. Sorry to say, but your son died weeks ago~" the demon's tone completly changed.

"N-no... you're lying..."

"I'm cartainly not~ but there still is use for you~"

"Use? So–so you won't kill me?" the eyes sparkled a little.

"We still have use– for your head! We have to send duke Darius some kind of warning after all~ Now be a good piece of trash and wait for your punishment," Abaleth said in cold, dark voice.

After killing the commander of the army and breaking contracts of all slaves we went to the city gates, where I ordered the water spirits to create hot summer rain. At the same time, the guards opened the gates.

"Thank you brave warriors of this city, I will just kill that piece of shit duke and will be on my way again," I waved at the guards and walked on the main street.

Suprisingly, the people came on street and kneeled before me. Did the demons do something that hardcore that the people would become this submissive? Wait, I don't have the Dark cloak spell on me right now don't I?

This is weird... wait, those over there are dancing? Is it becouse of the rain? Yeah, they are farmers, that must be it.

I walked through the city and without any resistance I entered the castle. There, I found tied duke Durel and one of the summoned demons. Unlike the others this one liked the form of a human-shaped slime.

"My lord~ I did it~ I captured the pig~" the demon smiled.

"Good work Abaleth, now go to prison and transfer the black leaf party to lowest floor of my dungeon."

"Suuure thing~" Abaleth saluted and left the room.

"This was easier then I thought it would be."

"M-my son... what happened to him?" the duke asked with trembling voice.

"Your son? And what about your daughter?" I gave him cold glare.

"W-what about her?"

"She's happily living with my general as his concubine (second wife). As for what happened to your son... he was killed."

"I see..."

"We launched an attack against Darius dukedom few days after the slave army left and we decimated their capital. I think that's when we decided on using that body double."

"Hahah... hahahahahahahahaahh..." the duke lost his mind and I mercifuly end his suffering.

Later that day Capriel gave the king severed head of duke Durel, thus ending the conquest of the Astenna kingdom's two dukedoms.

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