Chapter 3:


Is It Tough For The MC To Notice You? (HIATUS)

Main characters in stories. They always get in the spotlight, especially in romantic stories. Bookmark here

Most of the series I've seen and read have to do with the same premise. You know, the boy meets girl, girl hates guy (totally tsundere), and it kind of goes from there.Bookmark here

But for me, in this world, I'm nothing but a supporting character.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

"Eisuke! Think you can help me with my homework?" I heard a girl say as she went over to the guy.Bookmark here

"Hmm? Sure I don't see why not?" Eisuke said with a smile.Bookmark here

That guy I just said. Eisuke? Well, he's the main character within this story. And I've only known him since Junior High, and Eisuke's only thought of me as his supporting character.Bookmark here

But I have a goal for myself, make Eisuke fall in love with me! Bookmark here

Let the fun begin.....Bookmark here

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