Chapter 4:

Volume 1 Chapter 1-The Goal Isn't All That Simple!

Is It Tough For The MC To Notice You? (HIATUS)

“What kind of girls does Eisuke like?” That was the first thing that I thought of while I was in my class reading a book.Bookmark here

I closed my book and got up from my chair as I went over to Eisuke’s desk. Eisuke glared at me quite harshly, but then sighed as he said, “What do you want?”Bookmark here

“Eisuke! Look, I know I’ve known you since Junior High and all, but I’m just wanting to you what kind of girls you’re into you. Mind giving me any specifics?” I asked.Bookmark here

Eisuke went silent for a moment, and he then said in a low quiet tone, “Come here. . .”Bookmark here

I moved closer to his face, as he snatched the paper that was in my breast pocket. Bookmark here

“W-wait! Give it back Eisuke!” I scrambled onto the desk to try to grab it from him, as Eisuke then got up from his chair and lifted his arm up in the air so that way I couldn’t grab it.Bookmark here

Need I mention, I’m 5’6, and Eisuke’s 5’8.Bookmark here

“Give it baaaaaack!” I said in a rather whiny tone.Bookmark here

“Not with that whiny tone Mina!” He chuckled as I then went silent.Bookmark here

“P-please give it back. . .” I said quietly.Bookmark here

“Fine, here,” He gave the paper back to me, “I was just teasing you Mina, that’s all!” Eisuke said with a smile.Bookmark here

“You’ve always teased me since Junior High Eisuke.” I thought in my mind as I put the paper back into my pocket.Bookmark here

“Um, are you okay?” Eisuke asked as he moved closer to my face, “Your face is kinda red right now. . .”Bookmark here

“R-RED?!” I said aloud as I then suddenly slapped Eisuke across the face and went back over to my seat.Bookmark here

As I sat down in my seat and turned around, I notice Eisuke’s face being pissed off, as I noticed his lips mouthing the words: “Hey! What’s with the sudden embarrassed look on your face, supporting character!”Bookmark here

I did feel saddened when he called me Supporting Character. That name still lingered inside my heart from when he called me that in Junior High, but that’s all in the past.Bookmark here

“Just remember Mina, he still hates you, but you have a plan!” I thought in my mind all happy and determined.Bookmark here

****Bookmark here

“WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!” I said aloud towards my friend, Rumiko.Bookmark here

“What do you mean exactly?” Rumiko asked while eating her rice ball.Bookmark here

“I want to make Eisuke fall in love with me! But he hates me and he still calls me his supporting character!” I whined overdramatically.Bookmark here

“I got an idea. We’ll force him to make him fall in love with you. I’ll send him the most embarrassing and cutest photos of you, and until he admits that you’re cute, he’ll be forced to love you.” Rumiko explained as I felt a dark aura surround her.Bookmark here

I trembled a bit and said, “N-no! That’s fine! I don’t really want Eisuke to fall in love with me forcefully.”Bookmark here

“What are you guys talking about?”Bookmark here

I looked to my side to notice Kaji sitting right next to me. “Oh, hey Kaji!”Bookmark here

“KAJIIIII~!!!!!!!!!” Rumiko said loud and proud as she went over to Kaji and hugged him and kissed him.Bookmark here

“Aw, you guys are so cute together!” I commented.Bookmark here

Rumiko decided to sit on Kaji’s lap as Kaji said, “Thanks! Now, what exactly were you guys talking about?”Bookmark here

“Oh! It’s noth-”Bookmark here

“Mina wants to makes Eisuke fall in love with her.”Bookmark here

“R-Rumiko!” I said as I blushed profusely.Bookmark here

“Eisuke huh? Doesn’t he like, really hate you?” Kaji asked.Bookmark here

“Yes, he does unfortunately. I’ve known him since Junior High, and he sometimes calls me by my name, and other times, he calls me the supporting character!” I stated.Bookmark here

“Ah, I see, trying to get Eisuke to notice you huh? Well, as a friend of Eisuke, I can actually offer you some advice on how to get Eisuke to fall for you!” Kaji stated.Bookmark here

“Good! But, before you do that Kaji-kun, I wanted to show you and Rumiko, this. . .” I pulled out the paper from my breast pocket and unfolded it as I showed it to Rumiko and Kaji.Bookmark here

Kaji looked at the paper and read it over. “So, this is a list of things you plan on doing to make Eisuke fall for you?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, it is. It’s only 20 things on that list I want to do so-”Bookmark here

“I suggest that you start off with numbers 1, 3, and 5. Which are, as you said, ‘One: Go out for ice cream after school with Eisuke’. ‘Three: Go out with some of Eisuke’s friends with Eisuke’, and ‘Five: Go to the mall with Eisuke’. It’s simple as that.” Kaji explained, interrupting me.Bookmark here

“Okay! So, when do you want me to do them?”Bookmark here

“From this week to next week. Oh! And you can go out for ice cream with Eisuke starting today after school!” Kaji stated happily.Bookmark here

I trembled slightly. “T-today. Okay, y-yeah sure!” Bookmark here

“Great!” Kaji said as the bell rang and now it was time for us to go to our fourth and last period class!Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

During fourth period, after I finished doing my problems, the teacher said that we had a five minute break. As she said that, everyone got up and started to talk around the room.Bookmark here

I went over to Eisuke, only to see him surrounded by a bunch of beautiful girls as well as guys.Bookmark here

I just had to do it today, right now I had to ask Eisuke out for ice cream! He may or may not slowly take a liking to me right now, but hey! I gotta use my cuteness as an effect and Eisuke will say yes.Bookmark here

“U-um. . .” My voice was quiet as everyone in the classroom was being noisy. But then I took a big breath as I then yelled out, “EISUKE! WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?!”Bookmark here

The classroom went silent and everyone looked at me, my cheeks went red with embarrassment as I noticed Eisuke getting up from his desk and walking over to me.
“Wait, supporting character, you want us to go out? Like, as in a date?” Eisuke said in a surprising tone. Bookmark here

I could hear people murmuring in the back as I looked up at Eisuke and said, “N-no! Not like that! Look, just meet me after school at Japanese Ice Ouca okay?”Bookmark here

“Got it, supporting character!” Eisuke said as he walked on over back to his friends.Bookmark here

I sighed in relief and went back over to my chair as I sat down, took out my list, and crossed out the first one, which was to make Eisuke slowly fall in love with me by taking him out for ice cream.Bookmark here

I asked him in front of everyone and now I get to go get ice cream with him after school today. But, one thing’s for certain. . .Bookmark here

“The goal isn’t all that simple!” I thought in my mind as I trembled in a funny-looking way.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

After school ended, I went back over to my house and changed out my school clothes into a nice short dark blue dress with black stockings as I then walked on over to the Ice Ouca.Bookmark here

By the time I got there, there was a line, as I noticed Eisuke standing there, looking casual as hell. I walked over to him and waited in line.Bookmark here

Eisuke quickly noticed my outfit and said, “Hey, nice outfit. But, it seems a bit too nice don’t you think?”Bookmark here

“Eh?! It’s dress casual okay Eisuke! I just wanted to wear it for today that’s all!”Bookmark here

“Whatever supporting character!” Eisuke said with a rather harsh glare in his eyes.Bookmark here

We were “arguing” with each other for several minutes in line, until it was finally our turn.Bookmark here

“So, what would you guys like?” The lady asked us as I took a moment to look at the options.Bookmark here

Eisuke simply said, “Black Teddy Icecone.” Bookmark here

“That’ll be 640 Yen. (author’s note: it’s about $6.00 in USD)”Bookmark here

I decided to get the green tea mochi with red beans and sweet potato ice cream. After I paid for mine, we got our foods as we sat down. Thank goodness it was a weekday, since it’s busy on weekends.Bookmark here

We both clapped our hands, said ‘Itadakimasu“, and started eating.Bookmark here

“So, Eisuke, how’s your teddy bear?”Bookmark here

“It’s good, and also, thanks for taking me to this place supporting char-”Bookmark here

I waved my hands in front of Eisuke and turned red saying, “Do you really have to call me that here?”Bookmark here

“Well, sorry Mina.” Eisuke said in a, well, surprisingly caring voice.Bookmark here

“It’s fine.” I said as Eisuke and I continued eating our food.Bookmark here

****Bookmark here

By the time we finished eating, we went out of the Ice Ouca and Eisuke looked at me saying, “Hey, that wasn’t all that bad you know? It was actually rather fun, I guess.”Bookmark here

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Eisuke.” I said with a smile.Bookmark here

I took notice of Eisuke’s face going red a little bit as he then turned around and said, “Look, I got to go home now. So, I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” Eisuke then walked away and I went to other direction walking over to my house.Bookmark here

By the time I got back to my home, I noticed my older brother, Konosuke, playing on his PSP as he said, “What’s with the outfit sis?”Bookmark here

“I just went out for ice cream with someone, that’s all!” I said proudly. My older brother, Konosuke, is usually laidback and is 20, plus he’s a light novel author as well. “Shouldn’t you be writing your new book Konosu-”Bookmark here

Konosuke quickly sprang up from his chair and said, “SHIT! I forgot to edit the 4th volume of the book! I need to send it to the publishers soon!” He then ran upstairs as I heard the door shut from above me.Bookmark here

I went over to the kitchen table and sat down as I took out the list, grabbed a pen, and circled the third thing on the list, “Go out with Eisuke’s friends with Eisuke. . .’ I thought to myself. Bookmark here

Kaji said that I had to do the three things on the list during the two weeks to make Eisuke fall in love with me, but knowing Eisuke, it’s not going to be an easy task.Bookmark here

####’Bookmark here

Note: And so completes the first chapter! It was a long one, but more updates on this (and my other light novels) will be on here soon!Bookmark here

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