Chapter 5:

In The Eyes of the Worthless.


The pain in my ankle didn’t have shit on this new sensation.

A silent arrow but it possessed enough power to tear a gaping hole through my leg.

The foaming blood accompanied by a nervously disturbed, shaking leg shaking violently and a flame no—a lava of agony courses throughout my body pushing me to tears.

My teeth tore through my gum almost mimicking the arrow.

The Muscles all throughout my body were tightening almost as if they were trying to decrease the blood flow and prevent further blood loss regardless of its success rate.

A split second After, my entire body loosened causing me to crash into the ground. I took this opportunity to grab with both my arms my screamingly pained leg giving in to the maddening impulse.

“HELP ME! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!” snot was beginning to leak from my noise as I violently squealed.

“Oh, my Oh my. To think your draw has quickened to where a feint like that would be possible! Truly Magnificent these young ones are!”

“Preposterous. Surprise emerges as a result of blighted vision towards potency which means it shouldn’t apply in this scenario. That would point to you being a failure of an instruction.”

“Ah-Yes Yes. And it’s ‘instructor’, sir.”

Blinded by my predicament, I took little notice of the two subtle but boisterous shadows emerging from deep with the wilderness.

“*Huffs heavily* Huh? *Huffs Heavily” not until they towered over me morbidly.

“Oh boy.” Said one of the shadows in a lazy voice filled with crust as his hairy hand stroked his poorly shaved jawline. “You might be on a roll today. I think this is the fourth one.” He continued on.

“Grandiose is what you entertain. You favored this happening is what my blood screams.” A thinner, less mature but noticeably sturdy voice responded.

The other shadow chuckled at this remark. He then crouched to my level, whispering in my ear:

“Well, what do you believe?”

“Wh-Wha-What?!” I turned quickly to face the questioning shadow.

“How do you weigh your life into this scenario?” widening his cold, colorless baggy eyes during his questioning while continuing on to stare back at me, was what had the appearance of a middle-aged man with a rusty face decorated with poorly healed slashes and bruises complete with his brown hair receding as his hairline was molding into his thick but pale skin—

“Would you hurry up and get over it? One shouldn’t pride himself with duties like this.” 

 “As you wish.”

With a smile and a draw of his blade---

He was a killer.

My instincts took over. I instantly started back pedaling pushing against the terrain with my barely functional leg while propelling myself with both arms.

“P-P-P-P-P-P-Please d-d-d-don't! I'm begging you!” with tears, an already snot filled face and at last a sorrowful plea, I tried to defend myself.

“You still haven’t answered my question.” He grabbed my destroyed ankle and hit the reset button on my progress dragging me back into his deadly bubble.

Gripping tightly on the knife with a curved blade in his other hand he once again repeated: “Tell me child! How do you wager your life?!”

Baffled I was. What was is asking me? Wager? As in placed against something. As in lost? As in losing? My Life? 







I finally chuckled. “Me? As if.”

I was looking directly at the dirt I laid expressionless as I said this. I could still see it through. Rather feel it.

It seemed as if my remark unintentionally summoned a bitter pit of rage from deep within the killer's subconscious. This rage then boiled to a high point. It boiled and sizzled with the tackling nerves of the hand gripping motherly to the cold blade eclipsed over my head casting the shadow of death directly over me.

My eyes eventually moved out of the dirt only to be greeted by the shadow. For a brief moment I had been submerged in my own thoughts and memories, but this venomous shadow plunged me back deep into the depths of terror.

It was as if everything around us had stopped. The burning pains in my legs. The gentle wind. The photosynthesis of the trees. The spinning of the Earth. The progression of life.

All for me to fully experience the sensation of death.

The blade dropped from its emotional peak. To be plunged into my head. I felt the gravity of it increasing steadily until finally---


Everything subsided with a scream of insatiable agony.