Chapter 2:

Give It a Shot - 1

Love Talks

Two classmates were having lunch in the cafeteria. One of them kept looking at the student line in front of the stand.

"Why do you stare at him?"

"I don't know. I guess it's because I like him."

"Come on! He rejected you!"

"I didn't even confess."

"You fell over while approaching him with a bunch of white roses. Who says yes to that confessing like that? You were going to get rejected anyway."

"I tried to do what I wanted to do. I always wanted to give him flowers."

At the same time, the boy who these two talked about and his friend sat next dining table. So they stopped talking.

The girl wanted to eat her melon but the melon slice was too thick and hard. She thought she would look ugly while eating a thick slice. Then she turned to her crush and saw how he was eating his melon.

"Hey you! Why do you look so cool even while you are eating that thick slice?"

That was a question asked out loud instead of an inner thought. Her friend began to cough.

That was over. There was no hope for her now. Her gaze was about to fall her dish but she startled with the answer.

"You should try harder."

"For which one? For a positive reply or eating melon?"

The boy smiled.

"For both of them..."

A note from the author: These story will go on with her flirting attempts in the next chapters. So It's better to save this chapter to memory :)