Chapter 1:

Fallen World

The Morbin Time

Humanity was on its knees before the gods as the world fell apart. Angels came down from the heavens to lift their souls or so we thought…

The sky began to turn white, so bright and pure. Humanity called out to the angelic sky but received no reply. All the prayers have been ignored. These are the final hours, Judgement Day, at last, has arrived.

As the white sky begins to fall upon the Earth, everyone comes outside to spectate. However, the joyful tears worldwide soon will turn into suffering and sorrow.

Among the masses, one priest, Samuel Borrownear, stepped outside of his Church and called out “Oh how we have been blessed, humanity shall be saved at last. Perish all who have tarnished the land of the gods.”

The angels had landed. The terrifying creature was nothing that humans had imagined. This angelic creature of purity had multiple wings going in different directions with an eye in the centre.

In the sky more angels still remained but these were different from the rest. Multiple rings covered in eyes which stalked everyone in the area.

Shortly the purification began. The angels began sucking out souls from every human near them. Their bodies melted away leaving nothing behind. Humanity was destined to be wiped by the very gods which gave them life.

As each soul left its host's body the angels slowly began to leave. Despite most of the angels from the ground leaving, the scout angels remained in the sky.

The remaining human population has hidden in the ruined cities and only travelled using the metro tunnels. With the worldwide population reaching just barely 1 million people, many places fell into ruins. Small groups have begun to form, many diverting away from religion due to recent events. Many turned to satanism, one famous group called ‘Morb’s Clan’, claiming to have made a pact with Satan himself.

The Holy Church still remains despite the recent events. Led by Samuel Borrownear himself, claim to be the only pure human and fights on behalf of the angels and gods, despite staying hidden away from them.

The Morb’s clan is consistently growing in size and has become a threat to the Holy Church. The leader of the clan, Carl Morb, recently announced that the followers of Samuel Borrownear will have the opportunity to either convert to Morbism or be killed on site.