Chapter 2:

Morbin Time

The Morbin Time

“Sir Great Morb! We have finally completed the underground passage to the Church!” Said one of the Morblings.

The Great Morb stood up from his chair. “Good job my Morbling. We shall begin the attack today. The Holy Church shall get a taste of my Morb.”

The crowd of Morblings began to cheer.

All of the Morbtroops began to go down the tunnels towards the church.

“This will be the biggest battle since J-Day. We shall put an end to this ideology of fear once and for all. People shall be free!” Grand Morb called out as they marched.

“For the Morbs!” They all yelled out.

Soon, they reached the tunnels that belonged to the church. The church had developed a huge underground network in order to consistently have access to resources. Being able to get control of this network will be hugely beneficial for whoever takes it.

“Grand Morb, the tunnel to the right leads us directly to the church, however, there tends to be a lot of people along the way, and we won't be able to go unnoticed.” The Assistant Great Morb stated.

“Good. I want them to know we are here. We have nothing to fear, we will win.” Carl replied.

Everyone cheered in agreement as they carried on the march to the church.

The stairs up to the church were in sight. Carl signalled for the Morbtroopers to be on standby, as he went up by himself.

“Greetings, people of the church.”

“So you finally found your way over.” Samuel Borrownear replied.

“I see your people have already informed you. Stand down, I’m a single man, I can’t bring harm to you nor your people, not like I was planning to anyway.”

“Heard an army of a few dozen were marching over. Where are you hiding them?”

“I told them to stay in the tunnels, don’t want to make your floor messy. I’m here to give a little speech. Want to hear it?”

“I don’t want to know what you Satanists have to say. Leave before the power of the lord has to be used against you.”

“Woah haha, relax. I’m just a man like everyone else. The gods want us all dead anyway, so why the hostility?”

“We are here alive because the gods let us live, we have our final test.”

“Final test? We got lucky, that’s all. This god you are praying to, asking to protect you, is the one who put you in this situation in the first place. This guy, Samuel is feeding you a load of crap. Using fear to control you. We don’t do this, we Morb’s look after each other, we care for each other. We are together to survive. No one is better than anyone else.”

“You say that yet you are the leader, controlling them.”

“I am indeed a leader, not because I wanted to, but because they wanted me to lead them. They believe that I can keep them safe. They have all the freedom they want to replace me. That’s what we Morb’s are about.”

“Aren’t you the one who has the power of Satan? Aren’t they just putting their false trust in you because you are the one with the powers?”

“Us, Morbers specifically, are able to use some powers of Satan, yes. However, I’m not the only one. There are multiple. Out of them all. I Carl, was chosen to lead them. So here I am, standing before you, endangering myself for my people in order to bring you guys into safety as well.”


“How so? What do you have to prove that I am lying? I’m right here, before you, but you? You’re hiding behind other people. A coward, controlling others to your own benefit. Using people’s beliefs so you can be above them. Look outside you people. The world is fucked. Why? Because of the gods. They didn’t give a flying shit about us. The moment they got the chance they turned us to ashes. Those who believed, those who didn’t. All of them. We will meet the same fate if we don’t stand against it.”

People began to look around and talk to each other. The words of Carl Morb were begging to reach them.

Few began to move away from Borrownear. His eyes were going all over the place.


Samuel reached his staff up into the sky, a small dark cloud began to form at the ceiling of the church.

This is bad. No more time for taking “Morbtroopers, it’s time!” Carl yelled out.

“You guys protect the people and fight off the priests. It’s Morbing time.”

The Morbtroopers didn’t stand a chance, as they all flooded out of the underground the clouds from above began to throw lightning at them. One by one they were being wiped out.

I need to act quick. I can’t let us have this many casualties.

I can feel the power flowing through my veins. Reaching each part of my body. My body began to expand, never endlessly increasing my muscles. I was almost there, the ultimate form. Finally, I felt it.

“I have finally finished to Morb.”

Everyone began to step back as they looked up at the sizeable reddish creature standing in the place of Carl Morb.

The Morbtroopers began to cheer as they moved out of the way.


“This is the power we have been granted to fight off the gods. What do you have to protect your people? The second they step outside they are dead when they get seen. You have no power. You are nothing but a scam.”

“How are you able to say this while looking like this? You bring nothing but fear to the people, at least they can believe and think they are safe!”

“THINK THEY ARE SAFE! HA HA. Well said, Samuel. They have to think they are safe because, in reality, THEY AREN’T! They fear what is outside more than what I am. At least I can make people think they are actually safe rather than think they are safe.”

“Nonsense, you’re only going to feed them to satan! They are nothing more than a mere sacrifice for those powers!”

“I sacrificed myself for these powers in order to protect the people. On the other hand, you are using your followers to fuel your powers from the very gods that are trying to kill us. Stop being so hypocritical. It’s time to end this once and for all”

Samuel concentrated all of his attacks on Morb. Huge lightning strikes were firing like a machine gun at him.

The more he talks the less power I have. I need to finish him off quickly.

Samuel’s followers were slowly begging to lose faith in him and fall for the charm of the Morb clan. As the fierce fight continued, the Morbtroopers were helping the people get out of the crossfire. The priests kept attacking even their own people while trying to get the Morbtroopers.

“Do you really think this lightning will be enough to defeat me? Or did you underestimate how long you’ll manage to keep your followers to boost your power?”

“This isn’t even the fullest of the power of God yet! I shall show you the true power of the omnipotent God!”

Just as planned, he will keep making himself look worse in front of his own followers, converting them over to me once they can see the kind of person they were following this entire time.

“Would love to see what you have for me, come at me, Samuel!”


Most of the followers of the Church didn’t react, many kept running away to the underground.

Eight followers remained. They went on their knees and began to pray. They were begging for the lord's forgiveness and granting them the power to defeat the Morb clan.

However, this was the biggest mistake that could have been made. Now that the gods are against humanity, the moment they began to pray, their prayers were received but they got nothing in return.

Angels began crashing through the roof of the church and devouring the souls of those inside. All the followers of the church that remained turned to ash.

“You all had ill thoughts and intent! How dare you cause the Lord to prosecute you personally!” Samuel yelled out to his dead followers.

Those inside the tunnels remained safe for the time being, however, many Morbtroopers ended up meeting the same fate as the followers.

Curse this damned church and priest. “You have caused harm to far too many of my people and your own followers. You’re no different than me, a piece of shit doing Satan's work.”

“All I do is in gods name. This isn’t what I want, it’s what god wants. Don’t get it twisted, I feel sorry for those who die, however, they are going to god anyway, they are going where they wanted to go. Your people, however, are going down where they should be anyways.”

“All these lies, can you not see that god doesn’t care about us? You are just being a sheep, they aren’t going anywhere. There is nowhere for them to go. The gods don't want us, otherwise, why would they be killing us?”

“They are sending us to the afterlife, they do not spill any blood, their body is only holding their soul hostage. The physical body means nothing to the gods, it's the soul that matters. We are being freed and given eternal life!”

There is no point trying, common sense won't go through to him.

“This will be my final Morb!”

His voice echoed all over the church and the underground passages. The foundations of the church started to tremble. Panic spread quickly around those remaining inside forcing them to find an escape. Few attempted to go outside but that resulted in one thing. Instant death.

The Angels have been on high alert in this area, replying to Samuel’s calls.

Carl Morb’s morbing has caused him to transform into an even more deadly demonic beast. The roof of the church began to collapse crushing a few bodies.

Samuel looked up. Staring into the eyes of the demonic Carl.

“May the gods finish you because you are tarnished to the very core. To sell off oneself to this extent is asking to be the enemy of heaven.”

“Satan was once with the gods, yet left. He only became stronger without any god. So I did the same. Goodbye Samuel.”

As Samuel yelled out, “I won't die to hands from hell!”

He grabbed a dagger and stabbed himself in his throat. Blood began splashing out all over the ground.

“How stupid can you be? Suicide is a sin. He tarnished himself till the very end.”

Angels began surrounding the area around Carl.

Looks like I’m not free to go yet, at least I can make use of my final Morb before I run out of energy to contain myself in it.

All the Angels began firing light beams at Carl. Despite being shot at from all sides, the power granted by Satan helped deflect the beams. The final Morb is the most powerful form which allows him to be almost as powerful as Satan himself, meaning no one but the gods can stand a chance.

“Come here you ugly little bird,” Carl called out as he ripped off the wings from the Angels.

Wing by wing, eye by eye, each Angel was being slaughtered. Ripped apart and thrown like trash. Humanity once again stood a chance.

“This will not be the end! Do you hear me!? I shall come for you MY SELF!”